10:22 GMT16 May 2021
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    Last year was pretty rough on Canadian psychologist and public speaker Jordan Peterson, as his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he developed a physical addiction to the psychoactive drug benzodiazepine, which he was prescribed to deal with increased anxiety. However, it looks like the master can’t wait to get back to work.

    Jordan Peterson has left Russia where he sought emergency drug detox treatment and is back in Florida, his daughter Mikhaila revealed in a podcast published on the professor’s website and shared on Twitter.

    ​The podcast, titled “Structuring Your Perceptions (part two)” was a recording of Peterson’s lecture in Canberra, Australia from last year, but it also provided some new updates on his health.

    “As you know, we’ve been in Russia for the last month and a half for emergency treatment for my dad but guess what… We are in Florida! We are back in North America. I am so happy to see the sun”, Mikhaila said at the beginning of the recording.
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    “Dad’s continuing to recover, but it’s pretty unpleasant. He is having some good days now though”, Peterson’s daughter added. “I’ll keep you posted on any new developments”.

    Many of Peterson’s followers were ecstatic not only to hear their guru’s reflections on courage and truth, but also to know that he was doing alright and was willing to provide his followers with some new content and food for thought.

    Some even suggested the Canadian professor should run for office one day after his full recovery.

    Jordan Peterson is a renowned clinical psychologist who rose to international fame with his YouTube lecture series, especially the one criticising Canadian legislation prescribing the use of gender-neutral pronouns in relation to people with non-binary identities.

    The professor has been dealing with anxiety for some years now, caused by a severe autoimmune response to food and was prescribed the psychoactive drug benzodiazepine.

    The dose of the drug was increased last year after his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but in reverse, it only made Peterson suffer “both a physical dependency and a paradoxical (opposite to the intended effect) reaction to the medication”, Mikhaila revealed, causing him “unbearable discomfort”. Peterson was brought to Russia several months ago for detox treatment in critical condition following several unsuccessful rehab attempts undertaken in North America.

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