11:52 GMT +319 January 2017


    • Face Tomorrow Like a Swede
      Last update: 11:32 19.01.2017
      11:32 19.01.2017

      Swedes Predict Robots Will Take Over, Yet Life Stays the Same (VIDEO)

      Care to take a peek into the future? An ad campaign for a Swedish trade union confederation (TCO) has become a viral hit due to its imaginative portrayal of the distant future, where life is essentially the same, even if robots have taken over. The personnel keep demanding better working conditions and parental leave - only they are robots.

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    • RT
      Last update: 10:21 19.01.2017
      10:21 19.01.2017

      Facebook Blocks All Kinds of Media Posts for RT Following Obama's Final Presser

      On Wednesday, RT news network reported that Facebook had blocked the option of posting anything but plain text on their page.

    • Amazon logo
      Last update: 03:43 19.01.2017
      03:43 19.01.2017

      Amazon Patents Key Self-Driving Car Technology

      Amazon has secured a patent on a key technology for self-driving cars to manage highways. The technology allows for autonomous vehicles to navigate reversible lanes, lanes where traffic can flow in either direction based on traffic signals that, currently, most self-driving cars cannot read.

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    • Hyperloop capsule with passengers onboard
      Last update: 03:03 19.01.2017
      03:03 19.01.2017

      South Korea Developing Near-Supersonic Advanced Ground Transport

      South Korean researchers are looking into advanced transport technology to create a capsule that moves at 80 percent of the speed of sound, twice as fast as existing ground-transportation technology.

    • Mother Elephant and Her Sleepy Baby
      Last update: 00:26 19.01.2017
      00:26 19.01.2017

      A Cure? Scientists Successfully Synthesize Elephant Protein That Kills Cancer

      A team of scientists led by Dr. Joshua Schiffman has successfully synthesized an elephant protein that, in the lab, fights cancer with outstanding effectiveness.

    • The Soyuz MS spacecraft carrying the crew of Kate Rubins of the U.S., Anatoly Ivanishin of Russia and Takuya Onishi of Japan blasts off to the International Space Station (ISS) from the launchpad at the Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, July 7, 2016.
      Last update: 23:36 18.01.2017
      23:36 18.01.2017

      NASA to Rely on Russian Shuttles for ISS Missions Until 2019

      If NASA intends to continue sending astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) or the moon, the space agency has little choice but to rely on Roscosmos’ Soyuz spacecraft, at least until 2019.

    • WhatsApp media platform
      Last update: 17:50 18.01.2017
      17:50 18.01.2017

      India Beats US in Mobile App Market Growth

      Indians downloaded over six billion apps in 2016, up from 3.5 billion in 2015, an App Annie report stated.

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    • The taiga near the site of the Tungus meteorite fall. (File)
      Last update: 14:15 18.01.2017
      14:15 18.01.2017

      Tunguska Event: Russian Scientists Debunk Meteorite Theory

      Lake Cheko was supposed to be the impact crater of the large explosion that occurred near the Tunguska Riva in Russian Siberia, which was detected hundreds of miles away. However, Russian scientists revealed that Lake Cheko is at least 280 years old, which means that the lake dates back hundreds of years before the Tunguska event.

    • Full moon over Moscow City International Business Center
      Last update: 11:35 18.01.2017
      11:35 18.01.2017

      European Space Agency Plans to Cooperate With Russia on Three Moon Exploration Projects

      The European Space Agency (ESA) plans to work with Russia on three moon exploration projects in addition to the joint ExoMars project, Head of ESA Moscow Office Rene Pischel said Wednesday.

    • Lomonosov Moscow State University.
      Last update: 11:20 18.01.2017
      11:20 18.01.2017

      Lomonosov Moscow State University to Launch 'Space Department' in 2017

      This year Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), named Russia’s best institution of higher education in 2016, will add a department of space sciences to its long list of 42 faculties to focus on mathematics, astronomy, biology, chemistry and informatics, the university’s rector Viktor Sadovnichy said.

    • Chasing Clouds on Venus
      Last update: 03:43 18.01.2017
      03:43 18.01.2017

      Venus’ Secret: Probe Detects Massive Gravity Wave in Atmosphere

      A Japanese probe studying Venus observed an atmospheric gravity wave some 6,000 miles long in the planet’s sulfuric atmosphere, the largest Venusian gravity wave documented, suggesting more dynamic and complex atmospheric conditions on Earth’s neighbor.

    • In this photo released by the Xinhua News Agency and taken on June 16, 2016, the Sunway TaihuLight, a new Chinese supercomputer, is seen in Wuxi, eastern China's Jiangsu Province
      Last update: 03:10 18.01.2017
      03:10 18.01.2017

      China to Develop Supercomputer Prototype as Powerful as Human Brain

      Chinese state media announced that by the end of the year it intends to put out a prototype of an exascale supercomputer that would be more than ten times as powerful as any existing machine, and would cement China as a world leader in supercomputing technology.

    • FILE - In this March 23, 2010, file photo, the Google logo is seen at the Google headquarters in Brussels.
      Last update: 03:06 18.01.2017
      03:06 18.01.2017

      Is Google Cutting Down its ‘Moonshot’ Projects?

      Google, which is now officially known as Alphabet, has long been a symbol of daring technological innovation. However, it turns out even this tech giant has to cut its most aspiring projects over the bottom line that starts with a negative sign.

    • Digital Rendering of Floating City concept in French Polynesia
      Last update: 00:04 18.01.2017
      00:04 18.01.2017

      World’s First: Floating City to Be Built in the Pacific

      A California-based research company has signed an agreement with the French Polynesian government to construct the world’s first floating city in the southern Pacific. For five years the Seasteading Institute has been developing ways to build "permanent, innovative communities floating at sea."

    • A flying car
      Last update: 23:35 17.01.2017
      23:35 17.01.2017

      Paging George Jetson: Airbus Plans to Test Flying Car in 2017

      Where’s your flying car? According to the Airbus group, it will soon be one button press on your phone away. The aircraft giant has announced that they will test a flying car prototype in 2017. Their stated goal is to develop the futuretech to help earthbound urbanites avoid city traffic.

    • Artist's concept of the Psyche spacecraft, which will conduct a direct exploration of an asteroid thought to be a stripped planetary core.
      Last update: 22:24 17.01.2017
      22:24 17.01.2017

      Get Psyched: NASA Announces Mission to Asteroid Worth Quadrillions of Dollars

      NASA has approved a mission to explore 16 Psyche, an iron-rich asteroid whose contents are said to be worth over 100-thousand times the value of the entire world economy.

    • While defense giant Raytheon has been developing a state-of-the-art ground control system for the Pentagon’s GPS satellites, a top commander has called the company’s effort “a disaster.
      Last update: 20:35 17.01.2017
      20:35 17.01.2017

      Hack-Resistant GPS for US Air Force Passes Key Test - Raytheon

      A milestone in US Air Force efforts to develop a new GPS system that is resistant to hackers has been cleared with a successful factory qualification text, the defense contractor Raytheon announced in a press release on Tuesday.

    • Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka addresses delegates on the final night of the Republican National Convention, 2016
      Last update: 19:36 17.01.2017
      19:36 17.01.2017

      Trump's Twitchy Twitter Thumb Says 'Look at Me,' But 'He Knows What He's Doing'

      A woman in the UK is being talked about around the world on social media after US Presiden-elect Donald Trump misdirected his 20 million followers to Ivanka Majic in Brighton, UK, not Ivanka Trump, his daughter.

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    • Sound wave
      Last update: 18:39 17.01.2017
      18:39 17.01.2017

      Robot That Can Write a Symphony: AI Device Composes Tailor-Made Music

      An artificial intelligence headset that records brain waves, links them to the individual’s moods, and then composes original music to uplift its user’s feelings has been invented.

    • Heart Rate Monitor
      Last update: 18:24 17.01.2017
      18:24 17.01.2017

      Wearable Heart Rate Tracker Missing the Beat When Worn by Black Users

      The new year is well underway, with many resolutions of 2017 already being broken, whether it's the fitness regime out of the window, or that the wearable tech not working out for you anymore.