06:10 GMT +323 October 2016


    • An Airbus A330 passenger airliner
      Last update: 04:43 23.10.2016
      04:43 23.10.2016

      Hold Your Breath! Scientists Say Temporary Oxygen Deprivation Might Cure Jet Lag

      According to a recent study, airplanes might start to pump less oxygen to their cabins in effort to help passengers cope with jet lag.

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    • Rats are displayed in a lower Manhattan alley after being caught and killed by small hunting dogs
      Last update: 03:01 23.10.2016
      03:01 23.10.2016

      Meow: NYC Groups Go Back to Basics to Fight Rat Infestations

      Humans in New York City are employing a natural – if not tame – ally in the fight against rats: cats.

    • An attempted Christmas Day condom caper ended in tragedy.
      Last update: 01:50 23.10.2016
      01:50 23.10.2016

      It Burns! STDs Have Record Year in America

      For the second year in a row, sexually transmitted disease cases have risen in the United States, the Center for Disease Control revealed in its annual Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance report this week. The continuing spike follows years of declines, some dramatic.

    • Cancer cell
      Last update: 00:24 23.10.2016
      00:24 23.10.2016

      Scientists Unleash Teeny Tiny Little Soldiers in Fight Against Breast Cancer

      A new study provides evidence that nanoparticles may be able to stop breast cancer in its tracks.

    • Demonstrators confront police officers during a protest in reaction to the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald in Chicago, Illinois, November 27, 2015
      Last update: 22:09 22.10.2016
      22:09 22.10.2016

      New Website to Help Chicagoans Identify, File Complaints About Police Officers

      As dashcams mysteriously fail and America's thin blue line coils protectively around itself, Chicago nonprofit the Lucy Parsons Labs has created a new, interactive website to make it easier for Chicago residents to file complaints against police officers.

    • Perseid meteor shower
      Last update: 19:26 22.10.2016
      19:26 22.10.2016

      Written in the Stars? Astrologer Predicts Next US President

      Who will be the next president of the United States - Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Let’s see what the stars predict. Astrological charts by Barbara Abramo say that on Election Day, November 8, there are many surprises in store for us!

    • This Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, photo provided by Andrew Zuis, of Farmington, Minn., shows the replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone belonging to his 13-year-old daughter Abby, that melted in her hand earlier in the day
      Last update: 18:59 22.10.2016
      18:59 22.10.2016

      Chinese Company Hot on Heels of Samsung Following Galaxy 7 Scandal

      Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note7 was supposed to strengthen positions of the Korean smartphone producer in the global market. However, the numerous cases of exploding smartphones which lead to serious injuries undermined the credibility of the brand and forced the company to recall the gadgets.

    • Launch of PeruSat-1. (File)
      Last update: 17:59 22.10.2016
      17:59 22.10.2016

      Reaching for the Stars: Latin America’s Emerging Space Powers

      Argentina and Brazil are Latin America’s leading space-going countries, but Peru, Venezuela and Mexico are already breathing down their necks. Sputnik discussed this issue with Gustavo Henríquez director of the PerúSat-1 program that allowed Peru to orbit its first observation satellite.

    • Russian President Vladimir Putin during the news conference following the meeting of the BRICS member states' leaders at Taj Exotica hotel in Goa, the Republic of India, October 16, 2016
      Last update: 16:39 22.10.2016
      16:39 22.10.2016

      Propaganda for Kids: German Radio Tells Children About 'Bad' Putin 'Waging Two Wars'

      The West has gone even further in its routine attempts to present Putin as "evil" and blame him for every possible sin. For instance, German radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur found it necessary to explain to its young listeners who Mr. P. is and what "bad things" Russia has done.

    • Last update: 16:39 22.10.2016
      16:39 22.10.2016

      Over 1,200 Attend Concert of Russian Jazz Legend Butman in Washington

      More than 1,200 people have come to the concert of Russian saxophone virtuoso Igor Butman and his Moscow Jazz Orchestra in Washington DC on Friday.

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    • Emam Khomeini Square, Teheran
      Last update: 15:17 22.10.2016
      15:17 22.10.2016

      Healthy Lifestyle: Iran's Bicycle Culture Gains Popularity

      Bicycles and motorbikes have gained popularity in Iran after the launch of the project “Tuesday without cars” which aims at minimizing the use of cars on Tuesday and encourages people to bike instead. Recently the government approved providing people loans for purchasing bicycles.

    • Hyperloop
      Last update: 15:04 22.10.2016
      15:04 22.10.2016

      Levitation Force: Working Prototype of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Train Takes Off (VIDEO)

      A team of University of Cincinnati students has assembled a working prototype of the Hyperloop train on a magnetic cushion. They managed to lift a 4-meter-long model of a transport capsule making it float above the ground by more than half a centimeter using the magnetic levitation of eight hover engines.

    • Residents of Belgrade with pictures of Vladimir Putin and Russian flags during Russian president's visit to Serbia on October 16, 2014.
      Last update: 12:41 22.10.2016
      12:41 22.10.2016

      What's in a Name? Serbs to Dedicate a Church to Putin

      Next year, the residents of Banstol, a small town in Serbia, will have built a new church which, though officially dedicated to Mary Magdalene, is actually being built in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sputnik Serbia reported.

    • Russian Paratroops Equipped With Impregnable Video Messenger
      Last update: 11:00 22.10.2016
      11:00 22.10.2016

      Russian Paratroops Equipped With Impregnable Video Messenger

      Russian paratroopers are now able to set up video links between themselves and even can hold secret videoconferences involving dozens of participants thousands of kilometers apart by using a dedicated messenger service successfully tested during the Caucasus-2016 military exercise earlier this year, Izvestia reported.

    • Bots
      Last update: 03:19 22.10.2016
      03:19 22.10.2016

      Banned in Malaysia, Sex Robot Conference Moves to London

      Over the holidays, scientists and robotics experts will gather in London to discuss how humans will incorporate artificial intelligence into their sex lives.

    • Airplane
      Last update: 02:59 22.10.2016
      02:59 22.10.2016

      Going My Way? Airbus Developing Uber for the Sky

      Car sharing applications like Uber and Lyft have become common choices for alternative transportation, but as more people flock to urban centers and rush hour becomes more unbearable for commuters, French aircraft manufacturer Airbus has taken the solution off the roads and into the skies.

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    • Artists concept of the circumstellar disk in the Carina association
      Last update: 01:49 22.10.2016
      01:49 22.10.2016

      Amateur Astronomers Point NASA Toward Potentially Unknown Exoplanets

      In the quest to hunt down planets beyond our Solar System, astrophysicists have gotten some help from amateur astronomical sleuths.

    • Wikileaks Truck
      Last update: 00:18 22.10.2016
      00:18 22.10.2016

      WikiLeaks Asks Supporters to Stop DDoS Attacks

      The DDoS attacks that occurred throughout Friday may have been caused by WikiLeaks supporters, according to a tweet from the transparency organization.

    • NTechLab's new service FindFace
      Last update: 20:46 21.10.2016
      20:46 21.10.2016

      Ready or Not, Here It Comes: New Russian Facial Recognition Software is Out to Find You

      Don’t try to play hide-and-seek with this supercool technology: you will definitely lose the game. The world's most accurate face recognition technology launched by Russian start-up NTechLab in early 2016 now enters the international market and is ready to take over the world.

    • The logo of mobile app Snapchat is displayed on a tablet on January 2, 2014 in Paris.
      Last update: 20:30 21.10.2016
      20:30 21.10.2016

      BlackBerry, Snapchat Fail Tests for User Privacy Protection - Amnesty Int'l

      BlackBerry and Snapchat scored just 20 and 26 respectively on a scale of 100 in a test of encryption methods used to protect privacy, according to a report by the human rights group Amnesty International on Friday.

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