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    • Triumf S-400 anti air missile systems
      Last update: 21:13 25.02.2017
      21:13 25.02.2017

      Russian Servicemen Trained to Operate Next-Gen S-500 Missile Systems

      The Russian Zhukov Military Academy of Aerospace Defense launched a new educational program to train military specialists to be able to operate S-500 missile defense systems, head of the university Maj. Gen. Vladimir Lyaporov told Echo Moskvy radio station.

    • F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
      Last update: 18:17 25.02.2017
      18:17 25.02.2017

      F-35 Jets Likely to Enter Mideast Battlefield a Few Years Down the Line

      The United States Air Force plans to deploy its cutting-edge F-35A fighter jets to fight Daesh in the Middle East in a few years, Air Combat Commander Gen. Herbert J. Carlisle.

    • Free Syrian Army fighters launch a Grad rocket from Halfaya town in Hama province (File)
      Last update: 17:19 25.02.2017
      17:19 25.02.2017

      CIA Freezes Rebel Aid in 'Recognition of How Inept' Syrian Opposition Has Been

      The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is said to have put on hold its assistance program for the Free Syrian Army. Retired CIA intelligence officer and State Department official Larry Johnson told Radio Sputnik that the move could be linked to the fact that this umbrella organization has not been an efficient military force.




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