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    • Your hands took me
      Last update: 13:24 24.10.2016
      13:24 24.10.2016

      Denmark to Refugees: Feeling Up Women in the Street 'Not OK'

      Since last year's migrant crisis, clashes have been mounting between native Europeans and the new arrivals on such issues as sexual morality and feminism. To smooth things over, residents at several Danish reception centers are now being taught how not to harass strange women in the street and to not make sexual propositions in the swimming pool.

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    • Shenzhou-11 manned spacecraft carrying astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong blasts off from the launchpad in Jiuquan, China, October 17, 2016
      Last update: 13:05 24.10.2016
      13:05 24.10.2016

      Russia to Face Strong Competition From China in Space Launch Market

      In the decade to come Russia will face strong competition from China for the commercial launch of satellites for developing countries, according to Ivan Moiseev, director of the Institute of Space Policy.

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    • Danish passports
      Last update: 11:38 24.10.2016
      11:38 24.10.2016

      Reverse Nordic Conquest: Brits Conquer Scandinavia After Brexit

      The number of British nationals applying for citizenship in EU countries has skyrocketed after the deciding Brexit vote. Remarkably, the Nordic countries are among those which have seen the largest increase in fleeing Brits.

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