03:12 GMT +320 October 2018
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    • L-39 military trainer aircraft
      Last update: 03:09 20.10.2018
      03:09 20.10.2018

      Both Pilots of Crashed L-39 Combat Trainer Still Missing

      MOSCOW October 19 (Sputnik) - Reports about allegedly discovery of one of the pilots of the crashed L-39 combat training aircraft alive are false, the search operation will continue on Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday.

    • White Helmets uniform found during the search of terrorists’ headquarters in Eastern Ghouta.
      Last update: 02:45 20.10.2018
      02:45 20.10.2018

      Canada Working to Resettle Group of White Helmets

      WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Ottawa is in the process of resettling a group of White Helmets members who had to leave Syria, Canada's Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

    • White House senior adviser Jared Kushner listens during the American Leadership in Emerging Technology event with President Donald Trump in the East Room of the White House, Thursday, June 22, 2017, in Washington
      Last update: 02:38 20.10.2018
      02:38 20.10.2018

      US Democrat Says Trump Aide Might Have Delivered Hit List to Saudi Crown Prince

      Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) claimed that US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and White House adviser Jared Kushner might have delivered a “hit list” to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia that led to the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.


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    • Stratolaunch
      Last update: 23:03 19.10.2018
      23:03 19.10.2018

      Taxi Tests for Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch Successfully Reach 90 mph

      WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Stratolaunch, one of the world’s largest aircraft, which is intended to launch payloads rockets into Earth's orbit, successfully carried out taxi tests on a runway in the Mojave Desert just days before the project’s founder and driving force Paul Allen died, the company said in a statement on Friday.

    • A couple in bed
      Last update: 22:19 19.10.2018
      22:19 19.10.2018

      Hooking Up With Your Ex: Not So Bad For You, Scientists Say

      Contrary to conventional wisdom, sleeping with a former partner might not be such a bad idea, according to a new study. In fact, it might help you to recover from the breakup itself.

    • Airbus A330
      Last update: 22:16 19.10.2018
      22:16 19.10.2018

      Violent Turbulence on Argentina Flight Sends Eight Passengers to Hospital (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

      A plane from Argentina’s flag air carrier, Aerolineas Argentinas, hit some nasty turbulence during a trip from Miami, Florida, to Buenos Aires on Thursday. The rough ride began just as lunch was being served, sending food, trays and people flying. Eight passengers were hospitalized as a result.