21:42 GMT +322 July 2017


    • Sean Spicer Resignation Cartoon
      Last update: 03:31 22.07.2017
      03:31 22.07.2017

      Spicy Resigns, and the Crowd Goes Mild

      The White House just got a little less spicy, and our hearts just got a little bit smaller as Team Sputnik’s favorite White House personality, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, has announced his resignation.

    • Middle East
      Last update: 15:51 21.07.2017
      15:51 21.07.2017

      Russia the Firefighter

      If it were not for Russia, the Syrian government would have fallen, followed by Baghdad, the map of the entire Middle Eastern region would have changed, Iraqi Vice President Nouri Maliki told Sputnik.

    • NATO
      Last update: 15:19 21.07.2017
      15:19 21.07.2017

      Nordic Scare

      The navies of Russia and China are holding joint drills in the Baltic Sea on July 24-27, during which the naval forces will practice anti-submarine warfare, as well as air and anti-ship defense.

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    • Trump six months cartoon
      Last update: 22:33 20.07.2017
      22:33 20.07.2017

      182 Days in Trumpmerica

      It has been six months since the Orange Goblin, the Cheeto-In-Chief, the Papaya Piper, the Man with the Tiny Hands, the one, the only Donald Trump took office as president of the United States of America.

    • dream vs reality
      Last update: 19:05 19.07.2017
      19:05 19.07.2017

      Dream Vs. Reality

      Some refugees heading to Europe have to stop at Libyan refugee camps, where conditions are unbearable, according to German politicians.

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    • Finland
      Last update: 15:22 18.07.2017
      15:22 18.07.2017

      Imaginary Battle

      Finland has reportedly revived its Cold War-era network of tunnels to protect its population from so-called "Russian aggression," which seems to be the perennial bogeyman.

    • Minneapolis 911 Police Cartoon
      Last update: 03:53 18.07.2017
      03:53 18.07.2017

      My God, She’s Coming Right for Us!

      Justine Damond, an Australian woman residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was killed by a police officer after she called 911 herself. The specifics of the incident are still unknown, as both officers involved had their body cameras off.

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    • Fundamental Risk to Human Civilization
      Last update: 18:37 17.07.2017
      18:37 17.07.2017

      Fundamental Risk to Human Civilization

      It's time for some tech-noir.

    • Kellyanne Conway Memes Comic
      Last update: 03:55 15.07.2017
      03:55 15.07.2017

      Conclusion, Collusion, Illusion, Delusion, Confusion...

      Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway made the grievous mistake of holding up mostly-blank flash cards in an appearance on Sean Hannity’s talk show on Fox News.

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    • Would You Please Stay Away?
      Last update: 19:17 14.07.2017
      19:17 14.07.2017

      Would You Please Stay Away?

      The Ukraine-EU summit has failed to produce a joint statement. Is the European Union's interest toward Kiev wearing off, and why?

    • NATO
      Last update: 20:20 13.07.2017
      20:20 13.07.2017

      'Hitler's Remnants'?

      Russia's deputy defense minister scolded NATO's video dedicated to the so-called Forest Brothers who had collaborated with the Nazis and fought against Soviet troops on the territory of the current Baltic States.

    • Kaspersky
      Last update: 17:27 12.07.2017
      17:27 12.07.2017

      Remove the Antivirus?

      Washington has reportedly limited the use of Russia-based global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab products over the company's alleged ties with Moscow's intelligence services.

    • Members of the Counter Terrorism Service pose for a picture with an Iraqi flag in front of the ruins of Grand al-Nuri Mosque at the Old City in Mosul, Iraq, June 30, 2017
      Last update: 05:13 12.07.2017
      05:13 12.07.2017

      Fall of Mosul Points to Future Iran Showdown With Saudis, Israelis in Syria

      The liberation of Mosul from Daesh terror group (outlawed in Russia) opens the way to a potentially dangerous collision between Iran, Syria and Hezbollah against Saudi Arabia, Israel and their allies backed by the United States, analysts told Sputnik.

      Military Operation to Retake Mosul From Daesh
    • Stubborn as a Mule
      Last update: 15:23 10.07.2017
      15:23 10.07.2017

      Stubborn Perseverance

      Seems as though it’s time to admit, after 16 years, that the US operation in Afghanistan is not as successful as was expected.

    • Melania the Intruder
      Last update: 17:36 08.07.2017
      17:36 08.07.2017

      Melania the Party Crasher

      Even an intervention by US First Lady Melania Trump was not enough to cut short the first-ever meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump.

    • Zero-Sum Game
      Last update: 15:50 07.07.2017
      15:50 07.07.2017

      Zero-Sum Game

      Citing anonymous sources, two major US news organizations reported that Russian hackers had allegedly broken into the computer networks of over a dozen US power facilities, including nuclear plants.

    • Trump Hand Snub Cartoon
      Last update: 03:58 07.07.2017
      03:58 07.07.2017

      Maybe She Just Didn’t Want to Touch His Tiny Hand?

      First Lady of Poland Agata Kornhauser-Duda snubbed US President Donald Trump during their meeting at the G20 Summit when she moved past his outstretched hand, denying him a handshake ... for a few seconds.

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    • Going Nuclear
      Last update: 17:18 06.07.2017
      17:18 06.07.2017

      Going Nuclear

      As North Korea continues to beef up its missile program, the United States warned that it might use military force against Pyongyang or sever trade relations with China if the international community fails to take strong action, as both Russia and China warned against any further escalation of a tense situation in their backyard.

    • Guantanamo RealiTy
      Last update: 18:26 05.07.2017
      18:26 05.07.2017

      Hooked on RT

      The Daily Beast reported this week that the inmates of America's ill-famed Guantanamo Bay prison are "tortured" with daily intakes of RT broadcasts.

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    • Like a Wrecking Ball
      Last update: 15:00 04.07.2017
      15:00 04.07.2017

      Like a Wrecking Ball

      Major US oil and gas companies have expressed concerns over the US draft law stipulating new sanctions against Russia, as the bill could hinder the implementation of their projects with participation of companies from Russia, US media reported Monday.

      Western Sanctions Against Russia