16:57 GMT +318 January 2017


    • Ideology of Treason
      Last update: 15:15 18.01.2017
      15:15 18.01.2017

      Ideology of Treason

      On Tuesday, former deputy director of the CIA, Michael Morell suggested that Edward Snowden should be an inauguration 'gift' from Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump.

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    • Hard Brexit
      Last update: 17:53 17.01.2017
      17:53 17.01.2017

      Hard Brexit

      In a keynote speech outlining the strategy for the talks on leaving the EU, UK Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed the speculations about a 'hard' Brexit.

    • Out of Date
      Last update: 14:35 16.01.2017
      14:35 16.01.2017

      Out of Date

      US President-elect Donald Trump reaffirmed his pre-election stance and said that NATO is an obsolete organization since it is not much engaged in counterterrorism and member states are not contributing enough.

    • All TV Must Be RT
      Last update: 18:54 13.01.2017
      18:54 13.01.2017

      All TV Must Be RT

      A video broadcast of a US Congress session aired on C-SPAN TV channel on Thursday, January 12, was unexpectedly interrupted for about 10 minutes by an RT feed, fueling the conspiracy theories about Russian hackers.

    • Investigating the Investigation of an Investigation
      Last update: 03:19 13.01.2017
      03:19 13.01.2017

      Investigating the Investigation of an Investigation?

      The Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced an investigation into the actions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as well as themselves during the 2016 presidential election.

    • Dogs Bark, but the Caravans Move On
      Last update: 19:50 12.01.2017
      19:50 12.01.2017

      Dogs Bark, but the Caravans Move On

      On Monday, a group of ex-politicians from Eastern Europe, Germany and Sweden sent a letter to President-elect Trump, warning him against striking a "new grand bargain with Russia" and pressing him to keep sanctions in place, threatening that otherwise "American greatness would erode."

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    • He Thought the KKK Was Okay, Until They Interrupted
      Last update: 02:48 12.01.2017
      02:48 12.01.2017

      He Thought the KKK Was Okay, Until They Interrupted

      The confirmation hearing for Senator Jeff Sessions for the office of Attorney General under the upcoming Trump administration was interrupted by a pair of shouting men dressed as Klansmen. They wore foam fingers that said "Go Jeffie Boy!" and "KKK" while facetiously declaring their support for the Alabama Republican.

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    • Democracy Man
      Last update: 19:04 11.01.2017
      19:04 11.01.2017

      Democracy Man

      In his final speech to the nation on Tuesday evening, the outgoing US President Barack Obama put on a brave face in the wake of the Democratic Party's stunning defeat.

    • Spiteful Legacy
      Last update: 17:38 10.01.2017
      17:38 10.01.2017

      Spiteful Legacy

      In what is considered to be a bid to undermine Donald Trump's efforts to normalize future relations with Moscow, US Republican senators are set to introduce a bill imposing a new package of sanctions against Russia before Barack Obama's term ends.

    • Every Little Bit Helps
      Last update: 17:42 09.01.2017
      17:42 09.01.2017

      Every Little Bit Helps

      On January 6, the US military began the deployment of 4,000 troops and 87 tanks to Eastern Europe. The US also plans to deploy 50 Black Hawk, 10 CH-47 Chinook and 24 Apache helicopters, as well as 2,200 personnel.

    • The Modest Start of a Massive Mistake
      Last update: 00:48 07.01.2017
      00:48 07.01.2017

      The Modest Start of a Massive Mistake

      The front page of the Washington Post Express on Thursday, 1/5, was adorned with an enormous male symbol. The only problem? The story in question, “The Modest Start of a Massive March,” was about a planned woman’s march during President-Elect Donald Trump’s impending inauguration.

    • Pornography Victims in Utah May Soon Be Able to Sue for Damages.
      Last update: 03:34 04.01.2017
      03:34 04.01.2017

      Utah Porn Prohibition?

      A Utah bill has declared pornography to be a "public health crisis" that is meant to make pornography companies liable for any criminal activity involved in the creation, sale, or distribution of their products. The law is meant to protect "victims" of pornography, including children.

    • beware of the lame duck
      Last update: 15:30 30.12.2016
      15:30 30.12.2016

      Hit the Road Barack

      It seems like Barack Obama has decided to follow the principle 'last one who leaves turns off the light' and ordered to impose new sanctions against Russia. But the Russian side took it with humor.

    • Donald VS Sanctions
      Last update: 15:04 29.12.2016
      15:04 29.12.2016

      Donald VS Sanctions

      It appears that US President-Elect Donald Trump, at the very least, is not as eager to continue the policy of anti-Russian sanctions as his predecessor Barack Obama.

    • Erdogan
      Last update: 17:33 28.12.2016
      17:33 28.12.2016

      Erdogan's Blame Game

      Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that the US and its allies provide support to terrorist groups involved in the Syrian conflict, including the infamous Daesh (ISIL/ISIS).

    • Marching for Refugees
      Last update: 19:59 27.12.2016
      19:59 27.12.2016

      Marching the Refugees Out

      Several hundreds of activists set off to march from Berlin in the direction of Aleppo on Monday.

    • National Pain
      Last update: 15:44 26.12.2016
      15:44 26.12.2016

      Sharing the Pain

      On December 25, a Russian Defense Ministry Tu-154 aircraft with 92 people on board crashed off the coast by the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

    • Obama Pushes for Last-Minute Regulations
      Last update: 00:12 24.12.2016
      00:12 24.12.2016

      Obama Pushes Through Last-Minute Regulations Ahead of Trump

      The Obama administration released a proposal allowing for a single lease sale for oil and gas drilling in Alaska’s Cook Inlet. The area houses several animal habitats and subsistence-use areas for three Native American villages. President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to deregulate energy drilling over environmental concerns.

    • Aleppo
      Last update: 20:20 23.12.2016
      20:20 23.12.2016

      Aleppo's Sigh of Relief

      Hooray! All militants have finally left Aleppo which is now fully controlled by the Syrian army.

    • Santa's Summer Comes Early
      Last update: 21:51 22.12.2016
      21:51 22.12.2016

      Warming North Pole Means Danger Ahead for Santa

      For the second year in a row, the North Pole is over 32 degrees Fahrenheit (the melting point of ice) in December. This typically happens in May, but it’s in line with the past two years being the warmest Arctic years on record. Climatologists and meteorologists are concerned about the fate of the Arctic if it continues to melt at its current rate.