21:14 GMT +325 February 2017


    • Before and After
      Last update: 18:57 22.02.2017
      18:57 22.02.2017

      Before and After

      Crimea's fiscal revenues have increased twofold since the republic decided to part ways with Ukraine and performed an act of reunification with Russia in 2014.

    • Mexican Standoff
      Last update: 15:26 22.02.2017
      15:26 22.02.2017

      Mexican Standoff

      Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are expected to visit Mexico to meet with high-ranking Mexican officials, including President Enrique Pena Nieto himself, to discuss a host of important issues including trade, border security and law enforcement.

    • Agent Provocateur
      Last update: 19:38 21.02.2017
      19:38 21.02.2017

      Agent Provocateur

      Director general of Estonia's main intelligence agency said on Tuesday that Russia may deviously attempt to use beautiful female intelligence agents to provoke fights in pubs between British troops in Estonia.

    • Big Bad Woolf
      Last update: 19:16 20.02.2017
      19:16 20.02.2017

      Big Bad Wolf

      Appearing on Montenegrin television on Sunday, national special affairs prosecutor Milivoje Katnich accused 'Russian state agencies' of involvement in a coup plot against the government. Katnich failed to support his accusations with any evidence actually connecting Russian citizens to any alleged coup plot.

    • Spoke in the Wheel
      Last update: 20:12 17.02.2017
      20:12 17.02.2017

      Spoke in the Wheel

      United States President Donald Trump has directed a barrage of criticism at the mainstream media, saying that "false" reporting has complicated his efforts to improve Washington's relationship with Moscow

    • Position of Strength, Huh?
      Last update: 19:10 16.02.2017
      19:10 16.02.2017

      Position of Strength, Huh?

      Speaking at the NATO defense ministerial meeting on February 15, US Defense Secretary James Mattis talked about the need to engage with Russia "from a position of strength."

    • Let My Crimea Go!
      Last update: 17:31 15.02.2017
      17:31 15.02.2017

      Let My Crimea Go!

      After the White House issued a statement that it expects Moscow to return Crimea to Kiev, Russian government officials retorted that Russian territory cannot be 'returned' to a foreign state.

    • A Fearmonger's Flotilla
      Last update: 17:40 14.02.2017
      17:40 14.02.2017

      A Fearmonger's Flotilla

      Over 50 NATO warships ended up shadowing the Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia's sole aircraft carrier, as the warship sailed to Syria and back home.

    • Rise and Shine
      Last update: 18:05 13.02.2017
      18:05 13.02.2017

      Rise and Shine

      On Sunday, North Korea launched a medium-range ballistic missile from an airbase in the western province of North Pyongan. The missile traveled around 300 miles before plunging into the Sea of Japan.

    • Dead in the Water
      Last update: 16:46 10.02.2017
      16:46 10.02.2017

      Dead in the Water

      The entire British attack submarine fleet is reportedly non-operational at the moment and cannot protect the UK waters, the Sun reported, citing a source in the Royal Navy.

    • Americans No More
      Last update: 01:05 10.02.2017
      01:05 10.02.2017

      Americans No More

      According to the IRS, more Americans renounced their US citizenship in 2016 than any other year on record. The numbers have been rapidly climbing since 2011, from less than 1,000 in that year to 5,411 in 2016.

    • Losing Their Religion
      Last update: 18:51 09.02.2017
      18:51 09.02.2017

      Losing Their "Religion"

      Many foreign fighters have become disillusioned with Daesh. Some of them even tried to obtain medical notes allowing them not to participate in battles.

    • Vacationer-in-Chief
      Last update: 19:30 08.02.2017
      19:30 08.02.2017


      It seems like after 8 years in office Barack Obama continues to be "Vacationer-in-Chief."

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    • History Made!?
      Last update: 03:16 08.02.2017
      03:16 08.02.2017

      History Made!?

      Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the US Senate Tuesday as Secretary of Education. In a historic moment, Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote as 2 Republican Senators voted against her appointment.

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    • Postponed Apology
      Last update: 16:41 07.02.2017
      16:41 07.02.2017

      Postponed Apology

      Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has refused to apologize to Russian President Vladimir Putin after calling him a "killer" during an interview with US President Donald Trump.

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    • Kiev's Attention Deficit
      Last update: 18:27 06.02.2017
      18:27 06.02.2017

      Kiev's Attention Deficit

      As Kiev's latest military escalation in the country's restless eastern Donbass region has attracted the attention of global powers, analysts around the world are beginning to speculate what exactly the Ukrainian leadership hopes to gain from this move.

    • Fallon Goes on a Rampage
      Last update: 16:55 03.02.2017
      16:55 03.02.2017

      Tilting at Windmills

      British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said Thursday that Sputnik and the RT network need to be "called out" for misleading reporting, and so he did.

    • The Expulsion
      Last update: 13:53 02.02.2017
      13:53 02.02.2017

      The Expulsion

      The Trump administration is effectively freezing out CNN, declaring that the White House has no desire to send its representatives to appear on "fake news."

    • Our Generation's Great Crisis: The Bacon Shortage
      Last update: 03:08 02.02.2017
      03:08 02.02.2017

      Our Generation's Great Crisis: The Bacon Shortage

      The Ohio Pork Council reported that bacon reserves are at their lowest levels in 50 years due to demand outpacing supply. This in turn has led to a 20% increase in prices over the last month.

    • Anti-China Mood, Huh?
      Last update: 19:18 01.02.2017
      19:18 01.02.2017

      Undeclared War?

      There is never too much propaganda: Japan paid Henry Jackson Society (HJS) British think tank 10,000 pounds per month for spreading news about "China's threat".