17:20 GMT19 October 2020
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    • Rock ‘n’ Rolling Case Total
      Last update: 23:43 GMT 15.10.2020
      23:43 GMT 15.10.2020

      Rock ‘n’ Rolling Case Total

      US President Donald Trump's campaign played the ominous hit “In the Air Tonight” during a rally this week in Iowa, which has seen more than 103,000 COVID-19 cases.

    • Sickening Smooch
      Last update: 23:53 GMT 13.10.2020
      23:53 GMT 13.10.2020

      Sickening Smooch

      US President Donald Trump told his supporters during his first rally since his diagnosis and treatment for COVID-19 that he is now “immune” to the novel coronavirus, and that he wanted to give everyone in the crowd a “big fat kiss.”

    • Pink Eyes & Houseflies
      Last update: 21:47 GMT 08.10.2020
      21:47 GMT 08.10.2020

      Pink Eyes & Houseflies

      Nothing captured American’s attention more during the vice-presidential debate on Wednesday than US Vice President Mike Pence’s noticeably red eye and the massive housefly that landed on his head, as he answered questions and responded to his Democratic challenger, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).

    • Blowing Smoke
      Last update: 00:50 GMT 07.10.2020
      00:50 GMT 07.10.2020

      Blowing Smoke

      In an attempt to display his supposed personal victory over COVID-19 after contracting the virus, US President Donald Trump recently gave a bizarre salute to the public while seeming barely able to breathe.

    • Viewer Beware
      Last update: 00:59 GMT 02.10.2020
      00:59 GMT 02.10.2020

      Viewer Beware

      After the jaw-dropping first showdown of the 2020 US presidential debates on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump has come out repeatedly claiming victory in the first round.

    • Disgrace-Off
      Last update: 23:48 GMT 30.09.2020
      23:48 GMT 30.09.2020


      The much-anticipated debate on Tuesday between incumbent US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, left most audiences shocked, with some labeling it the worst presidential debate in American history.

    • Presidential Chaos
      Last update: 19:00 GMT 24.09.2020
      19:00 GMT 24.09.2020

      Presidential Chaos

      US President Donald Trump recently stunned reporters and netizens alike after he refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power in the event that he loses his 2020 reelection bid.

    • Trumpian Truths
      Last update: 19:41 GMT 22.09.2020
      19:41 GMT 22.09.2020

      Trumpian Truths

      US President Donald Trump has stunned netizens once again after video footage of his Monday night Ohio rally surfaced online and showed him claiming that while COVID-19 mainly affects the elderly, “it virtually affects nobody.”

    • Vaccine Virtuoso
      Last update: 01:04 GMT 18.09.2020
      01:04 GMT 18.09.2020

      Vaccine Virtuoso

      US President Donald Trump is trashing statements made by his very own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director in Senate testimony given Wednesday regarding the anticipated delivery date of a COVID-19 vaccine.

    • ‘Trump & Friends’
      Last update: 20:54 GMT 15.09.2020
      20:54 GMT 15.09.2020

      ‘Trump & Friends’

      Like that one friend who invites themselves to your house and then never goes away, US President Donald Trump stunned the hosts of the Fox News program “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday by announcing that he would be appearing on the show every week until Election Day.

    •  Truth Bombs Galore
      Last update: 20:51 GMT 10.09.2020
      20:51 GMT 10.09.2020

      Truth Bombs Galore

      US President Donald Trump raised a multitude of eyebrows Wednesday after excerpts from journalist Bob Woodward’s latest book “Rage” revealed that Trump said the Pentagon was in the possession of a new nuclear weapons system that no one has “even seen or heard about.”

    • For God’s Sake
      Last update: 20:34 GMT 08.09.2020
      20:34 GMT 08.09.2020

      For God’s Sake

      A Bible signed by US President Donald Trump days after his infamous photo op in front of St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington, DC, is being placed on the auction block for nearly $40,000.

    • Vote Early, Vote Often
      Last update: 23:48 GMT 03.09.2020
      23:48 GMT 03.09.2020

      Vote Early, Vote Often

      After months of complaining about alleged future election fraud by the Democrats against him, US President Donald Trump this week told North Carolinian voters to go ahead and try and vote twice. That’s illegal - each person can only vote once.

    • Trump Denies Mini Strokes
      Last update: 00:48 GMT 02.09.2020
      00:48 GMT 02.09.2020

      Mini-Stroke Over Par

      In response to speculation regarding his unusual visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last November, US President Donald Trump stated that the media is suggesting he went there as a result of suffering a series of "mini-strokes," although none of the claims he cited had suggested anything specific.

    • GOP Blinders
      Last update: 22:48 GMT 27.08.2020
      22:48 GMT 27.08.2020

      Dead on Arrival

      US Vice President Mike Pence told viewers during the Wednesday broadcast of the Republican National Convention that US lives “won’t be safe” under a Biden administration, appearing to completely disregard the fact that Republicans are heading the current government and that many Americans aren’t safe at the moment.

    • Land of Republican Views
      Last update: 21:57 GMT 25.08.2020
      21:57 GMT 25.08.2020

      Land of Republican Views

      The 2020 Republican National Convention kicked off the first part of its four-night special Monday, offering viewers a shifted view of current events and painting US President Donald Trump as a leader who has aggressively handled the COVID-19 outbreaks in the Land of the Free.

    • Sore Successor
      Last update: 00:36 GMT 21.08.2020
      00:36 GMT 21.08.2020

      Sore Successor

      US President Donald Trump spent his Wednesday evening rage-tweeting as he watched former President Barack Obama's Democratic National Convention speech.

    • Running the Numbers
      Last update: 00:48 GMT 19.08.2020
      00:48 GMT 19.08.2020

      Running the Numbers

      US President Donald Trump is hitting back at former first lady Michelle Obama after her scathing remarks during her taped 2020 Democratic National Convention speech.

    • Going Postal
      Last update: 00:48 GMT 14.08.2020
      00:48 GMT 14.08.2020

      Going Postal

      US President Donald Trump has admitted that he is not inclined to fund the US Postal Service (USPS) because that would allow people to receive mail-in ballots in a timely fashion to be counted ahead of the 2020 presidential election - and he’s scared the votes won’t be for him.

    • History Schmistory
      Last update: 23:25 GMT 11.08.2020
      23:25 GMT 11.08.2020

      History Schmistory

      US President Donald Trump seems to be living in an alternate universe with a different history, as he inaccurately claimed this week that the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 ended World War II – a conflict that did not begin until two decades later.