11:38 GMT +327 March 2017


    • Little Shop of Terror
      Last update: 16:14 24.03.2017
      16:14 24.03.2017

      Little Shop of Terror

      As Supreme Allied Commander Europe Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti speculated that Moscow may "perhaps" be providing support to the Taliban, high-ranking Russian diplomats and military officials were left to wonder what prompted him to bring forth these "absolutely false" claims.

    • Trump North Korea Cartoon
      Last update: 00:37 24.03.2017
      00:37 24.03.2017

      Two Arms, Two Legs: Obama and Trump Must Be the Same Guy

      North Korea has slammed US President Donald Trump by hitting him where it hurts: comparing him to his predecessor, Barack Obama.

    • So Much for 'European Values'...
      Last update: 16:44 23.03.2017
      16:44 23.03.2017

      So Much for 'European Values'...

      Ukraine tries to present itself as a state of European values, yet at the same time it denies Russian contender Yulia Samoilova entry to the country for 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

    • You made it a question
      Last update: 19:57 22.03.2017
      19:57 22.03.2017

      You Made It a Question

      That awkward moment when participants of a festival event were mistaken as aggressive football fans by respected media sources.

    • Trump Winery Cartoon
      Last update: 23:40 21.03.2017
      23:40 21.03.2017

      Make America Great Again with Cheap Foreign Labor

      Trump Winery, owned by President Trump’s son Eric, has submitted an application to hire foreign workers to pick grapes after they couldn’t find American citizens willing to work for the salary.

    • Pass GO
      Last update: 18:49 21.03.2017
      18:49 21.03.2017

      Pass GO: Blame the Russians

      On March 20, the directors of the FBI and NSA participated in a congressional hearing related to a probe into Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.

    • Look Before You Leap
      Last update: 16:23 20.03.2017
      16:23 20.03.2017

      Look Before You Leap

      It seems it's better to think twice before doing something, especially when you strike targets in another country.

    • Secret Service Laptop Cartoon
      Last update: 02:27 18.03.2017
      02:27 18.03.2017

      Secret Service, Public Property?

      Police are searching for a laptop stolen from a Secret Service agent on Thursday. The laptop contained floor plans and evacuation protocols for Trump Tower, details on the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails and other ‘sensitive’ information.

    • Hatin’ It
      Last update: 14:50 17.03.2017
      14:50 17.03.2017

      Hatin' It

      A now-deleted tweet published on McDonald's official account on Thursday called Donald Trump a "disgusting excuse for a President" and mocked the size of his hands.

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    • Safe Harbor
      Last update: 20:05 16.03.2017
      20:05 16.03.2017

      Crimea's Safe Harbor

      On Thursday, Crimea marked the anniversary of the 2014 referendum which saw the peninsula break off from Ukraine and rejoin Russia.

    • Snoop Dogg Video Cartoon
      Last update: 23:28 15.03.2017
      23:28 15.03.2017

      The Donald Versus The Doggfather

      A new music video from rapper Snoop Dogg, which features him firing a gun at a clownish parody of President Trump, has attracted controversy and criticism- including from the President himself.

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    • Military Pinups
      Last update: 15:04 15.03.2017
      15:04 15.03.2017

      Deep Throat

      Nine US Navy officers are facing charges for trading classified information in an international fraud and bribery scheme, the US Department of Justice said in a press release.

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    • Looney Tunes
      Last update: 20:05 14.03.2017
      20:05 14.03.2017

      Looney Tunes

      On March 7, Wikileaks began publishing what it said was a large archive of classified CIA-related files dubbed "Vault 7."

    • Making History
      Last update: 19:13 14.03.2017
      19:13 14.03.2017

      Making History

      UK lawmakers have signed off on legislation that will allow the UK to formally exit the European Union.

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    • Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune
      Last update: 17:41 13.03.2017
      17:41 13.03.2017

      Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune

      Europe seems to be in trouble: it faces many crises - from monetary to migrant. The UK voted to leave the EU and Poland is isolating itself diplomatically. Increasingly European leaders have been calling for a multi-speed Europe.

    • California Earthquake Cartoon
      Last update: 23:29 10.03.2017
      23:29 10.03.2017

      Because California is Famous for Efficiently Handling Disasters...

      Seismologists have warned that California fault lines are larger than previously projected, and could cause a monstrous 7.4 earthquake that could devastate Los Angeles and San Diego simultaneously.

    • 266 Reasons to Vote for Democrats
      Last update: 16:08 10.03.2017
      16:08 10.03.2017

      266 Reasons to Vote for Democrats

      In a remarkable turn of events a book of some 266 blank pages titled became a Number 1 bestseller on Amazon.

    • A Taste of Their Own Medicine
      Last update: 15:36 09.03.2017
      15:36 09.03.2017

      A Taste of Their Own Medicine

      A federal criminal investigation is being opened into WikiLeaks' publication of documents detailing alleged CIA hacking operations.

      'Vault 7': WikiLeaks Exposes CIA's Global Covert Hacking Program in Largest Ever Leak
    • Real-Life Superwoman
      Last update: 18:21 08.03.2017
      18:21 08.03.2017

      Real-Life Superwoman

      On March 8, the world celebrates real-life superheroes — women.

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    • Nuclear Golf
      Last update: 19:22 07.03.2017
      19:22 07.03.2017

      Nuclear Golf

      On Tuesday, the United States military started the process of deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea.