21:28 GMT +310 December 2016


    • Fair and Square
      Last update: 17:50 09.12.2016
      17:50 09.12.2016

      Fair and Square

      The second part of the report on the alleged doping abuse in Russia was released by the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) commission led by Canadian law professor Richard McLaren on Friday.

    • Adding Fuel to the Fire
      Last update: 18:15 08.12.2016
      18:15 08.12.2016

      Adding Fuel to the Fire

      For decades, Washington has provided assistance to Tibetans in exile, which has long been of particular concern for Beijing.

    • advice
      Last update: 19:46 07.12.2016
      19:46 07.12.2016

      Ask Barack

      Preparing to leave office, US President Barack Obama finally admitted his country's role in the emergence of Daesh and...and unexpectedly gave advice to Donald Trump.

    • Californians Seek to Build a Wall to Keep Right-Wingers Out
      Last update: 23:30 06.12.2016
      23:30 06.12.2016

      Californians Seek to Build a Wall to Keep Right-Wingers Out

      In a moment of intense irony, Californians are weighing their options to #CalExit -- to keep Donald Trump and his supporters out of their state.

    • you shall not pass
      Last update: 14:45 06.12.2016
      14:45 06.12.2016

      No Way Out

      On December 5, during the UNSC meeting Russia and China voted against a draft resolution on Syria.

    • Italy
      Last update: 16:30 05.12.2016
      16:30 05.12.2016

      Renzi's Italian Job

      Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's decision to hold a nationwide referendum on his widely touted constitutional reform backfired spectacularly as he had to follow up on his earlier promise to resign if citizens vote against his initiative.

    • 'Mad Dog' to Rule the Pentagon
      Last update: 01:43 03.12.2016
      01:43 03.12.2016

      'Mad Dog' to Rule the Pentagon

      In a surprise move, President-elect Donald Trump announced on Thursday that retired Marine Corps General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis is his pick for secretary of defense.

    • How to Lose Votes and Alienate People
      Last update: 18:25 02.12.2016
      18:25 02.12.2016

      How to Lose Votes and Alienate People

      On December 2, President Francois Hollande addressed the nation asserting that he would not seek re-election. His current approval rating has plunged to four per cent, making him France's least popular post-war leader.

    • Unfriendly Fire
      Last update: 19:40 01.12.2016
      19:40 01.12.2016

      Unfriendly Fire

      On December 1, Ukraine launched missile-firing drills in Russia's airspace close to Crimea.

    • Terrorists With Benefits
      Last update: 19:10 30.11.2016
      19:10 30.11.2016

      Terrorists With Benefits

      At least 500 veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) paramilitary organization are reported to be currently fighting in the ranks of Daesh in Syria.

    • Martian Wall
      Last update: 01:26 30.11.2016
      01:26 30.11.2016

      US President-Elect Shows Consistency With Mars Plan

      NASA is developing the capacity to send astronauts deep into space to obtain samples from Mars and other space bodies, but has identified 25 "gaps" in their knowledge of how to keep Earth organisms safe from alien contamination, and how to keep humans from contaminating space.

    • Back Once Again For The Renegade Master
      Last update: 21:07 29.11.2016
      21:07 29.11.2016

      Back Once Again for the Renegade Master

      Bad news for Tony Blair today: the former UK prime minister could be stripped of his membership of Britain’s privy council and face other "severe" consequences amid possible new investigation into Britain's 2003 invasion of Iraq.

    • In The Lead
      Last update: 19:32 28.11.2016
      19:32 28.11.2016

      In the Lead

      The runaway victory for French center-right Republican candidate Francois Fillon's bid for the French presidency next year marks a significant turning point in French politics for the last 30 years.

    • Gotta be Startin' Something
      Last update: 18:46 25.11.2016
      18:46 25.11.2016

      Gotta be Startin' Something

      On Friday, WikiLeaks released more than 500 documents from the US embassy in Yemen, offering documentary evidence of Washington arming, training and funding Yemeni forces ahead of the war.

    • Crossroads
      Last update: 17:40 24.11.2016
      17:40 24.11.2016


      The European Parliament voted on Thursday in favor of a non-binding resolution on freezing Turkey's EU accession talks.

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    • Priorities
      Last update: 19:35 23.11.2016
      19:35 23.11.2016


      On November 23, the European Parliament approved a draft resolution proposed by EU lawmaker from Poland Anna Elzbieta Fotyga on EU strategic communication to counteract propaganda against the bloc by third parties, delineating that Russia is allegedly engaged in propaganda against the European Union.

      EU Parliament Adopts Resolution Equating Sputnik, RT to Daesh Propaganda
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    • Found Money
      Last update: 20:16 22.11.2016
      20:16 22.11.2016

      Found Money

      The list of sponsors who have purportedly donated money to the Clinton Foundation features such countries as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, along with Algeria. In a recent revelation, it turned out that Germany is on that list as well.

    • ‘The Official Shoes of White People’?
      Last update: 23:10 21.11.2016
      23:10 21.11.2016

      ‘The Official Shoes of White People’?

      America’s burning post-election question has been whether it’s still acceptable to wear New Balance athletic shoes, after the company’s vice president of public affairs expressed support for Donald Trump’s anti-Trans Pacific Partnership stance.

    • Digging Deep
      Last update: 19:55 21.11.2016
      19:55 21.11.2016

      Digging Deep

      The Chilcot inquiry, which found the UK 2003 invasion of Iraq largely unwarranted but did not blame any party for the move, was specifically set up to avoid the risk of legal proceedings against individuals or the government, declassified government documents reveal.

    • Friends With Benefits
      Last update: 18:53 18.11.2016
      18:53 18.11.2016

      Friends With Benefits

      Being friends means you will do something even if you don't want to. So Qatar is going to buy 72 F-15QA fighter jets with weapons and related support from the US...