11:55 GMT +322 October 2016


    • Who Will Watch The Watchmen?
      Last update: 19:26 21.10.2016
      19:26 21.10.2016

      Who Will Watch the Watchmen?

      Following the revelations that the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) was working secretly with the NSA, Germany's parliament passed new legislation on Friday giving it greater control over the work of the BND.

    • Rocking the Boat
      Last update: 18:50 20.10.2016
      18:50 20.10.2016

      Rocking the Boat

      The final countdown: the final hour-and-a half debate took place in Nevada late on Wednesday, less than three weeks before the presidential election.

    • It's My Party And I'll Cry if I Want To
      Last update: 21:08 19.10.2016
      21:08 19.10.2016

      It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

      That awkward moment when you're not invited to the party in your own home.

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    • CNN’s Misplaced Priorities
      Last update: 02:56 19.10.2016
      02:56 19.10.2016

      CNN’s Misplaced Priorities

      CNN’s Chris Cuomo falsely claimed that it was illegal to receive WikiLeaks information from anywhere but his network. Too bad they're focused on other things.

    • Truth on Tap
      Last update: 19:18 18.10.2016
      19:18 18.10.2016

      Truth on Tap

      As WikiLeaks releases the newest installment of emails of US Democratic party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, the questions remain - has the flow of leaks come to an end, and how much have we still left to learn about Hillary?

      WikiLeaks: John Podesta Emails
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    • Fighting Fashion
      Last update: 20:02 17.10.2016
      20:02 17.10.2016

      Fighting Fashion

      Can you imagine what a military evening dress looks like? No? Then welcome to the German Armed Forces!

    • How to Surround Your Dragon
      Last update: 19:18 14.10.2016
      19:18 14.10.2016

      How to Surround Your Dragon

      The world is not enough: new WikiLeaks leak reveals Hillary's plans to encircle China with missile defense.

    • Tell Me, Who Are You?
      Last update: 18:36 13.10.2016
      18:36 13.10.2016

      Tell Me, Who Are You?

      "They're coming" - scandalous anti-migrant posters appeared in busy public places of the French city of Beziers.

    • Not Playing Games
      Last update: 17:56 12.10.2016
      17:56 12.10.2016

      Not Playing Games

      Security, Czech style: if you want to visit a kindergarten - show your finger!

    • Pump The Brakes
      Last update: 19:12 11.10.2016
      19:12 11.10.2016

      Pump the Brakes

      Is there hope to reverse the drop in oil global prices as the OPEC countries propose to freeze production?

    • Selling Mules, Buying Plows
      Last update: 16:49 10.10.2016
      16:49 10.10.2016

      Selling Mules, Buying Plows

      The refugee crisis has cost the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel the public's trust.

    • Noble Nobel
      Last update: 18:40 07.10.2016
      18:40 07.10.2016

      Noble Nobel

      Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize on October 7.

    • Double Standards?
      Last update: 03:47 07.10.2016
      03:47 07.10.2016

      Double Standards?

      Could a Clinton Administration really prosecute people for doing something she is guilty of herself?

    • (Not) Friendly Fire
      Last update: 20:30 06.10.2016
      20:30 06.10.2016

      (Not) Friendly Fire

      The international coalition carried out an attack on the People's Militia in Iraq on Wednesday, October 5, the head of the press center of the People's Militia in Iraq, Thu El-Fiqar Al-Baldawi, announced.

    • War And Peace
      Last update: 21:35 05.10.2016
      21:35 05.10.2016

      War and Peace

      Laurent Fabius, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs is listed among the nominees for 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

    • Frankenstein's Fighter
      Last update: 18:17 04.10.2016
      18:17 04.10.2016

      Frankenstein's Fighter

      Eurofighter jets have been around for twenty years, with four European countries specializing in manufacturing different parts of the jet.

    • Can They Do This?
      Last update: 18:50 03.10.2016
      18:50 03.10.2016

      Can They Do This?

      Hungary revolted against the Berlin-led EU refugee policy by holding a referendum, but the vote failed due to low turnout.

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    • Trump's Devoted Flock
      Last update: 00:42 01.10.2016
      00:42 01.10.2016

      And Now We Pray: Trump’s Devoted Flock

      The Republican presidential candidate isn’t exactly known for being a religious man, but that won’t stop evangelicals from voting for him.

    • Spot The Difference?
      Last update: 19:55 30.09.2016
      19:55 30.09.2016

      Spot the Difference?

      Friday, September 30, marks the first anniversary of the beginning of Russia's aerial anti-terrorist campaign in Syria, launched at the behest of the Syrian government.

    • Gary Johnson, Man of the World
      Last update: 00:10 30.09.2016
      00:10 30.09.2016

      Gary Johnson, Man of the World

      While the Libertarian candidate has fought vociferously for more media coverage, he may not be ready for prime time.