14:03 GMT +322 November 2017


    • Wilting Rose
      Last update: 02:51 22.11.2017
      02:51 22.11.2017

      Wilting Rose

      Famed talk show host Charlie Rose is the latest public figure to be accused of sexual misconduct and, as a result, both PBS and CBS have terminated their relationships with him.

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    • 'Breaking' News
      Last update: 16:15 21.11.2017
      16:15 21.11.2017

      'Breaking' News

      Google billionaire Eric Schmidt has announced that the search engine will come up with new algorithms that will make it harder for articles from Sputnik News and RT to appear on the Google News service.

    • US incidents in Japan
      Last update: 22:00 20.11.2017
      22:00 20.11.2017

      Thank You for Your Protection

      The US Forces in Japan have prohibited drinking for their troops after a deadly accident in which a US serviceman, who might have been under the influence of alcohol, drove a truck and crashed into a local citizen's vehicle. The 61-year-old Hidemasa Taira died in hospital.

    • Supercomputer Slump
      Last update: 23:06 15.11.2017
      23:06 15.11.2017

      Supercomputer Slump

      TOP500 recently revealed China has surpassed the US in their list of “fastest supercomputers in the world.”

    • East, West, Home’s Best
      Last update: 19:31 15.11.2017
      19:31 15.11.2017

      East, West, Home's Best

      It seems like former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri, who is allegedly being held with his family in Saudi Arabia, can only dream about home now.

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    • Emmanuel Van Damme
      Last update: 17:40 14.11.2017
      17:40 14.11.2017

      Emmanuel Van Damme

      French President Emmanuel Macron appears to be exhibiting impressive diplomatic flexibility as he calls for amending the nuclear deal with Tehran.

    • Hoist By Own Petard
      Last update: 18:13 13.11.2017
      18:13 13.11.2017

      Hoist By Own Petard

      The US National Security Agency appears to be reeling after a major hack which resulted in the theft of many of the organization's cyber weapons sapped the morale of its employees.

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    • Poland's Submarines
      Last update: 20:56 11.11.2017
      20:56 11.11.2017

      Poland's Mighty Submarines

      Warsaw is determined to upgrade its naval power with five submarines which it is going to buy from Paris. The Polish Defense Minister discussed the issue during his visit to France in September. Military observer Viktor Litovkin has shared his ideas concerning the initiative.

    • Cartoon
      Last update: 20:28 09.11.2017
      20:28 09.11.2017

      Disunited Europe?

      According to the German Defense Ministry's military report, obtained by Der Spiegel magazine, one of possible scenarios of the European Union's development is its disintegration before 2040.

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    • Uber Goes Airborne
      Last update: 03:12 09.11.2017
      03:12 09.11.2017

      Uber Goes Airborne

      After signing a Space Act Agreement with NASA, Uber announced they would be releasing an air taxi service by 2020 in select cities.

    • David vs Goliath
      Last update: 17:56 08.11.2017
      17:56 08.11.2017

      David vs Goliath

      Speaking before the South Korean National Assembly, US President Donald Trump said: "We cannot allow North Korea to threaten all that we have built."

    • Irresistible Offer
      Last update: 15:38 07.11.2017
      15:38 07.11.2017

      Irresistible Offer

      The US has lent a helping hand to terrorists in Syria's al-Mayadin. American choppers evacuated Daesh commanders from the city hours before government forces started a military operation there.

    • Illegal
      Last update: 21:29 03.11.2017
      21:29 03.11.2017

      Illegal Base in Illegal War

      Tens of thousands of asylum-seekers are deprived of access to humanitarian aid because of an illegally deployed US military base near the Rukban refugee camp in Syria - people are banned from approaching the facility as close as 55 kilometers, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

    • Iran’s Brainstorm
      Last update: 19:41 02.11.2017
      19:41 02.11.2017

      Outmaneuvering US Sanctions

      Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, has opined what could be used to bring to naught the effect of US restrictions.

    • Pride or Prison?
      Last update: 00:07 02.11.2017
      00:07 02.11.2017

      Pride or Prison?

      China is considering legislation that would mandate prison terms of up to three years for those who publicly dishonor the national anthem or flag.

    • In Search of Biomarkers
      Last update: 20:37 01.11.2017
      20:37 01.11.2017

      In Search of Biomarkers

      The Pentagon has shed light on its activity of collecting biological samples from Russian citizens.

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    • Tip the Balance
      Last update: 20:01 30.10.2017
      20:01 30.10.2017

      Power Complex Tips the Balance

      The US Global Thunder 2018 strategic nuclear forces exercise commences Monday. According to a statement by STRATCOM, Russia was notified about the drills, whilst China was not.

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    • Twitter’s Revenge
      Last update: 20:51 27.10.2017
      20:51 27.10.2017

      Twitter's Revenge?

      On Thursday, Twitter barred Sputnik and RT from using its platform for advertising on the pretext of their alleged attempts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election in the United States.

    • The Unmovables
      Last update: 20:58 26.10.2017
      20:58 26.10.2017

      The Unmovables

      NATO has been facing considerable logistics drawbacks in Europe, and in the event of war the bloc's actions may be impeded by the insufficiently developed transport infrastructure, according to Germany's Der Spiegel citing a classified military report.

    • Flagged
      Last update: 20:55 25.10.2017
      20:55 25.10.2017


      As US President Donald Trump was entering the Capitol building with Republican lawmakers, a protester hurled several Russian flags at him.

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