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    • Hungarian-born US magnate and philanthropist George Soros attends an economic forum in Colombo on January 7, 2016
      Last update: 17:31 28.10.2016
      17:31 28.10.2016

      Leaked Memo: Is Soros Planning 'Series of Color Revolutions' in Southeast Asia?

      Wikileaks' Podesta Files shed light on US billionaire George Soros' deep concerns about the lack of "freedom" and "constitutional democracy" in Malaysia under Najib Razak. Soros' concerns may serve as a prelude for a series of "color revolutions" in Southeast Asia, Mathew Maavak of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia assumed in an interview with Sputnik.

    • Kamov Ka-52 Hokum-B helicopters at the military parade
      Last update: 18:12 28.10.2016
      18:12 28.10.2016

      Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Russia’s Army Air Forces

      The Army Air Forces of the Russian Federation mark their 68th anniversary. On October 28, 1948, the first Russian air squadron was established, which later became the foundation for the Army Air Forces. Here are some facts about Russian Army Air Forces you might not know.

    • Christian clergymen holding Palm branches walk around the tomb of Jesus Christ during a mass to mark Palm Sunday in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City. (File)
      Last update: 18:14 28.10.2016
      18:14 28.10.2016
      Middle East

      Oh Jesus! Christ's Tomb Uncovered After Five Centuries (VIDEO)

      For the first time in centuries, archaeologists opened Christians’ holiest spot – the tomb of Jesus Christ located in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem. This will give researchers an unprecedented opportunity to analyze the original rock surface where Jesus’ body was laid.

    • Girl
      Last update: 18:08 28.10.2016
      18:08 28.10.2016

      Overnight Millionaire: Italian Secretary Inherits Astonishing Fortune After Boss Dies

      Germana Chiodi, secretary of former Italian entrepreneur and millionaire Bernardo Caprotti, inherited 75 million euros after Caprotti died on September 30, 2016, at the age of 90 in Milan.

    • Perks of the Job? Pentagon Credit Cards Used To Finance Sex and Gambling
      Last update: 17:31 28.10.2016
      17:31 28.10.2016

      US Feds Splurge on Brothels, Strip Clubs With Gov't Credit Cards

      US federal employees spent billions of dollars using government credit cards with little to no oversight. More than 260,000 federal employees spent an estimated $19 billion using government-issued cards in 2015 alone. Radio Sputnik discussed the issue with Scott Amey, general counsel for the nonprofit Project on Government Oversight.

    • X-51A Waverider. (File)
      Last update: 17:59 28.10.2016
      17:59 28.10.2016

      Flying High, Flying Fast: Russian Hypersonic Missile's Capabilities Revealed

      Hypersonic missiles can speed up to around 5 kilometers a second (Mach 15) in the upper layers of the atmosphere not only when sitting on top of intercontinental ballistic missiles, but also when launched from strategic bombers, Arsenal of the Motherland editor-in-chief Viktor Murakhovsky told RIA Novosti.

    • Lithuania NATO Exercise
      Last update: 16:16 28.10.2016
      16:16 28.10.2016

      Bundeswehr Has 'Nothing to Do Near Russian Border' as Part of NATO Mission

      Bundestag MP and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense, Alexander Neu, strongly opposed the deployment of German troops in the Baltic States.

    • Residents of Pristina holding a new flag of the self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo
      Last update: 16:06 28.10.2016
      16:06 28.10.2016

      Kosovo Slaps Serbia With More 'Normalization' Demands

      Kosovo Minister for Dialogue Edita Tahiri has handed over to the European Commission a list of provisions for normalizing relations with Belgrade, which includes border delineation, non-interference in each other’s affairs and reparations.


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