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    • Data privacy
      Last update: 18:10 28.03.2017
      18:10 28.03.2017

      'Giving Intelligence Access to Encrypted Data Won't Prevent Terror Attacks'

      UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the country’s intelligence agencies should have access to the encrypted content of messaging applications as it would help them prevent terror attacks. Radio Sputnik discussed the issue with Dr. Heather Anson, a consultant at the UK's law firm specializing in data protection, privacy and cyber security.

    • A visitor takes a picture next to the cake bust of German Chancellor Angela Merkel by Turkish confectioner Tuba Geçkil at the Festival of Chocolates, Sweets and Cakes in Istanbul.
      Last update: 18:30 28.03.2017
      18:30 28.03.2017

      Hey Sugar! Sweet and Edible Merkel, Trump on Display at Choco Festival in Turkey (PHOTOS)

      The Festival of Chocolates, Sweets and Cakes was held for the first time on March 24-26 at the Military Museum in Harbiye, Istanbul. According to festival organizers, 42 confectionary companies presented their sweet products at the festival; but all eyes were on Angela Merkel and Donald Trump, whose figures were made of cake icing.

    • US marines disembark their armoured vehicles from the overcrafts deploid by the USS Arlington amphibious transport dock during the NATO's Trident Juncture exercise at Pinheiro da Cruz beach, south of Lisbon, near Grandola on October 20, 2015
      Last update: 17:25 28.03.2017
      17:25 28.03.2017

      US Marines to Test Swarms of Drones, Robots in Major Ship-to-Shore Naval Tech Drill

      The US Marines will begin testing some 50 new technology platforms in April at their main base in California. Technologies that do well will be put to the hard test during a major Bold Alligator drill on the US East Coast slated for this fall.

    • Artificial intelligence
      Last update: 18:15 28.03.2017
      18:15 28.03.2017

      New Elon Musk Venture Aims to Merge the Human Brain With Artificial Intelligence

      Noted artificial intelligence skeptic Elon Musk, co-founder of driverless car pioneer Tesla Motors and space exploration firm SpaceX, is attempting to combat the rise of AI with the launch of a new venture, Neuralink. The business aims to facilitate the interface of human brains and computers.

    • Who’s Listening in? Flaw in Mobile Networks Sparks Phone Hacking Fears
      Last update: 17:49 28.03.2017
      17:49 28.03.2017

      Hackable: 'Internet of Things' Threatens Security

      As the number of internet-of-things (IoT) devices keeps growing every day turning every industry into the computer industry, these smart devices are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

    • Euro sculpture stands in front of the European Central Bank, right, in Frankfurt, Germany. (File)
      Last update: 17:19 28.03.2017
      17:19 28.03.2017

      European Central Bank Slammed for 'Lack of Political Leadership'

      The European Central Bank (ECB) has been slammed in a new report for a "a lack of political leadership," little "democratic oversight and accountability" leading to a "marked decline in public trust" at a time when the eurozone is facing crisis.

    • Bacon
      Last update: 15:54 28.03.2017
      15:54 28.03.2017

      Swine-Eating Swede Tried for Racism After Shaking His Bacon at Mortified Muslims

      A man in Stockholm is now on trial for harassing a group of women with bacon on a commuter train. While the accusations may sound ridiculous, for the defendant, who ended up being prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred, it's no longer any fun at all.

    • German police provide security at the Brandenburg Gate, ahead of the upcoming New Year's Eve celebrations in Berlin, Germany December 27, 2016
      Last update: 15:53 28.03.2017
      15:53 28.03.2017

      'Unbearable Injustice': Berlin Police Salaries Are Lower Than Social Payments

      The unemployed in Berlin get more government money than the police each month, André Grashof, head of the fraud department at the Berlin police told Sputnik Germany, adding that the police are going to file a lawsuit with the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.


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