03:17 GMT26 January 2021
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    • President Franklin D. Roosevelt is shown at his desk at the White House, 27 May 1933.
      Last update: 14:56 GMT 25.01.2021
      14:56 GMT 25.01.2021

      Heart and Brain of the White House: The Oval Office Through the Ages

      The cornerstone of the White House was laid almost 230 years ago, on 13 October 1792. At various times in history, the White House has been known as the "President's Palace", the "President's House", and the "Executive Mansion". President Theodore Roosevelt officially gave the White House the name by which everyone knows it in 1901.

    • Women eating ice cream bars in Nepal.
      Last update: 12:35 GMT 24.01.2021
      12:35 GMT 24.01.2021

      Get Yourself an Edy's Pie (Formally Eskimo Pie) Ice Cream to Celebrate its 100th Anniversary

      In the US and some other countries, people celebrate the delicious ice cream brand on 24 January...by eating loads of ice cream.

    • Fireworks are seen above the White House after the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States in Washington, DC, US, 20 January 2021.
      Last update: 14:06 GMT 21.01.2021
      14:06 GMT 21.01.2021

      When Joe Biden Became President: Fireworks and Festivities of Inauguration Night

      This year's inauguration of President Joe Biden has gone down in history not only because it took place amid an acute global situation, the coronavirus pandemic, but also due to the enormous security measures undertaken.

    • Memorable and Meme-able: Biden Inauguration Moments That Have Gone Viral
      Last update: 11:28 GMT 21.01.2021
      11:28 GMT 21.01.2021

      Memorable and Meme-able: Biden Inauguration Moments That Have Gone Viral

      While many Americans are divided about the Joe Biden presidency and his swearing-in ceremony, internet users who watched the inauguration closely somehow managed to turn practically everything into a joke, spawning some fresh political memes.

    • A National Guard soldier on duty on a street near the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.
      Last update: 11:50 GMT 19.01.2021
      11:50 GMT 19.01.2021

      Unprecedented Military Presence Prior to Joe Biden's Inauguration Ceremony

      This year's inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden will go down in history not only because it takes place amid an acute global situation, the coronavirus pandemic, but also due to the enormous security measures undertaken.

    • Then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris wears an elegant one-shoulder satin bodycon gown at Showtime's 2012 EMMYEVE Soiree held at Sunset Tower on 22 September 2012 in West Hollywood, California.
      Last update: 18:19 GMT 18.01.2021
      18:19 GMT 18.01.2021

      Fan of Pearls and Converse Sneakers: Style of US First Female Vice President Kamala Harris

      The eyes of many are now on Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris, who is expected to meticulously navigate the complicated intersection of fashion and politics, starting from the inauguration day.

    • A member of the National Guard pushes a colleague in a chair through the Visitor Centre of the U.S. Capitol on 13 January 2021 in Washington, DC.
      Last update: 17:07 GMT 15.01.2021
      17:07 GMT 15.01.2021

      National Guard Bolsters Security in US Capitol as House Votes to Impeach Trump

      After violent pro-Trump supporters stormed US Capitol on 6 January, disrupting a Congress meeting to verify Biden's presidential win and clashing with the police – which resulted in the death of five people – the National Guard was deployed to the Capitol a week later as the House gathered to debate Trump's impeachment.

    • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi presents the signed article of impeachment against President Donald Trump in an engrossment ceremony before transmission to the Senate for trial on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Wednesday, 13 January 2021.
      Last update: 12:37 GMT 14.01.2021
      12:37 GMT 14.01.2021

      Heavy Police Presence, Protesters Outside Capitol: How House Vote on Trump Impeachment Played Out

      Political and social life in the United States has been turbulent of late following the 3 November presidential election, which gave Democrat Joe Biden 306 Electoral College votes against Trump's 232.

    • This photo shows seven women that were on death row at the Mountain View Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, in Gatesville, Texas. 
The list includes names and when they arrived at the facilities after their sentencing: Darlie Routier, arrived at the unit on 5 February 1997 and is still awaiting execution; Pamela Lynn Perillo, arrived on 4 September 1980 but was resentenced to life in prison plus 30 years on 12 July 2000; Karla Faye Tucker, arrived on 18 December 1984 and was executed on 3 February 1998; Betty Lou Beets, arrived on 14 October 1985, was executed on 24 February 2000; Frances Elaine Newton, arrived on 17 November 1988 and was executed on 14 September 2005; Erica Yvonne Sheppard, arrived on 26 April 1995 and is still awaiting execution; Cathy Lynn Henderson, arrived on 1 June 1995, died on 2 August 2015 in a hospital.
      Last update: 19:15 GMT 13.01.2021
      19:15 GMT 13.01.2021

      Female Inmates That Were Once Put on Death Row in the US

      The federal death penalty was once held unconstitutional after the Supreme Court’s opinion of Furman v. Georgia in 1972. It was restored in 1988 and after the 1994 Federal Death Penalty Act, the number of offences that fall under capital punishment was expanded reaching 60.

    • Bill Clinton, left centre, gives a high five to Chuck Berry, right, during the finale of the Presidential Gala at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland, 19 January 1993.
      Last update: 13:34 GMT 12.01.2021
      13:34 GMT 12.01.2021

      From Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump: Four Decades of Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies

      The inauguration of the president of the United States marks the beginning of a four-year term for the newly elected head of state and, since 1937 and the ratification of the Twentieth Amendment, has almost always taken place on the 20 January. The ceremony takes place even if the president being sworn in has already served a first term.

    • The US Capitol building is seen through newly erected fencing on Capitol Hill in Washington, 10 January 2021.
      Last update: 09:39 GMT 11.01.2021
      09:39 GMT 11.01.2021

      Security Measures in Washington Following Capitol Hill Chaos

      On 6 January, thousands of Trump supporters violently besieged the Capitol in a bid to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden's election victory. The incident took place after Trump reiterated that he would never concede defeat and urged supporters to continue fighting to overturn the election results.

    • A worker cleans a statue of former President Ronald Reagan inside the Rotunda of the US Capitol a day after supporters of US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol in Washington, US, 7 January 2021.
      Last update: 14:37 GMT 10.01.2021
      14:37 GMT 10.01.2021

      US Capitol Clean-Up in Full Swing Prior to Inauguration Day

      On Thursday, the US Congress certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential vote, just a day after Capitol Hill was stormed by supporters of President Trump. Capitol workers are now cleaning up the damages caused by the rioters and preparing it for the inauguration day.

    • Trump supporters gesture to US Capitol Police in the hallway outside of the Senate chamber at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, 6 January 2021
      Last update: 07:51 GMT 07.01.2021
      07:51 GMT 07.01.2021

      Violent Certification: How Pro-Trump Protests in DC Turned Into Chaos as Capitol Building Stormed


      Demonstrators gathered in Washington, DC, on 6 January as the US Congress was holding a joint session to certify US presidential election results. President Donald Trump has refused to concede defeat to Democratic candidate Joe Biden and told the crowd of supporters on Wednesday that he was “never” going to.

    • A Trump supporter at Freedom Plaza, 5 January, 2021, in Washington.
      Last update: 13:47 GMT 06.01.2021
      13:47 GMT 06.01.2021

      Pro-Trump Protesters Rally in DC Ahead of Electoral College Certification by Congress

      US Congress is holding a joint session on 6 January to count and confirm the results of the presidential election.

    • US President-elect Joe Biden campaigns for Democrat US Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock at a rally ahead of runoff elections in Atlanta, Georgia, US, 4 January 2021.
      Last update: 16:14 GMT 05.01.2021
      16:14 GMT 05.01.2021

      Georgia On My Mind: Biden and Trump Hold Rallies Ahead of Decisive Election for US Senate

      Republicans at present retain the balance of power in the 100-seat Senate by 52 to 48. But this could all change in the US upper chamber on Tuesday when voters in Georgia turn out in their droves to vote in the runoffs and decide which party in the chamber will have the upper hand.

    • War on the Pandemic: Mass Anti-Coronavirus Vaccination Campaigns Around the World
      Last update: 12:22 GMT 05.01.2021
      12:22 GMT 05.01.2021

      War on the Pandemic: Mass Anti-Coronavirus Vaccination Campaigns Around the World

      Over the course of about a year, the coronavirus pandemic has claimed at least 1,855,000 lives worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. While the disease has resulted in mass quarantines, countries around the globe have put all their efforts into finding treatments and have started producing numerous medications to stop the virus.

    • Last update: 18:23 GMT 04.01.2021
      18:23 GMT 04.01.2021

      Julian Assange's Extradition Denied by UK Judge: Supporters of Wikileaks' Co-Founder Rally in London

      Assange spent nearly seven years at Ecuador's embassy in London, after former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa granted Assange political asylum in 2012. On Monday, the UK’s court decision on his legal battle against extradition to the US gave hope to Assange's supporters who had been gathering outside the court since the early morning.

    • People mourn by the grave of senior Iranian military commander General Qasem Soleimani, during the one year anniversary of his killing in a US attack, in his hometown of Kerman, Iran, 2 January 2021.
      Last update: 14:10 GMT 03.01.2021
      14:10 GMT 03.01.2021

      Iran Commemorates Death Anniversary of General Qasem Soleimani

      On 3 January, a Trump-ordered airstrike killed Qasem Soleimani, one of the most prominent military figures in Iran, and several other members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps on the outskirts of Baghdad. The attack exacerbated the strained relations between Iran and the US, with both countries nearly entering an open conflict.

    • Last update: 17:44 GMT 02.01.2021
      17:44 GMT 02.01.2021

      Ox in Human Culture Across the Globe

      In many cultures, oxen represent a symbol of power and strength. Being an important totem in countries all around the world, the ox has been perceived as a king among animals, as well as worshiped since ancient times.

    • Two women celebrate New Year amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Newcastle, UK, 31 December 2020.
      Last update: 11:12 GMT 01.01.2021
      11:12 GMT 01.01.2021

      World Celebrates New Year Amid COVID-19 Restrictions

      2021 celebrations around the world have been held under stringent quarantine measures - as COVID-19 case counts continue to rice in many countries.

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