21:09 GMT05 August 2021
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    • Tara Davis of the United States in action.  Athletics - Women's Long Jump - Final
      Last update: 19:48 GMT 04.08.2021
      19:48 GMT 04.08.2021

      The Most Impressive Falls of Athletes at Tokyo Olympics

      Sweat, pain and blood - these are probably the pillars of big sports. One can hardly avoid injuries and stress when choosing a sports career and working hard to perform at the Olympic Games.

    • A statue of goddess Athena is seen as wildfire burns at Varympompi suburb north of Athens, Greece, 3 August 2021.
      Last update: 11:41 GMT 04.08.2021
      11:41 GMT 04.08.2021

      Wildfires Approach Athens Amid Record Heat Wave

      Fires broke out in the woodlands at the foot of Mount Parnitha near Athens. The roads were blocked, and hundreds of people living in the area were evacuated.

    • German track and field athlete Alica Schmidt
      Last update: 15:10 GMT 02.08.2021
      15:10 GMT 02.08.2021

      Stunning Female Athletes Battling for Medals at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

      As always, the Olympic Games are being watched by millions of sports fans all over the globe –with some athletes receiving more attention than others.

    • Faster, Higher, Stronger - and Funny: Most Hilarious Photos From Tokyo 2020 Olympics
      Last update: 13:24 GMT 01.08.2021
      13:24 GMT 01.08.2021

      Faster, Higher, Stronger - and Funny: Most Hilarious Photos From Tokyo 2020 Olympics

      Every major sports event involves a lot of hard work by athletes - and when we are talking about the Olympic Games, it means even more hard work, dedication, and willpower. All the cameras are pointed at the competitors, and every minute is captured... including not very serious moments.

    • Kim Kardashian blows out the candles on a cake to celebrate her 30th Birthday at the 10th Anniversary of TAO restaurant in New York, on Sunday, 17 October 2010.
      Last update: 18:30 GMT 20.07.2021
      18:30 GMT 20.07.2021

      Dessert, Anyone? Rejoice, Sweet Tooth, It's International Cake Day

      Have you had your dessert today? If not, think about piling into something sweet and refreshing since it is international cake day today!

    • A Maori soldier gestures as New Zealand's soldiers march down the Champs Elysees in Paris during a rehearsal of the annual Bastille Day military parade on 12 July 2016.
      Last update: 12:03 GMT 10.07.2021
      12:03 GMT 10.07.2021

      World's Most Bizarre-Looking Military Uniforms

      By joining the army, a person agrees in advance to obey someone else's will, and at the same time the will of designers who come up with sometimes-strange uniforms.

    • French star Sophie Marceau on the red carpet to present her latest movie, Everything Went Fine.
      Last update: 18:54 GMT 09.07.2021
      18:54 GMT 09.07.2021

      'Everything Went Fine' Premiere: Film Stars and Celebrities Hit Red Carpet at Cannes 2021

      French film star Sophie Marceau lit up the red carpet in Cannes to present her latest movie, "Everything Went Fine".

    • Hottest Time of the Year: Miami Swim Week Kicks Off in Florida
      Last update: 13:54 GMT 08.07.2021
      13:54 GMT 08.07.2021

      Hottest Time of the Year: Miami Swim Week Kicks Off in Florida

      This summer is one of the hottest in many parts of the world, but it seems that Miami Swim Week will make it even hotter! It's time to go to the beach, which looks like a paradise with stylish shows, breathtaking women, tropical fruit, and the most fashionable swimsuits of the year.

    • Charles, Prince of Wales, kisses his bride, Lady Diana, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace when they appeared before a huge crowd, on 29 July 1981, after their wedding in St Paul's Cathedral.
      Last update: 13:54 GMT 06.07.2021
      13:54 GMT 06.07.2021

      Time to Pucker Up! Most Iconic Smooches of All Time on International Kissing Day

      If you want to smooch a person you love, today is the perfect occasion to do so as the world celebrates International Kissing Day. Just make sure that both of you are COVID-negative!

    • Kate Upton, flaunting a white bikini in The Other Woman, 2014.
      Last update: 14:35 GMT 05.07.2021
      14:35 GMT 05.07.2021

      International Bikini Day 2021: Top 12 Iconic Two-Piece Swimsuits in Movies

      Summer is a fitting time of the year to celebrate the alluring women's swimsuit, which gained prominence in 1946 and has since become an indispensable female clothing item and a true feast for the eyes.

    • A cake is pictured during a picnic protest marking Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's 50th Birthday, on Parliament Square in London, Britain, 3 July 2021.
      Last update: 18:35 GMT 03.07.2021
      18:35 GMT 03.07.2021

      Activists Hold Picnic in London to Celebrate Julian Assange’s 50th Birthday

      The participants held the picnic in London’s Parliament Square to send their best wishes to Assange and draw the government's attention to his detention.

    • French fans gather before a match on 23 June 2021, taking a baguette with them, of course.
      Last update: 10:28 GMT 03.07.2021
      10:28 GMT 03.07.2021

      What Do Football Fans Eat During EURO-2020?

      This year, the UEFA European Football Championship is being held across the continent for the first time in its 60-year history, with 11 host cities in all: London, St. Petersburg, Baku, Munich, Rome, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Glasgow and Seville. The final is scheduled for 11 July at London’s Wembley Stadium.

    • In this picture, an “unidentified flying object is seen above the Swiss Alps.
      Last update: 17:42 GMT 02.07.2021
      17:42 GMT 02.07.2021

      Happy World UFO Day! Mysterious Objects Captured on Camera

      The term “UFO,” which stands for “unidentified flying object,” was first coined in 1953 by the United States Air Force as a bucket term for unexplained sightings and phenomena.

    • Students waiving flags during the celebration of the CCP's 100th anniversary at Tiananmen Square in the centre of Beijing, China.
      Last update: 15:24 GMT 01.07.2021
      15:24 GMT 01.07.2021

      Chinese Communist Party Celebrates its 100th Birthday

      Although members of the Chinese Communist Party celebrate the anniversary of the party's foundation on 1 July, some historians suggest this might be inaccurate and that the party was actually founded on 23 July 1921, when the 1st National Congress of the CCP took place in Shanghai.

    • Back to Nature: Divers Clean Remains of Fish Farm on Ulysses' Island Of Ithaca, Greece
      Last update: 08:14 GMT 01.07.2021
      08:14 GMT 01.07.2021

      Back to Nature: Divers Clean Remains of Fish Farm on Ulysses' Island Of Ithaca, Greece

      The Ionian island of Ithaca, known to Homer's hordes of fans over the millennia as the homeland of Ulysses which it took him 10 years to return to after the Trojan War ended, is one of the most magnificent places on Earth. But for some time its beauty was marred by the remains of an old fish farm, which has been out of use for a long time.

    • A life-size cardboard cutout of Britney Spears is seen as fans and supporters gather outside the County Courthouse in Los Angeles, California on June 23, 2021, during a scheduled hearing in Spears' conservatorship case.
      Last update: 15:16 GMT 24.06.2021
      15:16 GMT 24.06.2021

      'I Just Want My Life Back': Court Hearing on Britney Spears' Conservatorship

      Since 2008, the 39-year-old star's finances and personal life have been managed by her father, Jamie Spears, following her public breakdown more than a decade ago.

    • A Poland fan holds up a scarf before the UEFA EURO 2020 Group E football match between Spain and Poland at La Cartuja Stadium in Seville, Spain on 19 June 2021.
      Last update: 15:46 GMT 23.06.2021
      15:46 GMT 23.06.2021

      Gorgeous Female Fans Cheer National Teams at EURO 2020

      The notion that football is for men only was revealed long ago to be not so much an outdated cliché as a fallacy. These days women are welcome at stadiums both as fans and players.

    • Researchers prepare to move an Egyptian mummy from the Civic Archaeological Museum of Bergamo to Milan's Policlinico hospital to undergo a CT scan in order to investigate its history, in Bergamo, Italy, 21 June 2021.
      Last update: 12:17 GMT 23.06.2021
      12:17 GMT 23.06.2021

      3,000-Year-Old Mystery: Secrets of Egyptian Mummy to Be Revealed

      Scientists hope to reconstruct the life of the Egyptian priest and unveil which kinds of products were used to mummify the body.

    • Bedroom furniture, including cardboard beds, for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Village is shown in a display room at the Village Plaza.
      Last update: 15:06 GMT 22.06.2021
      15:06 GMT 22.06.2021

      Tokyo 2020: First Look at Olympic Village

      The Tokyo Summer Olympics are on the way! Despite coronavirus restrictions remaining in force during the games, the organisers have made sure that athletes will feel comfortable in the newly-built Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Village.

    • England fan (L) and a Scotland fan arriving prior to a Group D football match between England and Scotland at Wembley Stadium in London.
      Last update: 14:55 GMT 21.06.2021
      14:55 GMT 21.06.2021

      UEFA EURO 2020: Fans Dress up to Cheer For Their National Teams

      At big tournaments like the UEFA EURO championship, there is always room for national pride. For some fans, the best way to show this is by bringing flags to games or simply by wearing the jerseys of their national teams. Meanwhile, there are also those who go a little bit further to express their support.

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