11:42 GMT09 August 2020
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    • Last update: 10:01 GMT 09.08.2020
      10:01 GMT 09.08.2020

      This Week in Pictures: 1-7 August

      Nations across the globe are continuing to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, with some of them recording their highest daily increases. Meanwhile, life still continues, despite the crisis continuing to grip some parts of our planet.

    • This combo of handout satellite images courtesy of Cnes 2020 released on 5 August 2020 by Airbus DS shows a view of the port of Beirut on 25 January 2020 (L) and on 5 August 2020, a day after a blast in a warehouse in the port of the Lebanese capital.
      Last update: 13:23 GMT 07.08.2020
      13:23 GMT 07.08.2020

      Satellite Images of Beirut Port Before and After Deadly Blast

      Earlier on Friday, Lebanon's President Michel Aoun said that the possibility of foreign interference in the devastating explosion in Beirut's port cannot be ruled out. Investigators are inspecting if a missile or a bomb could have been used in the incident, Aoun added.

    • ‘National Disaster Akin to Hiroshima Bombing': Apocalyptic Aftermath of Explosion in Beirut
      Last update: 12:30 GMT 05.08.2020
      12:30 GMT 05.08.2020

      ‘National Disaster Akin to Hiroshima Bombing': Apocalyptic Aftermath of Explosion in Beirut

      A massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital at 17:11 local time (14:11 GMT) on 4 August. The epicentre of the blast was the Port of Beirut and, according to the city’s Governor Marwan Abboud, over half of the buildings in the country’s capital were damaged.

      Massive Explosion Hits Beirut's Port, Leaving Dozens Dead and Thousands Injured
    • Fun Amid COVID-19 Pandemic: Cosplayers Attend Asia's Biggest Expo ChinaJoy 2020
      Last update: 12:00 GMT 03.08.2020
      12:00 GMT 03.08.2020

      Fun Amid COVID-19 Pandemic: Cosplayers Attend Asia's Biggest Expo ChinaJoy 2020

      Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has already spread to all corners of the world, the organisers of ChinaJoy or China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference still decided to hold the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition in the country.

    • Demonstration performances of paratroopers at festive events in honour of Airborne Forces Day at the Raevsky training ground in Krasnodar Territory
      Last update: 12:59 GMT 02.08.2020
      12:59 GMT 02.08.2020

      Russian Airborne Forces' 90th Anniversary Celebration

      Russia celebrates Airborne Forces Day every year on 2 August. The Russian President decreed it a holiday on 31 May 2006.

    • A muslim girl attends Eid al-Adha prayers at the Thai Islamic Center amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Bangkok, Thailand, 31 July 2020.
      Last update: 11:02 GMT 01.08.2020
      11:02 GMT 01.08.2020

      Muslim Celebrations of Eid al-Adha Around the Globe Amid Pandemic

      Usually this holiday is one of the most widespread in all countries where a significant number of Muslims live, including Russia. In Moscow alone, more than 300,000 believers take part in it.

    • Sailors of the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet at a parade held in honour of Navy  Day at the Novorossiysk naval base
      Last update: 13:18 GMT 31.07.2020
      13:18 GMT 31.07.2020

      This Week in Pictures: 25 - 31 July

      Nations across the globe are continuing to fight the coronavirus pandemic, with some of them reporting record daily increases. Meanwhile, life still continues as normal in some parts of our planet.

    • Last update: 11:28 GMT 27.07.2020
      11:28 GMT 27.07.2020

      Human Connection Arts: Body Painting Festival in New York City

      Established in 2017, Human Connection Arts is a body art event that tries to build a world where all people regardless of their race, gender, size, shape, age, and even political views are accepted.

    • Last update: 14:09 GMT 24.07.2020
      14:09 GMT 24.07.2020

      This Week in Pictures: 18 - 24 July

      While the world continues to fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic, with nations anticipating a possible second wave of COVID-19, life goes on despite the crisis.

    • Man dressed as the Night King from Game of Thrones, attends Comic-Con  International 2018 at San Diego.
      Last update: 12:01 GMT 23.07.2020
      12:01 GMT 23.07.2020

      The Night King or Joker: Comic-Con's Best Cosplays in Recent Years

      In honour of the virtual opening of the festival, we invite you to look at the best cosplays of recent years in our photo gallery!

    • Federal police officers at the scene of the protests
      Last update: 16:47 GMT 22.07.2020
      16:47 GMT 22.07.2020

      'Feds Go Home': Havoc in Portland, Oregon as City Consumed by Anti-Racism Protests

      The city of Portland has been hit by nightly protests against racial discrimination and police brutality, catalysed by George Floyd's murder by a police officer in late May. As the protests turned violent, President Donald Trump ordered federal law enforcement officers to the city to contain the disturbances.

    • European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen do an elbow bump at the end of a news conference following a four-day European summit at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium, 21 July 2020.
      Last update: 15:41 GMT 22.07.2020
      15:41 GMT 22.07.2020

      Elbow Bump or 'Chicken Dance'? Politicians Defy Coronavirus By Opting For Alternative Salute Option

      Ever since the World Health Organisation declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, it was specific in its guidelines that physical contact between people should be minimised, which, of course, included handshakes. Top political figures, naturally, had to comply too as the disease does not care about social status.

    • Last update: 15:10 GMT 19.07.2020
      15:10 GMT 19.07.2020

      40th Anniversary of 1980 Summer Olympics in USSR

      Exactly 40 years ago, the Summer Olympics brought festive crowds and top athletes from all over the world to the Soviet Union’s capital Moscow, becoming the last Olympics until the 2008 games in China to be held in a communist country.

    • Last update: 12:17 GMT 17.07.2020
      12:17 GMT 17.07.2020

      This Week in Pictures: 11 - 17 July

      While nations across the globe are continuing to report new cases of COVID-19, and some of them are reporting record daily increases, life still carries on as normal in some parts of our planet, despite the pandemic.

    • Last update: 11:13 GMT 16.07.2020
      11:13 GMT 16.07.2020

      Brightest in Decades NEOWISE Comet Flying High in the Skies

      C / 2020 F3 also known as NEOWISE, a comet discovered on 27 March with the use of NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) reached and survived its closest approach to the Sun on 3 July and until recently had been getting even brighter as it moved closer to the Earth.

    • Telexistence's shelf-stacking avatar robot, designed to resemble a kangaroo and developed to work in a convenience store, is demonstrated during a photo opportunity ahead of its unveiling in Tokyo, Japan July 3, 2020.
      Last update: 13:34 GMT 15.07.2020
      13:34 GMT 15.07.2020

      Telexistence's Kangaroo Robot: Tokyo Shops Prepare to Welcome New Staff Member

      According to the robot's maker, its design is meant to help shoppers feel at ease because robots that look too human could make people feel uncomfortable.

    • A model wearing a face shield poses with a Mitsubishi vehicle during the media day of the 41st Bangkok International Motor Show after the Thai government eased measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Bangkok, Thailand July 14, 2020.
      Last update: 10:59 GMT 14.07.2020
      10:59 GMT 14.07.2020

      Girls and Cars: Twice Postponed Bangkok International Motor Show Finally Revs Its Engines

      Thailand's annual car show has been postponed twice since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    • Uruguayans Pedro Cea, Hector Scarone and Hector Castro (from L) celebrate after Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2 in the first-ever World Cup soccer final in Montevideo 30 July 1930
      Last update: 19:25 GMT 13.07.2020
      19:25 GMT 13.07.2020

      A Historic 13 July in 15 Photos: The First FIFA World Cup in 1930

      The first football World Cup was held in July 1930 in the South American nation of Uruguay. In its capital city of Montevideo, in the Estadio Centenario, the teams of 13 nations faced off to determine the best of the best. The final game, between the host country and Argentina, ended in a 4-2 victory for Uruguay and went down in sports history.

    • Last update: 13:17 GMT 13.07.2020
      13:17 GMT 13.07.2020

      From Rap Stars to Turkey Puppets: Most Unorthodox Presidential Candidates

      The US presidential election is still four months away, but things have already taken an interesting turn after the famous US rapper Kanye West surprised everyone by announcing his intention to run for office.

    • The Sky is the Limit! Stunning Vintage Flight Attendants That Make Airlines Look Like Heaven
      Last update: 08:30 GMT 12.07.2020
      08:30 GMT 12.07.2020

      The Sky is the Limit! Stunning Vintage Flight Attendants That Make Airlines Look Like Heaven

      Many people can't wait to get back in the sky after airlines finally reopen, not only tourists but pilots and flight attendants as well because they love their job and we adore them for making the flights not only possible, but also comfortable and even full of joy!