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    • Russia's Black Sea Fleet
      Last update: 12:18 13.05.2017
      12:18 13.05.2017

      Russia's Black Sea Fleet, More Than Two Centuries on Duty

      On May 13, Russia's Black Sea Fleet celebrates its birthday.

    • BREM-1
      Last update: 18:26 12.05.2017
      18:26 12.05.2017

      New Russian Weaponry: Support Vehicles

      Today when the subject comes up of the Russian Army's combat equipment, one thinks of Russia's major armaments. But Russian forces have at their disposal equally impressive vehicles and combat engineering equipment, without which it would be either very difficult or impossible to accomplish combat objectives.

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    • Results of the French Presidential Election
      Last update: 13:20 08.05.2017
      13:20 08.05.2017

      Results of the French Presidential Election

      Independent candidate Emmanuel Macron won the second round of the French presidential election with 66.1 percent of the votes, the country's Interior Ministry said Monday, after all ballots have been processed.

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    • From Ukraine With Love
      Last update: 16:55 22.05.2017
      16:55 22.05.2017

      Ukrainian Quality

      It appears that armored personnel carriers supplied by Ukraine to Iraq weren't just featuring cracks in their hulls, but also suffered from a considerable number of other malfunctions as well.

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    • Robert E Lee Statue Cartoon
      Last update: 02:45 20.05.2017
      02:45 20.05.2017

      Robert E. See You Later

      The city of New Orleans has removed their 20-foot bronze statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, the last and most prominent of their monuments to the Confederacy.

    • Cold Facts
      Last update: 17:06 18.05.2017
      17:06 18.05.2017

      Cold Facts

      In March, US Marine Corps took part in Joint Viking exercise near the Norwegian-Russian border to protect the Nordic country from the perceived Russian threat. Later, it turned that it was the biting frost, not aggressive Russians that threatened the wellbeing of the American troops.



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