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    • This Week in Pictures
      Last update: 15:55 18.08.2017
      15:55 18.08.2017

      This Week in Pictures

      From anti-racism protests in the US and the final relay of the International Army Games’ Tank Biathlon in Russia, to the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland and Independence Day celebrations in India, Pakistan and Indonesia – take a look at this week's events in Sputnik's photo gallery.

    • Beauty Meets Decay: Aussie Street Artist Breathes Life Into Ruins
      Last update: 16:11 17.08.2017
      16:11 17.08.2017

      Beauty Meets Decay: Street Artist Breathes Life Into Ruins

      Glimpse into the haunting, stylized images of women’s faces painted by Rone, an internationally renowned Melbourne-based street artist.

    • Half Fish, All Woman: Charming Mermaids Take to Life in Brazil
      Last update: 16:45 16.08.2017
      16:45 16.08.2017

      Half Fish, All Woman: Charming Mermaids Take to Life in Brazil

      Have you ever heard of mermaiding, the art of being a real mermaid? Not only is it beautiful, it can also be a rewarding activity: some sirens use their charm for noble causes, for example to cheer up children with disabilities.

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    • #PrayForBarcelona
      Last update: 14:05 18.08.2017
      14:05 18.08.2017


      Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with the country's foreign ministry officials and thousands of ordinary Russians, offered his condolences to the people of Spain and to friends and relatives of those harmed during a series of terrorist attacks in Catalonia.

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    • Crouching Eagle, Hidden Dragon
      Last update: 19:40 17.08.2017
      19:40 17.08.2017

      Crouching Eagle, Hidden Dragon

      White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon publicly announced that the US is now engaged in "economic war" with China and that this confrontation may determine which of the two countries becomes the world hegemon.

    • Iran Trump Tweet Cartoon
      Last update: 03:52 17.08.2017
      03:52 17.08.2017

      The Ayatollah of Tweets and Trolling

      The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has mocked the United States for the racially motivated riots and violence that took place over the weekend. So much for the beautiful friendship between Iran and the US.

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