06:57 GMT +313 December 2019
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    • The winning picture by Ben Appleby (Great Britain) in the DANCE FLOOR nomination at the International Wedding Photographer of the Year 2019 contest
      Last update: 15:46 12.12.2019
      15:46 12.12.2019

      Expectations, Excitement, Love: Best Wedding Photos of the Year

      The winners of the 3rd International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards have been announced.

    • New Digital Reality: How Technologies Change Our Life
      Last update: 18:25 11.12.2019
      18:25 11.12.2019

      New Digital Reality: How Technologies Change Our Life

      Life in the future is all about “digital” technologies. Smart gadgets have become a part of everyday life, and the development of IT trends is a landmark for countries striving for technological leadership.

    • Women Rule! Top 11 Youngest Acting Female Heads of Government
      Last update: 15:05 11.12.2019
      15:05 11.12.2019

      Women Rule! Top 11 Youngest Acting Female Heads of State

      Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, Margaret Thatcher...the list of the greatest female political figures that had an immense impact on the world's history goes on and on. Today, despite the overwhelming majority of male heads of state, women still shine in the political arena.


    • St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)
      Last update: 11:41 05.06.2019
      11:41 05.06.2019

      What You Need to Know About St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

      SPIEF is a major global platform for communication between business representatives and the discussion of crucial economic issues. This year, the forum is slated to take place from June 6-8. Last year's edition brought together around 17,000 participants from over 140 countries.

    • Fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral
      Last update: 14:19 17.04.2019
      14:19 17.04.2019

      Heart of Paris on Fire: Devastating Blaze in Notre Dame in Facts and Details

      A massive fire broke out at the cathedral on the evening of 15 April, causing the collapse of the Notre Dame’s spire and two-thirds of its roof. The blaze was fully extinguished only on Tuesday morning. Though the inferno badly damaged the iconic church, the two main towers, relics and main works of art were saved.

    • NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia: History of the Conflict
      Last update: 08:00 24.03.2019
      08:00 24.03.2019

      NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia: History of the Conflict

      NATO's operations began on March 24, 1999, and ended on June 10. The Serbian government estimates that about 2,500 people, including 89 children, were killed during the US-led bombing campaign.


    • Triggered by TIME
      Last update: 02:48 13.12.2019
      02:48 13.12.2019

      Chilly Climate

      Climate activist Greta Thunberg was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2019 and almost immediately grabbed the attention of US President Donald Trump, who accused the 16-year-old of having anger issues and suggested she “chill” and attend a “good old fashioned movie.”

    • Trump’s Two-Thumb Defense
      Last update: 01:36 11.12.2019
      01:36 11.12.2019

      Trump’s Two-Thumb Defense

      While Tuesday marked a major milestone for the US as House Democrats announced articles of impeachment against the president, US President Donald Trump’s commentary on the motion appeared to be a tad reductive and repetitive in comparison to his typical conduct.

    • Buckingham Bullies
      Last update: 00:37 06.12.2019
      00:37 06.12.2019

      Buckingham Bullies

      US President Donald Trump quickly departed the NATO summit in London on Wednesday after video footage emerged showing several world leaders gossiping and even mocking his performance during the conference.