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    • Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Positions on the Middle East
      Last update: 16:00 21.10.2016
      16:00 21.10.2016
    • US Presidential Candidates and Europe
      Last update: 12:00 19.10.2016
      12:00 19.10.2016

      US Presidential Candidates and Europe

      From what US presidential candidates think about relations with Europe and NATO to what Trump and Clinton think about TTIP - check out Sputnik's infographic to learn more about where Hillary and Donald stand on these hot-button issues.

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    • Health Gadgets
      Last update: 14:16 04.10.2016
      14:16 04.10.2016

      Health Gadgets

      The development of health-keeping technologies is a scientific branch which changes the traditional approach to human health. Technologies of this kind make diagnostics, preventive care, and treatment more efficient, turning medical equipment into mobile and affordable gadgets.

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    • Who Will Watch The Watchmen?
      Last update: 19:26 21.10.2016
      19:26 21.10.2016

      Who Will Watch the Watchmen?

      Following the revelations that the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) was working secretly with the NSA, Germany's parliament passed new legislation on Friday giving it greater control over the work of the BND.

    • Rocking the Boat
      Last update: 18:50 20.10.2016
      18:50 20.10.2016

      Rocking the Boat

      The final countdown: the final hour-and-a half debate took place in Nevada late on Wednesday, less than three weeks before the presidential election.

    • It's My Party And I'll Cry if I Want To
      Last update: 21:08 19.10.2016
      21:08 19.10.2016

      It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

      That awkward moment when you're not invited to the party in your own home.

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