21:28 GMT +310 December 2016


    • Has the US coped with being a world leader since the collapse of the USSR?
      Last update: 17:14 08.12.2016
      17:14 08.12.2016

      US Did Poor Job as Global Leader After Dissolution of Soviet Union

      According to a Sputnik.Polls survey, the majority of people in Germany (69%), France (55%) and Italy (51%) believe that the United States did a poor job as the only superpower and global leader after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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    • Plane Crash in Columbia
      Last update: 17:30 29.11.2016
      17:30 29.11.2016

      Plane Crash in Colombia

      A plane, operated by the Lamia Corporation airline, was carrying 81 people including the Brazilian Chapecoense Real football team when it crashed on November 29 in northwestern Colombia. According to official reports, six people were hospitalized after surviving the crash.

      Plane With Brazilian Football Team on Board Crashes in Colombia
    • US 'War on Terror' in Numbers
      Last update: 14:25 18.11.2016
      14:25 18.11.2016

      US 'War on Terror' in Numbers

      Following the 9/11 terrorist attack the US declared a "war on terror," which included the invasion of a number of Middle East countries. Check out Sputnik's infographic to learn more.

    • Do US citizens want to change the existing electoral system?
      Last update: 10:39 10.11.2016
      10:39 10.11.2016

      US Citizens Believe Electoral System Needs to be Changed

      Most US citizens believe that the country’s electoral system needs to be reformed, while 45 percent would prefer to see the "One Person, One Vote" scheme used, TNS UK pollster revealed in a survey for Sputnik.

    • US vote
      Last update: 14:21 08.11.2016
      14:21 08.11.2016

      US Presidential Election 2016: Voting Day and Results

      Voting for the 45th president of the United States began Tuesday at 6 am EST (11:00 GMT) with polling stations opening their doors in Northeastern states, including Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Virginia, Connecticut, Maine and New Jersey.

      US Presidential Election 2016: Voting Day and Results
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    • Trump or Clinton. Candidates' ratings
      Last update: 14:15 04.11.2016
      14:15 04.11.2016

      Trump VS Clinton: US Presidential Nominees Ratings

      Who would become the US president if elections took place today? How is the electoral mood of Americans changing? Take a look at Sputnik's infographic to learn more.

    • Trump and Clinton statements on N Korea, China and Japan
      Last update: 17:57 02.11.2016
      17:57 02.11.2016

      How Do Trump and Clinton Really Feel About Asia

      Check out Sputnik's infographic to learn more about what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have said about relations between the US and Asia

      2016 US Presidential Election
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    • US Presidential Election: How Does It Work
      Last update: 12:00 24.10.2016
      12:00 24.10.2016

      How America Elects Its President

      The US presidential election is set to be held on November 8. The two main candidates for the presidency are Donald Trump from the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton from the Democratic Party.

    • Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Positions on the Middle East
      Last update: 16:00 21.10.2016
      16:00 21.10.2016
    • US Presidential Candidates and Europe
      Last update: 12:00 19.10.2016
      12:00 19.10.2016

      US Presidential Candidates and Europe

      From what US presidential candidates think about relations with Europe and NATO to what Trump and Clinton think about TTIP - check out Sputnik's infographic to learn more about where Hillary and Donald stand on these hot-button issues.

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    • Health Gadgets
      Last update: 14:16 04.10.2016
      14:16 04.10.2016

      Health Gadgets

      The development of health-keeping technologies is a scientific branch which changes the traditional approach to human health. Technologies of this kind make diagnostics, preventive care, and treatment more efficient, turning medical equipment into mobile and affordable gadgets.

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    • Europeans Don’t Trust Foreign Military Bases
      Last update: 10:09 27.09.2016
      10:09 27.09.2016

      Europeans Don't Trust Foreign Military Bases

      Europeans would not trust a foreign military base located in their countries to protect their national security. Only four percent of Germans and five percent of Italians believe that foreign military bases would defend their countries better than their own armed forces.

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    • Choose your university
      Last update: 18:57 19.09.2016
      18:57 19.09.2016

      Choose Your University

      An interactive program, "Best Russian Universities: Choose Yours", has been created for foreign students by Rossiya Segodnya's 'Social Navigator' program and Sputnik with support from Rossotrudnichestvo, Russia's Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation.

    • Trip to Kyrgyzstan
      Last update: 11:15 08.09.2016
      11:15 08.09.2016

      Take an Online Trip to Kyrgystan

      Sputnik invites you to take an online trip to Kyrgystan.

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    • Show me the money
      Last update: 19:38 28.07.2016
      19:38 28.07.2016

      Show Me the Money: A Closer Look at US Presidential Campaign Contributions

      As the US presidential election looms closer, Sputnik decided to take a closer look at both candidates' campaign finances and to determine which industries favor Clinton and which would rather throw in their lot with Trump.

    • Seconf Int'l Rostech Fireworks Festival in Moscow
      Last update: 15:15 22.07.2016
      15:15 22.07.2016

      International Fireworks Festival in Moscow: All You Need to Know

      The Rostec International Fireworks Festival is scheduled to be held in Moscow on July 23 and 24. Sputnik presents a detailed infographic on how fireworks work.

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    • Palmyra: Liberated Pearl
      Last update: 16:36 29.06.2016
      16:36 29.06.2016

      Palmyra: Liberated Pearl of the Desert

      On March 27, 2016 the Syrian government forces aided by the aircraft of the Russian Air Forces, successfully liberated the city of Palmyra, previously held by the Daesh terrorists.

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    • Hands
      Last update: 16:17 21.06.2016
      16:17 21.06.2016

      Political Palmistry: Where the West Sees 'Kremlin's Hand'

      During every significant global event, such as the World Cup and the migration crisis, some Western media outlets and politicians jump at the chance to find the "Kremlin's hand." Move your cursor over the image and explore the West’s quest for the "Russian trace."

    • Americans and Europeans Are Divided Over Anti-Russian Sanctions
      Last update: 08:54 14.06.2016
      08:54 14.06.2016

      Americans and Europeans Are Divided Over Anti-Russian Sanctions

      Nearly half of Europeans are against anti-Russian sanctions and want the European Union to lift them in June 2016, while almost as much Americans believe that the sanctions should in fact be extended.

    • The French Public See Migrants as an Important Factor in Rise of Criminal Activity
      Last update: 09:59 26.04.2016
      09:59 26.04.2016

      Most French Citizens Consider Migrants Main Factor in Increased Crime Rate

      The majority of the French (64%) believe that presence of migrants from Africa and the Middle East in France has been a significant cause of criminal activity, according to a Sputnik.Polls survey.

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