17:46 GMT +327 October 2016

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    • Last update: 14:00 03.03.2015
      14:00 03.03.2015
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    • Ganriela Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France perform their free dance at the European Figure Skating Championships in Stockholm
      Last update: 18:42 24.10.2016
      18:42 24.10.2016

      Sputnik Photographer to be Editor of World Press Photo Instagram

      Sputnik photojournalist Vladimir Pesnya, the winner of the World Press Photo 2016, will be the ‘eyes’ of the official Instagram account of the famous international photo contest World Press Photo for one week.

    • Sputnik International Information Agency
      Last update: 13:20 20.10.2016
      13:20 20.10.2016

      Sputnik Signs Cooperation Deal With Italy's Askanews

      Sputnik news agency and radio has signed a cooperation agreement with the Italian news agency Askanews to work together to expand coverage of events in Russia and Italy.

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    • Sputnik
      Last update: 13:30 19.10.2016
      13:30 19.10.2016

      Sputnik Strengthens Ties With India

      An agreement on cooperation and content exchange has been signed between Sputnik news agency and radio and IANS, India’s largest news agency. Taking part in the signing ceremony were IANS Director & Editor Shibi Alex Chandy and Sputnik’s Head of International Projects Vasily Pushkov.

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    • Sputnik
      Last update: 23:24 18.10.2016
      23:24 18.10.2016

      Paraguay Foreign Minister, Sputnik Management Discuss Informational Cooperation

      Paraguayan Foreign Minister Eladio Loizaga and top management of Sputnik news agency discussed further informational cooperation on Tuesday.

    • Sputnik Urges BRICS to Improve Information Exchange
      Last update: 13:07 18.10.2016
      13:07 18.10.2016

      Sputnik Urges BRICS to Improve Information Exchange

      Sputnik news agency and radio has declared its support for the creation of an open media landscape and favorable conditions for information exchange between the leading media of the BRICS countries.

    • Sputnik
      Last update: 12:40 07.10.2016
      12:40 07.10.2016

      Sputnik Defends Freedom of Speech in Estonia

      Sputnik Estonia will submit complaints to international organizations that defend the rights of journalists over the actions of the Estonian Defense Ministry’s press service, which recently denied Sputnik accreditation for a news conference with the Ukrainian and Estonian defense ministers, citing the outlet’s “propaganda for Putin’s regime.”

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    • Wang Yan (China) performs exercises on the balance beam during the finals of the women's separate events at the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow
      Last update: 16:15 29.09.2016
      16:15 29.09.2016

      Sputnik Images Wins International Photography Award

      Sputnik photojournalist, Vladimir Astapkovich, won first place in the ‘Sports’ category at the International Photography Awards (IPA) annual international photo contest.

    • The German and the US flags fly at the entrance to the US Airbase in Ramstein, southern Germany
      Last update: 10:00 27.09.2016
      10:00 27.09.2016

      Europeans Don't Trust Foreign Military Bases

      Only four percent of Germans and five percent of Italians believe that foreign military bases would defend their countries better than their own armed forces, a Sputnik.Polls survey has found.

    • Sputnik launches education navigator
      Last update: 10:55 21.09.2016
      10:55 21.09.2016

      Sputnik Launches Interactive Education Navigator

      Developed by Sputnik, the project will help international students choose the school that best suits them out of the 207 universities across Russia. The website will also allow prospective students to submit their applications electronically.

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    • Sputnik design center
      Last update: 19:00 17.09.2016
      19:00 17.09.2016

      Sputnik Sets Design Trends at London Design Biennale

      Head of the design centre at Sputnik News Agency and Radio, Anton Stepanov, delivered a well-received lecture on Saturday 17th September as part of Sputnik's working partnership with the London Design Biennale.

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    • Sputnik Kyrgyzstan
      Last update: 12:00 16.09.2016
      12:00 16.09.2016

      Sputnik Opens High-Tech Editorial Center in Kyrgyzstan

      Sputnik international news agency and radio has opened a cutting edge editorial center in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

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    • In this file photo, the twin towers of the World Trade Center burn behind the Empire State Building in New York.
      Last update: 10:00 08.09.2016
      10:00 08.09.2016

      US Actions After 9/11 Have Not Made the World a Safer Place, Say Europeans

      According to a Sputnik.Polls survey, the majority of people in Germany (74%), France (65%), and Italy (63%) believe that the measures taken by the United States in fighting terrorism after the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001 have not strengthened global security.

    • Sputnik School of Journalists Enrolls Students From 18 Countries
      Last update: 11:44 06.09.2016
      11:44 06.09.2016

      Sputnik School of Journalists Enrolls Students From 18 Countries

      Sputnik news agency and radio is getting ready for the training session at the international Sputnik School of Young Journalists, to be held between September 5-8. Students from 18 countries attend the school.

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    • A teacher monitors (C) as High school students at the Charlemagne High School (Lycee Charlemagne) in Paris
      Last update: 10:00 01.09.2016
      10:00 01.09.2016

      Europeans Displeased With the Education Systems in Their Countries

      According to a Sputnik.Polls survey, the majority of people in Italy (64 percent), France (63 percent) and Germany (54 percent) are displeased with their primary and secondary education systems. Only 28 per cent of people in France, 31 per cent in Italy, and 41 per cent in Germany are pleased with the education system in their countries.

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    • Sputnik
      Last update: 14:59 31.08.2016
      14:59 31.08.2016

      Sputnik to Cooperate with China’s Leading Research Newspaper

      Sputnik online news and radio broadcasting service has signed a cooperation agreement with leading Chinese research media outlet Keji Ribao/Science and Technology Daily (wokeji.com).

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    • The USSR flag at the Red Square on the May Day (file)
      Last update: 11:00 17.08.2016
      11:00 17.08.2016

      Residents of 11 Countries Compare Life Before and After Collapse of Soviet Union

      According to a Sputnik.Polls survey, residents of 9 out of 11 surveyed former Soviet countries aged over 35 believe that life in the USSR was better than it has been since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

    • Sputnik news agency and radio has signed a cooperation agreement with the popular Arabic-language internet portal Akhbar Al-Youm
      Last update: 12:48 15.08.2016
      12:48 15.08.2016

      Sputnik Expands Cooperation With Egypt

      Sputnik news agency and radio has signed a cooperation agreement with the popular Arabic-language internet portal Akhbar Al-Youm.

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    • Sputnik News Agency in Edinburgh
      Last update: 13:00 10.08.2016
      13:00 10.08.2016

      Sputnik UK Goes Live With 'World in Focus'

      Sputnik News Agency and Radio announces that it is starting broadcasting live from Sputnik's brand new Edinburgh studio.

    • Valery Melnikov's photograph showing residents of the village of Lugansk fleeing from an airstrike by the Ukrainian armed forces
      Last update: 12:40 15.07.2016
      12:40 15.07.2016

      Sputnik Wins Magnum Photography Awards

      Sputnik news agency and radio photojournalist Valery Melnikov has won the prestigious Magnum Photography Awards 2016 competition.

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    • Refugees and migrants wait to be registered at the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, November 5, 2015.
      Last update: 09:01 12.07.2016
      09:01 12.07.2016

      Poll: Europeans Fear Job Competition From Migrants

      A Sputnik.Polls survey has revealed that 47% of people in the UK, as well as 36% in Germany and 50% in France, believe that immigrants take jobs from local residents.