01:28 GMT +321 July 2017


    • U.S. President Donald Trump is applauded after signing an Executive Order on US-Cuba policy at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami, Florida, U.S., June 16, 2017
      Last update: 22:19 20.07.2017
      22:19 20.07.2017

      US-Cuban Contacts on Migration, Drug Trafficking May Be Shelved Under Trump

      The contacts between Washington and Havana on the matters like migration and drug trafficking will likely be postponed under the administration of US President Donald Trump, while the cultural and scientific exchanges may continue, according to Jorge Duany, Director of Cuban Research Institute at Florida International Institute.

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    • The intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 is seen during its test in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang, July 5 2017
      Last update: 17:49 18.07.2017
      17:49 18.07.2017

      Seoul Unlikely to Denuclearize N Korea Through Military Talks Without US Help

      South Korea’s initiatives to deescalate tensions on the Korean Peninsula would not be enough to persuade Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons program.

    • Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair delivers a keynote speech at a pro-Europe event in London, Britain, February 17, 2017.
      Last update: 16:45 17.07.2017
      16:45 17.07.2017

      Tony Blair, Brexit, and the Unending Crisis at the Heart of British Politics

      by John Wight

      The timing of Tony Blair's latest foray into British mainstream politics, on the question of Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party, could not have been any more significant or offensive.

    • Syria's President Bashar al-Assad speaks to French journalists in Damascus, Syria, in this handout picture provided by SANA on January 9, 2017
      Last update: 04:57 15.07.2017
      04:57 15.07.2017

      US-French Plan on Syria Can Work if West Drops Regime Change Obsession - Ex-Aide

      The new US-French move to work out a post-war roadmap for Syria is a welcome step towards a lasting peace if the parties can abide by vow to end their obsession with regime change, former adviser to Senate Republican leaders Jim Jatras told Sputnik.

    • UN Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Syria Staffan de Mistura (3rd L) attends a new round of negotiation with Syria's main opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC) leader Nasr al-Hariri during the Intra Syria talks, at Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland July 14, 2017
      Last update: 23:42 14.07.2017
      23:42 14.07.2017

      Geneva-7 Talks on Syria Bring Opposition Groups As Close Together As Never Before

      The seventh round of intra-Syrian talks in Geneva, which wrapped up in the Swiss city of Geneva on Friday, has managed to put three participating groups of Syrian opposition as close to the creation of a single, unified delegation as never before.

    • Naval personnel walk along India’s largest naval ship the INS Vikramaditya as she anchors in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo on January 21, 2016
      Last update: 20:29 14.07.2017
      20:29 14.07.2017

      Three Against One: Japan, US, India Flexing Muscles Before China

      The Malabar-17 naval drills were kicked off by the United States, India, and Japan on July 14. Speaking to Sputnik, experts noted that the recent exercises come as a demonstration of force to rising China, with New Delhi showing Beijing that it enjoys a partnership with influential allies.

    • Launch of an Iranian Emad long-range ballistic surface-to-surface missile
      Last update: 19:40 14.07.2017
      19:40 14.07.2017

      Hell Valley: Are Iran, Russia and N Korea Really Making Long-Range Missiles in Syria?

      Speculations about a secret Syrian factory in the Hell Valley producing long-range ballistic missiles with the assistance from Iran, Russia and North Korea is yet another "horror story" which bears no relationship to reality, experts told Sputnik, explaining what is behind the new anti-Assad propaganda attack.

    • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko talks to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker before the EU-Ukraine summit in Kiev, Ukraine, July 13, 2017.
      Last update: 05:27 14.07.2017
      05:27 14.07.2017

      Results of EU-Ukraine Summit Lack Joint Statement, Prospects Seem Gloomy

      The 19th EU-Ukraine summit in Kiev summed up the results of joint work on the reforms in Ukraine and the development of bilateral relations, but failed to deliver any joint statement, traditional document for such events, in which the parties declare plans for further cooperation.

    • Doha, Qatar
      Last update: 05:22 14.07.2017
      05:22 14.07.2017

      US-Qatar Anti-Terror Funding Pact Too Narrow to Disrupt Complex Global Networks

      The US-Qatari agreement to counter terrorist financing is too narrowly focused to be effective and is more of a diplomacy stunt with Doha needing help amid its crisis while the United States wants to maintain its strategic military base in Qatar, experts told Sputnik.

    • 2016 Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) arrives with her husband former President Bill Clinton for the inauguration ceremonies swearing in Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States on the West front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., January 20, 2017
      Last update: 21:03 13.07.2017
      21:03 13.07.2017

      Pay to Play? How the Clintons Longstanding Ukrainian Donor Allegedly Sponsored Hillary's Run

      CyberBerkut hackers believe that the Clinton Foundation's donor Victor Pinchuk, a son-in-law of former Ukrainian President Kuchma, could have been behind the money laundering scheme involving IMF funds intended for Ukraine. The hackers alleged that these funds were then redistributed to the Clinton charity through offshores.

    • News
      Last update: 20:07 13.07.2017
      20:07 13.07.2017

      There's More News Than Trump News

      When it comes to the Western Media, there's non-stop coverage of US President Trump. With a soap opera driven agenda to score bigger audiences that highlight scandals, fake news and family drama, many people are suffering from Trump-fatigue Syndrome and would like different news stories to be told. Tom McGregor takes a closer look.

    • Crew members work on the Chinese Navy ship Wei Fang
      Last update: 19:10 13.07.2017
      19:10 13.07.2017

      Dragon Spreading Its Wings: Why China's First Overseas Military Base in Djibouti is 'Only the Beginning'

      The installation of the Chinese military base in Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, is only the beginning, Sputnik contributor Andrei Kots believes, explaining why Beijing's first overseas base is by no means the country's last military installation abroad.

    • Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May answers questions after delivering a speech at the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) in London, Britain, July 11, 2017.
      Last update: 12:32 13.07.2017
      12:32 13.07.2017

      The Disastrous First Year of Theresa May

      by Alan Grant

      Legacy has become increasingly important for those who occupy the highest offices in British public life. All high level public servants, especially Prime Ministers, must now have an implicit understanding of the importance of ensuring that they are at least not remembered with venom - if they cannot be remembered fondly.

    • U.S. President Donald Trump (L) and French President Emmanuel Macron shake hands before a lunch ahead of a NATO Summit in Brussels, Belgium, May 25, 2017
      Last update: 02:58 13.07.2017
      02:58 13.07.2017

      Trump's Visit to France Chance for Macron to Stand Out Among European Leaders

      US President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to France is a chance for French President Emmanuel Macron to "distinguish himself," experts told Sputnik, adding that the visit could be beneficial for Trump as well in terms of creating a better image.

    • The silhouette of a Syrian man is seen through an election campaign portrait of President Bashar al-Assad he hangs it on a billboard on May 11, 2014 in the capital Damascus.
      Last update: 21:28 12.07.2017
      21:28 12.07.2017

      Why CIA's 'Solid Evidence' Against Assad Evokes Memories of Powell's Test Tube

      CIA Director Mike Pompeo's claim that US intelligence has "solid evidence" that Bashar al-Assad's forces conducted a chemical strike on Khan Shaykhun on April 4 resembles nothing but yet another "fake," Sergey Goncharov, head of the Alpha Anti-Terrorist Unit's International Association of Veterans, told Radio Sputnik.

    • A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptor is launched during a successful intercept test, in this undated handout photo provided by the U.S. Department of Defense, Missile Defense Agency
      Last update: 20:33 12.07.2017
      20:33 12.07.2017

      THAAD Frenzy: This is When US Nuclear Strike Threat for Russia, China Will Reach Its Peak

      The expansion of THAAD installations in the world may upset the strategic balance of power and tempt Washington to launch a pre-emptive nuclear or non-nuclear strike against other nations without the fear of potential retaliation, Russian military expert Vladimir Kozin told Radio Sputnik.

    • Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) advance in the Maidan district in Mosul. (File)
      Last update: 17:34 12.07.2017
      17:34 12.07.2017

      Mosul Liberation: Why US-Led Coalition May End Up in a Terrorist Trap

      The liberation of former Daesh stronghold Mosul has not yet brought the war against terrorism to a halt, Israeli political analyst Avigdor Eskin writes, warning that Washington is about to fall into the same trap it had found itself in following the Iraqi war of 2003.

      Military Operation to Retake Mosul From Daesh
    • Floyd Mayweather Jr., left, and Conor McGregor pause for photos during a news conference at Staples Center Tuesday, July 11, 2017, in Los Angeles.
      Last update: 16:38 12.07.2017
      16:38 12.07.2017

      Mayweather vs McGregor - a Roman Spectacle of Vulgarity and Greed

      by John Wight

      We knew it was going to be vulgar. What we did not anticipate was that it would be "this" vulgar.

    • Poster bearing a portrait of President Bashar al-Assad
      Last update: 12:52 12.07.2017
      12:52 12.07.2017

      Syria's Foreign Policy: A Fine Balance of Consistency and Pragmatism

      by Suliman Mulhem

      The ongoing war in Syria has emerged as an issue central to the foreign policy stances of international powers, with the US and most of Europe backing the armed opposition. Public tolerance and appetite for the funding and political support provided to such groups, who overwhelmingly possess a radical Islamist agenda, is decreasing.

    • Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. 2013
      Last update: 10:22 12.07.2017
      10:22 12.07.2017

      For Google, the Pixels Just Hit the Fan

      Distinguished research psychologist Robert Epstein explains why Google was recently fined $2.7 billion for one of its search-engine manipulations. This is just the beginning, he says, of bad news for a company that tracks and manipulates people on a massive scale.