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      19:40 24.03.2017

      'Two-Speed' Europe: A Last-Ditch Effort to Save the EU Bloc

      The "two-speed" Europe concept continues to stir heated debate among European observers. While some of them question the notion or disapprove outright, others argue that the concept really makes sense. However, both the antagonists and the proponents of the idea agree that the bloc needs to change.

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      17:30 24.03.2017

      Keeping an Eye on Trump: CIA Whistleblower Points Finger at Clapper, Brennan, Comey

      by Ekaterina Blinova

      The letter of Freedom Watch's Larry Klayman to the House Intelligence Committee disclosed that over the years the US intelligence community gathered surveillance on prominent Americans, including Donald Trump. Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel told Sputnik what implications the recent disclosure may have on former Obama officials.

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      US Political System Risks Collapsing Over Mainstream Media 'War' With Trump

      US left-leaning mainstream media sources continue to insist that the Trump campaign could have coordinated its activities with Moscow. However, the problem is that they present Russia as a bogeyman, political scientist Gregory Dobromelov told Radio Sputnik, stressing that the paradigm must be changed to ease tensions between US and Russia.

    • U.S. aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson arrives for an annual joint military exercise called Foal Eagle between South Korea and U.S, at the port of Busan, South Korea, March 15, 2017.
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      19:01 23.03.2017

      Clinton's #Emailgate: The Dangerous Militarization of the Asia-Pacific Region

      by Ekaterina Blinova

      The Obama administration's 'Pivot to Asia' policy has not become a thing of the past, the founder of “Show Up! America” Jan R. Weinberg told Sputnik. The activist explained why the policy, spearheaded by the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, was actually aimed at extensive militarization of the region.

    • A man walks past by billboards reading Russia, left and Serbia, in Belgrade, Serbia, Friday, Oct. 17, 2014
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      18:05 23.03.2017

      Is EU Planning to Drive a Wedge Between Russia, Serbia?

      The EU-backed Balkan Customs Union is a double-edged solution, Serbian academic Milojko Arsic told Sputnik. Once implemented it may require Serbia to break its free trade agreement with Moscow and impose sanctions on Russia, he warned.

    • A Turkish soldier on an armoured personnel carrier waves as they drive from the border back to their base in Karkamis on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern Gaziantep province, Turkey, August 27, 2016
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      19:43 22.03.2017

      Will Trump Sacrifice US-Turkish Relations for Raqqa Liberation?

      The Pentagon risks alienating Turkey if it continues to team up with the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces during its Raqqa operation. For its part, Damascus warned foreign powers that any military operation in the country without the approval of the legitimate Syrian government will be seen as an invasion.

    • Former President Bill Clinton stands on stage with his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
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      17:25 22.03.2017

      Untold Story of the Clintons Cashing In on HIV/AIDS Sufferers

      by Ekaterina Blinova

      On March 23, the GMHC, an AIDS service organization, is due to honor former President Bill Clinton, the founder of the Clinton Foundation, for his 15-year effort to battle HIV/AIDS. Speaking to Sputnik, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel disclosed what really lay behind the charity's HIV/AIDS initiative. Do the Clintons deserve so much praise?

    • Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, left, during a meeting held as part of Lavrov's visit to Japan.
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      21:34 21.03.2017

      How Japan Plans to Take on a New Significance in Asia Pacific

      Japan is seeking to bolster its geopolitical positions in the Asia-Pacific region by strengthening its military ties with the United States and developing economic relations with Russia, Chinese experts told Sputnik. However, regardless of its political maneuvers Tokyo remains Washington's ally in the first place.

    • US David Rockefeller posing in a Paris bookshop during the presentation of his book Memoires. (File)
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      20:04 21.03.2017

      How David Rockefeller's Death May Affect the Banking Clan's Positions

      David Rockefeller's death may sap the influential financial group's strength, Russian economist Valentin Katasonov suggested in an interview with Radio Sputnik.

    • A demonstrator wearing a mask to impersonate Tony Blair holds throws fake money during a protest before the release of the John Chilcot report into the Iraq war, at the Queen Elizabeth II center in London, Britain July 6, 2016.
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      19:39 21.03.2017

      The War on Iraq in 2003 Was and Will Always Be a Crime

      by John Wight

      The months leading up to the war in Iraq, unleashed on 20 March 2003, saw the very best of humanity engaged in a struggle with the very worst for the right to shape the future.

    • Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks during the third and final 2016 presidential campaign debate with Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump (not pictured) at UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, October 19, 2016.
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      21:30 18.03.2017

      Flynn's RT Case: What About Hillary Clinton Taking Fees From Foreign Gov'ts?

      Retired Lt.-Gen. Michael Flynn has come under attack by the US left-leaning mainstream media over receiving money for a speech at RT's 2015 conference. Speaking to Radio Sputnik, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel asked why Hillary Clinton's numerous paid speeches and alleged charity fraud are not getting the same amount of ink in US press.

    • Armed men in uniform identified by Syrian Democratic forces as US special operations forces walk in the village of Fatisah in the northern Syrian province of Raqa on May 25, 2016
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      18:16 18.03.2017

      Trump's Daesh Strategy: Just Follow Obama's Plan but 'Try Harder'

      US President Donald Trump's plan to defeat Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) looks much like that of Barack Obama, according to officials familiar with the matter. It also seems that Trump is unlikely to deliver on his election promise to consider joining forces with Russia in Syria.

    • Officers and soldiers of China's People's Liberation Army hold a flag and weapons during a training session for a military parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two, at a military base in Beijing, China, August 22, 2015
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      14:25 18.03.2017

      The Great Red Dragon: China's Military Parades Send Very Clear Signal to the World

      Beijing is reportedly preparing to hold a military parade on August 1, 2017 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). There is more to this event than meets the eye, Russian military expert Vasily Kashin told Sputnik, adding that China's famous policy "Hide your strength, bide your time" is no longer the case.

    • Medium range Nodong ballistic missiles are paraded in Pyongyang, North Korea (File)
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      20:24 17.03.2017

      Korean War 2.0? Why US 'Prompt Global Strike' Won't Work Against Pyongyang

      US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signaled on March 17 that military action against North Korea is "on the table." Speaking to Sputnik, Russian political analyst Dmitry Verkhoturov described a three-phase war scenario which the Pentagon is likely to implement.

    • President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, right, and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, left, walk together on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington to greet Harley Davidson Harley Davidson executives and union representatives
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      18:06 17.03.2017

      House of Cards: Is Assange Right About Hillary Clinton's Plot Against Trump?

      by Ekaterina Blinova

      Julian Assange's statement that Hillary Clinton is secretly plotting "a Mike Pence takeover" in the Oval Office together with US intelligence officials has stirred a heated debate. Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel shared his views on the possibility of a House of Cards scenario being implemented in his interview with Sputnik.

    • Vault 7: Why the CIA sought to get IP-addresses of Russia's Interior Ministry
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      15:16 17.03.2017

      'Vault 7': Why the CIA Sought to Get IP-Addresses of Russia's Interior Ministry

      WikiLeaks, a whistleblowing website, recently published a massive trove of documents from the CIA, code-named Vault 7. The leaks contain an archive of hacking tools used by the US intelligence agency.

      'Vault 7': WikiLeaks Exposes CIA's Global Covert Hacking Program in Largest Ever Leak
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    • Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the VVD Liberal party appears before his supporters in The Hague, Netherlands, March 15, 2017.
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      13:48 17.03.2017

      Dutch Election Result, Europe and Erdogan's Rage

      by John Wight

      It is not difficult to imagine that the result of the Dutch election met with one almighty sigh of relief in Brussels.

    • Science and technology
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      21:08 16.03.2017

      Did WikiLeaks Sound the Death Knell of Western Tech Dominance?

      Exactly three years after the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 on March 7 2014 (17:19 UTC time), the international whistleblowing site WikiLeaks dropped a bombshell on how the US Central Intelligence Agency could weaponize just about every "smart device" on the planet.

    • Members of the Iraqi army's 9th Division fire a multiple rocket launcher from a hill in Talul al-Atshana, on the southwestern outskirts of Mosul, on February 27, 2017, during an offensive to retake the city from Islamic State (IS) group fighters
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      20:24 16.03.2017

      Why Iraqi Authorities Risk Pushing Youngsters Into Daesh's Embrace

      Iraqi authorities risk pushing the country's youngsters into Daesh's embrace, Belkis Wille, Senior Iraq Researcher at Human Rights Watch, told Radio Sputnik commenting on the unbearable conditions at Iraqi detention facilities where 1,269 people suspected of ties with terrorists are being held.

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    • The CIA seal is seen displayed before President Barack Obama speaks at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Va., Wednesday, April 13, 2016
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      17:46 16.03.2017

      US National (In)Security: Why CIA is Becoming Part of Problem, Not Solution

      by Ekaterina Blinova

      The WikiLeaks' CIA dump has exposed a deep systemic crisis within the US intelligence community, according to Israeli commentator and political analyst Avigdor Eskin. Over the past years the image of the CIA has been severely tarnished and it now risks becoming part of the problem, not the solution, for the US national security.