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    • Protestors throw projectiles in a burning barricade during a demonstration of yellow vests (gilets jaunes) against rising costs of living they blame on high taxes in Toulouse, southern France, on December 8, 2018
      Last update: 19:49 16.12.2018
      19:49 16.12.2018

      'Propaganda Outlet': Scholar Calls BBC Out on Anti-Russian Bias

      As a BBC stringer admitted that the broadcaster is searching for proof of Russia’s alleged role in the "Yellow Vests" protests in Paris, George Szamuely of the Global Policy Institute and author of the “Bombs for Peace: NATO's Humanitarian War on Yugoslavia”, explained to Sputnik how this development may affect the TV channel’s reputation.

    • Palestinians clash with Israeli troops during a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, Friday, Dec.8, 2017
      Last update: 10:36 16.12.2018
      10:36 16.12.2018

      West Bank Unrest: 'Netanyahu Has No One to Share Responsibility With' - Scholar

      A Palestinian teenager was shot dead on Friday by Israeli troops during clashes in the West Bank. This comes after two Israeli soldiers were killed on Thursday by a Palestinian man near the Givat Asaf junction. After the shooting, Israeli settlers clashed with police, demanding more security and criticising Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    • Gender
      Last update: 08:34 16.12.2018
      08:34 16.12.2018

      AfD Party Member: There Are More Important Tasks in Politics Than Third Gender

      German law allows the third gender in birth certificates. Sputnik discussed it with Christian Weiland, a member of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

    • French President Emmanuel Macron inspects sniper squad as he attends a military exercise at the military camp of Suippes, near Reims, eastern France, Thursday, March 1, 2018
      Last update: 08:27 16.12.2018
      08:27 16.12.2018

      Strategist: It Doesn't Seem Macron to Have Future Political Career After His Presidency Ends

      The wave of the so-called yellow vests protests started in France in mid-November. The rallies have been marked by violent clashes with police officers, who have used tear gas and rubber bullets against the protesters. Sputnik spoke about it to Mike Tokes, a Republican strategist and CEO YukoSocial.com.

    • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018
      Last update: 23:51 15.12.2018
      23:51 15.12.2018

      Scholar on West Bank Unrest: Netanyahu Has No One to Share Responsibility With

      A Palestinian teenager was shot dead on Friday by Israeli troops during clashes in the West Bank. Sputnik has discussed this with Dr Kobi Michael, a senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University and former deputy director general and head of the Palestinian desk at the Ministry for Strategic Affairs.

    • Kovrig, an employee with the International Crisis Group and former Canadian diplomat appears in this photo from Brussels
      Last update: 23:31 15.12.2018
      23:31 15.12.2018

      Journalist: It’s Not Fair to Canadians to Be Part of US-China Trade War

      China has recently confirmed that it has detained two Canadian nationals. According to the foreign ministry spokesman, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig had been taken into custody. Sputnik has discussed this with Christopher Oldcorn, a Canadian investigative journalist, covering politics, social policy, and international affairs.

    • June 27, 2018. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Assistant to the US President for National Security Affairs John Bolton, right, during a meeting in the Kremlin
      Last update: 23:31 15.12.2018
      23:31 15.12.2018

      ‘American System is Desperate for an Enemy’ - Scholar on Bolton's Accusations

      US National Security Advisor John Bolton in a speech unveiled the US strategy to counter Chinese and Russian influence in Africa. He accused Moscow and Beijing of deliberately and aggressively targeting their investments in the region to gain a competitive advantage over the US.

    • A poster showing German Chancellor Angela Merkel is displayed at a car during a protest against the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the East German city Chemnitz on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018.
      Last update: 14:30 15.12.2018
      14:30 15.12.2018

      'Merkel Cannot Leave the Ship Just by Resigning' – Professor

      German media reported that citing anonymous sources within the CDU, German Chancellor Angela Merkel may resign from her post in favour of a newly elected head of the party Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

    • Protestors clash with riot police on December 8, 2018 in Bordeaux, southwestern France, during a demonstration against rising costs of living. The yellow vest movement in France originally started as a protest about planned fuel hikes but has morphed into a mass protest against President's policies and top-down style of governing.
      Last update: 09:34 15.12.2018
      09:34 15.12.2018

      Professor on Yellow Vests Movement in France: It May Have Lost Momentum

      Despite Emmanuel Macron’s conciliatory speech on Monday, during which he pledged he would raise wages, cut taxes and give out bonuses, the Yellow Vest protest movement has not backed down. Sputnik spoke to Professor of French Studies at the University of Warwick, Nick Hewlett to ask what can be expected from the Gilets Jaunes this weekend.

    • Emmanuel Macron
      Last update: 08:50 15.12.2018
      08:50 15.12.2018

      Author on Terrorism: Macron Was Wrong Considering Climate Change France's Worst Problem

      France’s Interior Minister has today confirmed that the man suspected of opening fire at a Christmas market has been shot dead. Cherif Chekatt killed three people and injured 13 in the French city of Strasbourg on Tuesday. Sputnik spoke about it to Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch and Author of the History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS.

    • Westminster, London
      Last update: 07:46 15.12.2018
      07:46 15.12.2018

      Analyst: Second Brexit Referendum Isn't Going to Happen Because of Sheer Logistics

      With British Prime Minister Theresa May surviving a vote of confidence earlier this week, Sputnik spoke to journalist Marcus Stead about Brexit developments.

    • Yemenis look at a building damaged during a police raid on a hideout of al-Qaida militants in Arhab region, north of Sanaa, Yemen. (File)
      Last update: 07:23 15.12.2018
      07:23 15.12.2018

      Iranian Arms Could Have Been Sent to Yemen Before Its Blockade – Ex-Diplomat

      The UN has claimed that a number of allegedly Iranian-made weapons have been found recently in the territory of Yemen. Speaking to Sputnik, former Iranian diplomat Dr Seyed Hadi Afghahi explained how the supposed missile fragments had found their way to Yemen.

    • The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation will continue to accept donations from a limited group of foreign countries - mainly from six nations in particular - despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has officially announced her bid for the US presidency.
      Last update: 03:50 15.12.2018
      03:50 15.12.2018

      Is the FBI Withholding Evidence of ‘Pay To Play’ at Clinton Foundation?

      Republicans in the House of Representatives’ Oversight Committee held a hearing on Thursday to examine allegations of quid pro quo agreements at the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

    • US Border Patrol agent
      Last update: 03:46 15.12.2018
      03:46 15.12.2018

      ‘Culture of Cruelty’ Caused Death of 7-Year-Old Girl in US Border Patrol Custody

      On Thursday, US Customs and Border Protection announced that Jakelin Ameí Rosmery Caal Maquin, a 7-year-old girl from Guatemala, had died only 48 hours after being taken into the agency’s custody last week. Her family was detained while entering the country from Mexico.

    • A Houthi Shiite sniper keeps watch over a rally to mark the third anniversary of the Houthis' takeover of the Yemeni capital, in Sanaa.
      Last update: 01:41 15.12.2018
      01:41 15.12.2018

      Vote on US Withdrawal From Yemen War Comes ‘Too Late,’ But Still Sends Message

      The US Senate voted on Thursday to end any and all military support for the Saudi Arabian-led coalition in the Yemen War, which has produced the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth and inflicted food shortages and disease on the population of what was already the Middle East’s poorest country.

    • Israeli-British illusionist Uri Geller poses during the 24th MIPCOM (International Film and Programme Market for Tv, Video,Cable and Satellitte) in Cannes, southeastern France, Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008.
      Last update: 23:24 14.12.2018
      23:24 14.12.2018

      Uri Geller Talks Psychic Career, Spoon Bending and Why He Would Never Use Mind Power to Move Football Again

      Over the years, famous psychic Uri Geller has bamboozled audiences worldwide with his capabilities, most notably, being able to effortlessly bend spoons using his mind and to the horror of Scottish football fans, deviating a ball before a penalty against the old enemy England. Sputnik spoke with Mr Geller to get an insight into his life and career.

    • Building of Council of Europe in Strasbourg
      Last update: 21:30 14.12.2018
      21:30 14.12.2018

      EU Leaders Discuss Brexit, Russia, Migration, Fake News at Council Summit - MPs

      BRUSSELS (Sputnik) - European leaders discussed the Brexit uncertainty, relations with Russia, migration, and fight against disinformation on 14 December, the second day of the European Council summit.

    • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks with Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief of The Atlantic, during The Atlantic Festival, Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018, in Washington
      Last update: 20:00 14.12.2018
      20:00 14.12.2018

      Clinton Probe: 'I'd Say This is Going to be More a Tax Related Issue' - Scholar

      US Attorney for Utah John Huber won't testify before the House Oversight Committee. This is what Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupic has said. Huber had been tasked by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the Clinton Foundation, which is accused of being entangled in multiple corruption schemes.

    • Nord Stream 2
      Last update: 18:47 14.12.2018
      18:47 14.12.2018

      EUs Nord Stream 2 Resolution Political Move, Nobody to Gain From Cancellation - Analysts

      MOSCOW (Sputnik), Valentina Shvartsman - The European Parliament's recent resolution calling for scrapping the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is politically motivated, as a cancellation of the project would hardly benefit anyone, including the EU member states, experts told Sputnik.

    • In this Tuesday, April 7, 2015, file photo released by the semi-official Fars News Agency, Iranian warship Alborz, foreground, prepares before leaving Iran's waters, at the Strait of Hormuz
      Last update: 18:27 14.12.2018
      18:27 14.12.2018

      Analyst on Why Iran-Controlled Strait of Hormuz Remains US's Weak Spot

      by Ekaterina Blinova

      Hassan Rouhani's threat to close the Strait of Hormuz was meant to show defiance and counter-intimidation against Washington's sabre-rattling, Ghassan Kadi, a political analyst told Sputnik, emphasising Iran's unique geographical position that allows it to maintain control over the Persian Gulf.