00:04 GMT01 April 2020
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    Since coming to light in 2017, lectures by Canadian psychology guru Jordan Peterson devoted to his Biblical series have gained a strong admiration among his fan base. While the professor’s popularity does not seem to fade away, his teachings have now received a new and quite unexpected reading.

    An animated version of Jordan Peterson’s Biblical Series lectures, devoted to stories and beliefs that surround the greatest and most-read book of all times has emerged online, causing excitement among the psychologist’s fans, who have now been long contemplating his comeback to public life following Peterson’s illness and recovery in Russia.

    ​A new vision of the professor’s 2017 lecture “Introduction To God Part 1”, that started with “why bother with the Bible?” question, was published by Jordan Peterson Animation YouTube channel, run by illustrator Chance Godwin. The adaptation, that allegedly aimed to “help to digest” Peterson’s ideas, was shared by the psychology guru himself with his Twitter followers, immediately causing a strong reaction among his fans.

    ​“Incredible drawings that really add a touch of magic to an already brilliant experience. Thank you for this”, someone wrote on YouTube.

    Jordan Peterson is the psychology professor at the University of Toronto and the author of two books, “Maps of Meaning” and “12 Rules of Life”. He has risen to international popularity but also has received some strong criticisms from mainstream media after publishing his 2016 YouTube series criticising Canada’s legislation that made the use of gender-neutral pronouns mandatory in relation to people with non-binary identities.

    In 2017, his live theatre lecture series “The Psychological Significance of Biblical Stories” discussing the narratives existing within the Book of Genesis has gained a strong response among audience members, only adding to his popularity.

    Peterson has been out of the public eye for many months now, following a severe reaction to the psychoactive drug benzodiazepine, which he was prescribed a few years ago, causing him to seek emergency detox treatment in Russia. According to Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila, the professor is feeling much better now and has left Moscow.

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