04:39 GMT29 February 2020
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    Dr Jordan B. Peterson scheduled a November date for a show in London following reports that he had gone to a rehab clinic in New York in September. The prominent psychologist said that he needed to get off the anti-panic drug clonazepam which he says he took due to stress over his wife's battle with cancer.

    Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson cancelled a show scheduled for 30 November, according to his daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, in an Instagram post on Friday.

    Peterson announced "the Apollo show on November 30th is cancelled, I am really sorry. Can't make it yet, so he's going to reschedule it".

    "I know this is the second time it's been rescheduled, and I am really sorry if you guys made any plans to get there and this upsets it but we can't make it yet", she said. "It will be rescheduled for some time next year."

    The show was previously rescheduled from 8th May this year, to 30th November.

    According to Peterson's website, his 12 Rules Tour is "on hiatus until October or November" with the intention of performing in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and throughout Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries, and Russia.

    The news comes as it was revealed that the author of "12 Rules For Life" had checked himself into rehab in New York to try and drop anti-anxiety drug clonazepam in September.

    His daughter revealed in a YouTube video that Peterson was suffering from stress and depression due to his wife's struggle with cancer and a "complication" from kidney surgery.

    Peterson's wife recovered and the pundit tried to quit the drug cold turkey, resulting in what his daughter described as the "horrific" physical withdrawal that made him look like “a lost puppy".

    Peterson gained global notoriety in 2016 by challenging Canadian legislation mandating the use of gender-neutral pronouns (such as they/zie/zher), when referring to people who do not identify themselves as either male or female.

    Peterson suggested that the law was an attack on freedom of speech and might force people "under the threat of legal punishment to employ certain words, to speak a certain way, instead of merely limiting what they’re allowed to say".

    He has carefully capitalised on his fame after speaking out against the Canadian law, and his book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos has sold over 3 million copies globally, particularly in Canada, the UK and the US.

    He is been an adamant critic of the concepts of "white-privilege" and "patriarchy" for ignoring ingrained natural hierarchy. Ideas which he claims emerge from a "post-modern" radicalism which dominate Humanities departments in universities.

    As a staunch opponent of political correctness and what he calls "post-modern, neo-Marxism", he has a received significant scorn from those who support global feminist and social-justice movements.


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