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    • Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev in the Kosmotsentre Yuri Gagarin cosmonaut training center.
      Last update: 21:07 08.12.2017
      21:07 08.12.2017

      Spaceships and Politics: Sputnik Talks to Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev

      To commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the first ever human-made object in space - the Russian Sputnik satellite - we spoke with record breaking Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev about the evolution of space exploration and the US-Russia rivalry.

    • Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson
      Last update: 19:05 08.12.2017
      19:05 08.12.2017

      'Extremely Costly': Johnson's Middle East Plans Likely Unpopular and Unfundable

      Setting out his vision for foreign policy post-Brexit, the UK Foreign Secretary said the UK should quit "sulking" over its "mistake"-heavy recent history of foreign entanglements, making the case for greater interventionism. Johnson's proposals are bound to be controversial, and are likely unworkable, an academic told Sputnik.

    • Contractors of the US private security firm Blackwater securing the site of a roadside bomb attack near the Iranian embassy in central Baghdad (File)
      Last update: 21:06 30.11.2017
      21:06 30.11.2017

      Blackwater Founder's Bad Idea: 'Only Libyans Can Decide Their Country's Future'

      Blackwater founder Erik Prince has recommended the creation of a privately-trained police force in the war-torn nation of Libya to help stop the flow of migrants to Europe. Speaking to Sputnik, Rhiannon Smith, the director of Libya-focused consultancy Libya-Analysis, explained why this was a bad idea.

    • In this photo released by the Saudi Press Agency, SPA, Saudi King Salman welcomes British Prime Minister Theresa May, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Wednesday, April 5, 2017.
      Last update: 20:17 29.11.2017
      20:17 29.11.2017

      Saudis Need Partners, UK Wants Trade Deals: What Will May's Mideast Tour Deliver?

      Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in Riyadh Wednesday as part of her three day tour of the Middle East, aiming to boost the UK's presence in the region amid tough negotiations over the country's exit from the EU. Radio Sputnik spoke to veteran journalist and region expert James Dorsey about what to expect from the tour.

    • Anti-government protestors evacuate a comrade wouned by a sniper during clashes with the police in the center of Kiev on February 20, 2014
      Last update: 15:42 27.11.2017
      15:42 27.11.2017

      Deadly Political Games: Italian Journalist Blows Lid Off Maidan Snipers Mystery

      Italian journalist Gian Micalessin's interviews with three Georgian mercenaries who took part in the shooting massacre of protesters and police in Kiev in early 2014, and led to the overthrow of the Ukrainian government, have dismantled the new government's account of the tragedy. Micalessin spoke to Sputnik about the implications of his findings.

    • African illegal migrants wait to receive medial assistance after being rescued by coastal guards on a port in Tripoli, Libya.
      Last update: 15:07 23.11.2017
      15:07 23.11.2017

      Slave Trade in Libya: Who Controls the Human Trafficking Market in Tripoli?

      Following the release of a CNN documentary that exposed the extent of slave trade in post-Gaddafi Libya, the scandal is gaining momentum in the international community, which has called upon Tripoli to take action against human traffickers. Sputnik Arabic spoke with the head of the Libyan Human Rights Observatory, Naser al Hawari, about this issue.

    • The Google logo is displayed during the Google Impact Challenge, Japan
      Last update: 21:51 21.11.2017
      21:51 21.11.2017

      Google's Sputnik & RT Clampdown 'Reminiscent of 17th Century Witch Hunts, Except Nobody's Getting Burned or Hanged Yet'

      Google will create new algorithms to derank Sputnik News and RT content from appearing on its Google News service. Speaking to Sputnik, Jim Jatras, former US diplomat and foreign policy adviser to Senate Republicans, said this issue isn't even so much about Sputnik and RT as it is about Americans' freedom of access to information.

    • Situation in Syria. (File)
      Last update: 15:36 16.11.2017
      15:36 16.11.2017

      'Syria Will Become Second Vietnam for US' - Turkish MP

      A member of the Turkish Parliament from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Metin Kulunk, speaking at the press conference at a Mejlis, said that the United States is trying to reshape the borders of the countries that were created after the First World War based on its own interests.

    • Vietnam soldiers
      Last update: 16:07 15.11.2017
      16:07 15.11.2017

      'Instability Increases Arms Sales': Will US Weapons Return to Vietnam?

      Donald Trump’s twelve day Asian tour has come to an end and despite the North Korean issue, the main goal of this trip to Southeast Asia, the longest by any US president in 25 years, was to change existing US trade and economic relations. Sputnik Vietnam spoke to political analysts who shed some light on the future of US trade deals in Vietnam.

    • ORP Orzel submarine
      Last update: 21:41 10.11.2017
      21:41 10.11.2017

      'Big Ambitions in NATO': What's Behind Poland's Aspiration to Buy Five Submarines?

      Poland wants to buy five new submarines for its naval fleet by allocating 10 billion zloty ($2.74 billion) for the purchase. Military observer Victor Litovkin, a military observer, shed some light on what’s behind this decision in an interview with Sputnik.

    • Doctor
      Last update: 15:37 08.11.2017
      15:37 08.11.2017

      New Hope: Scientists Test Schizophrenia Treatment by Targeting 'Immune Cells Response'

      UK scientists have begun testing a radically new approach to schizophrenia treatment. In the course of the next two years, 30 patients will get infusions of the so-called monoclonal antibody drug each month, which will target their immune systems. Radio Sputnik discussed this new method with professor Olive Howes.

    • A picture of Christian politician and FPM founder Michel Aoun is seen on a building prior to presidential elections in Beirut, Lebanon October 30, 2016
      Last update: 18:50 07.11.2017
      18:50 07.11.2017

      'Entering a Dangerous Period': Is Lebanon on Brink of a Civil War?

      Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation during his visit to Saudi Arabia on Saturday. Lebanese political analysts spoke to Sputnik Arabic in an interview highlighting the “strangeness” of this resignation, voicing their concern over the security situation in the country amid rising tensions in the region.

    • Women of Daesh
      Last update: 19:09 02.11.2017
      19:09 02.11.2017

      From Wives to Spies: How Women Become Daesh Warriors

      Women in the ranks of Daesh are now more than just housewives. They have been trained to fight, kill and spy for the terrorists. Sputnik has spoken with a specialist on Islamist groups, Maher Fargali, and a journalist based in Iraq, Nazek Muhammed, about this rising issue.

    • A picture taken on January 18, 2016 shows vehicles driving on a street in front of the Azadi Tower in the capital Tehran
      Last update: 20:33 31.10.2017
      20:33 31.10.2017

      'Guarantors of Peace': Iranian Analysts Shed Light on Putin, Rouhani Upcoming Meeting in Iran

      On November 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay an official visit to Iran. The key issues to be discussed with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will be the situation in the Middle East and the bilateral relations of the two nations. On the eve of the visit, Iranian political analysts told Sputnik what other topics might be on the agenda.

    • NATO's Military Committee Chairman Petr Pavel is seen before a working session of the North Atlantic Council during the NATO Summit in Warsaw, poland, on july 09, 2016
      Last update: 13:00 31.10.2017
      13:00 31.10.2017

      NATO General: Alliance Interested in Dialogue With Russia Despite Differences

      General Petr Pavel, the chairman of the NATO Military Committee (CMC), has spoken with a RIA Novosti correspondent about the alliance's relations with Russia, military drills, the situation in Syria, as well as NATO's expansion to the east.

    • A journalist writes a material as she watches a live telecast of the U.S. presidential election standing at portraits of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Union Jack pub in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016
      Last update: 20:56 28.10.2017
      20:56 28.10.2017

      Political Scientist: Dossier on Trump's Collusion With Russia 'Reads Like a Fiction Novel'

      The revelation that Hillary Clinton and the DNC helped fund the controversial dossier making claims of Trump-Russia collusion after the 2016 election has deflated the Democratic Party's effort to smear the president. Speaking to Radio Sputnik, Earl Rasmussen, director of the NGO Eurasia Center, recalled that the report reads like a bad spy novel.

    • Last update: 22:03 27.10.2017
      22:03 27.10.2017

      Afghanistan's First Cosmonaut to Sputnik: 'When We Were in Danger, We Told Jokes'

      Last month, Afghans celebrated the 29th anniversary of the flight of Abdul Ahad Mohmand, Afghanistan's first and only space-faring cosmonaut. In an exclusive interview with Sputnik, Mohmand shared new details about his daring mission.

    • Nuclear Test
      Last update: 18:41 27.10.2017
      18:41 27.10.2017

      US-Soviet Nuclear War 'Was Possible' in Days After Kennedy's Assassination - Historian

      The US government has declassified a tranche of some 2,800 documents about the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but withheld an estimated 300 more pending further analysis. Radio Sputnik discussed the documents, and what secrets they have revealed, with Dr. Thomas Whalen, a historian from Boston University.

    • A Rohingya refugee woman who crossed the border from Myanmar a day before, carries her daughter and searches for help as they wait to receive permission from the Bangladeshi army to continue their way to the refugee camps, in Palang Khali, Bangladesh October 17, 2017
      Last update: 21:07 24.10.2017
      21:07 24.10.2017

      'They Killed My Whole Family': Rohingya Refugees Search for Safety in Bangladesh

      In the latest outbreak of violence two Rohingya survivors have told Sputnik their blood-chilling stories after they fled their homes and came to Bangladesh. More than 600,000 Rohingyas from neighboring Myanmar’s northern Rakhine province have escaped after their villages were reportedly attacked or burned by Burmese soldiers.

    • Human body
      Last update: 11:26 23.10.2017
      11:26 23.10.2017

      MIT Professor Explains What Biological Machines Are and What Functions They Perform

      Roger Kamm, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in an interview with RIA Novosti explained what biological machines are and what they can do.