21:25 GMT +319 October 2017


    • Workers remove an election campaign billboards showing Christian Democratic Union CDU party leader and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Social Democratic Party SPD leader and top candidate Martin Schulz, the day after the general election (Bundestagswahl) in Berlin, Germany September 25, 2017
      Last update: 19:32 17.10.2017
      19:32 17.10.2017

      The 'Commies' are Coming: Results of European Survey 'Show the Extent of US Propaganda'

      While Russia is being accused of alleged meddling in foreign government’s affairs, the poll has shown that the majority of Europeans believe that the US exerts its influence over elections in other countries. Sputnik spoke with two political analysts about the US information campaign in Europe.

    • Islamic State billboards are seen along a street in Raqqa, eastern Syria. The billboard (R) reads: We will win despite the global coalition (File)
      Last update: 20:24 15.10.2017
      20:24 15.10.2017

      Raqqa Resident: Daesh 'Killed My Father in the City Center and Made Video'

      Jasim Mihamed, a 14-year-old resident of Raqqa fled the city and found refuge in the north of the city at the Eyn Issa refugee camp. In an interview with Sputnik, Mihamed shared a terrible story about how Daesh terrorists killed his father in front of him and what he had to do in order to flee the city.

    • Afghans walk by the Serena hotel in downtown Kabul, Afghanistan, Friday, March 21, 2014
      Last update: 20:03 15.10.2017
      20:03 15.10.2017

      Abandoned and Fearful: Former Afghan NATO Translators 'Living a Nightmare'

      Many Afghan interpreters who worked with NATO forces and the international coalition are now afraid for their lives as they have been abandoned by the US and foreign troops and left to live in constant fear of being persecuted in Afghanistan. Sputnik met up with some of them for a candid interview.

    • Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters relocate people that fled from Raqqa city on the bank of the Euphrates river, west of Raqqa city, Syria April 8, 2017
      Last update: 16:15 15.10.2017
      16:15 15.10.2017

      Horrors of a Daesh Wife: 'Husband Told Me How They Burned Jordanian Pilot'

      A Sputnik correspondent visited the Ain Issa refugee camp in the north of Raqqa, where he met with wives of Daesh militants who surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces.

    • Fatemeh Eftekhari paragliding in Iran
      Last update: 15:31 14.10.2017
      15:31 14.10.2017

      'Queen of the Iranian Sky': Meet Persian Professional Paraglider (PHOTOS)

      The number of women falling in love with aviation sports in Iran continues to grow, however, only one of them has become “the queen of the Iranian sky”. Fatemeh Eftekhari is the first Iranian woman who began to professionally engage in paragliding and take part in international competitions. Sputnik spoke with Fatemeh about her passion.

    • Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria
      Last update: 21:43 09.10.2017
      21:43 09.10.2017

      Solar Energy: Adequate Solution for Puerto Rico?

      Puerto Rico is exploring opportunities to work with Tesla Corporation on rebuilding the island’s power grid. The country’s infrastructure was left in shambles after Hurricane Maria hit the island a couple of weeks ago. Dr Muhammad Asif from Glasgow University spoke to Sputnik about whether solar grids could provide with a long-term solution.

    • Tunnel
      Last update: 21:27 09.10.2017
      21:27 09.10.2017

      The Other Realm: What it Feels Like to Wake up From a Coma

      Being in a coma is a terrifying condition, which is just a step away from death. It is the complete loss of consciousness and there is a small chance of recovery. The stories of people who have come out of a coma are mysterious and at times terrifying.

    • Mars surface
      Last update: 16:54 09.10.2017
      16:54 09.10.2017

      Exploring the Red Planet: Mars Sheds Light on the Origin of Life

      Humanity has made yet another step toward unraveling the mystery of the origin of life on Earth, and Mars has provided us with some interesting clues.

    • Euthanasia
      Last update: 16:16 09.10.2017
      16:16 09.10.2017

      'Control is an Illusion': How Legalization of Doctor-Assisted Death 'Invites Coercion'

      Nearly 2,000 Canadians have taken their own lives with the help of doctors after the legalization of assisted suicide in the country. Apart from Canada, euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia and Luxembourg. Sputnik discussed the controversial law with Margaret Dore, an attorney fighting euthanasia internationally.

    • Robotics
      Last update: 20:27 08.10.2017
      20:27 08.10.2017

      Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak: We Should Be Friends With Thinking Machines

      Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak during his visit to Moscow spoke about how robots may become a great asset to humanity and why we should not be afraid of them. Wozniak also praised block chain technology and explained why it is such a vital innovation for humanity.

    • A banner is seen during an information campaign on Zika virus by the Chilean Health Ministry at the departures area of Santiago's international airport, Chile, January 28, 2016
      Last update: 18:04 08.10.2017
      18:04 08.10.2017

      Instant Dengue, Zika Viruses Tests 'Work Like Typical Pregnancy Test'

      An international scientific team has developed a low-cost instant test for the dengue and Zika viruses. Dr. Helena de Puig, one of the first authors of the publication explained to Sputnik how the test works and how will it help in the fight against the deadly viruses.

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    • Moon Space Ships
      Last update: 16:08 08.10.2017
      16:08 08.10.2017

      Celestial Exhibition: 'Moon Ark is New in Absolutely Every Way'

      Earth’s satellite is expected to host an art museum known as the Moon Ark by 2019. Over 200 artists worked together over several decades to create a cylindrical construction called the Moon Ark. Radio Sputnik spoke with its author, an internationally renowned space artist, Lowry Burgess.

    • Journalist take pictures outside the venue of a summit at the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, Monday, May 15, 2017
      Last update: 19:28 07.10.2017
      19:28 07.10.2017

      'Asia is the New Global Disorder': Challenges Facing Dynamic Chinese Economy

      Asia is taking on a much greater dimension in the “new global disorder,” according to Dr. Jean Pierre Lehmann. In an interview with Sputnik he spoke about the economic competition between China and other Asian countries today.

    • Crew members. Elizabeth Andreyeva (С)
      Last update: 16:55 07.10.2017
      16:55 07.10.2017

      True Tales From the Skies: What It's Really Like to Be a Flight Attendant (PHOTOS)

      Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a flight attendant? Flying over the continents to exotic locations but in reality becoming a flight attendant requires mastering five different professions and getting selected amongst thousands of applicants. A Russian flight attendant Elizaveta Andreeva shared her story of how she became a flight attendant.

    • Space station
      Last update: 20:19 06.10.2017
      20:19 06.10.2017

      Turkey, Russia to Enhance Cooperation in the Field of Space Technologies

      Turkey is set to develop its space agency following the passing of a draft law by the Turkish Parliament. According to some experts, Turkey will collaborate with Russia, China and India in order to move faster and more efficiently in this field.

    • Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends his Likud party session in the Knesset, Israel's parliament in Jerusalem, Monday, Feb. 8. 2016.
      Last update: 19:06 06.10.2017
      19:06 06.10.2017

      Political Turmoil in Israel: If Netanyahu Steps Down 'There Would be an Earthquake'

      The Israeli police are set to interrogate the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over multiple abuses of power charges. He is accused of bribery and media manipulation. Israeli analyst Avraham Diskin told Sputnik what the consequences of such an investigation could be for the leader and his country.

    • Peshmerga female fighters in Kirkuk
      Last update: 16:44 06.10.2017
      16:44 06.10.2017

      Female Peshmerga Fighters Take the Battle to Daesh, Vowing to 'Wipe it Off the Earth'

      Female Peshmerga detachments have been fighting Daesh terrorists in the areas of Mosul, Bashi, Sinjar and Kirkuk for the last three years. Some of the women fight to avenge their sisters, others to defend their homeland. Sputnik spoke with some of these fearless warriors in an interview.

    • Neural network
      Last update: 10:41 06.10.2017
      10:41 06.10.2017

      Why Neural Networks are Smarter Than Usual Computers

      The Neuroinformatics-2017 conference is being held from October 2-6. RIA Novosti interviewed one of the main conference participants, Alexander Gorban, DSc in Physics and Mathematics and an expert in the field of neural networks.

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    • A woman gestures as others wave the estelada or Catalonia independence flags during a protest in Barcelona, Spain Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017.
      Last update: 21:28 30.09.2017
      21:28 30.09.2017

      Catalonian Referendum: 'Losing Barcelona Could Be a Big Problem for Spain'

      On Sunday, Catalonia is expected to hold a referendum. Radio Sputnik discussed Catalonia's upcoming referendum on independence from Spain with Dr. Oriol Bartomeus, a professor of political science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

      Catalonia's Independence Referendum
    • Russian and Rosatom State Corporation flags. (File)
      Last update: 21:48 28.09.2017
      21:48 28.09.2017

      Russia May Help Brazil Develop its Nuclear Power Plant

      For a long time now theoretical cooperation between Russia and Brazil in the field of peaceful nuclear energy development has been under discussion. In an exclusive interview, Brazil’s nuclear project head, Marcelo Gomes, explained how this partnership may turn into a major project with the help of Russia’s Rosatom Corp.