22:21 GMT09 July 2020
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    The US president, who relocated the country’s embassy to Jerusalem and recognised the Golan Heights as part of Israel, has gained new fans there. After a settlement and square being named after him, Donald Trump has apparently been graced with an ode. Some suspected that it was a jest, however.

    A song praising Donald Trump as “Jerusalem’s prince” was allegedly released by a group called the Jerusalem Boys Choir, promptly catching social media attention. The clip, circulating online, is a compilation of videos featuring Donald Trump visiting the Western Wall, signing important executive orders relating to the Jewish state, as well as portraits of him grinning. The cuts change from one to another while set to an energetic song being sung by young male voices in English and Hebrew.

    “If the whole world stands against us and only Micronesia is rooting for us. When the sons of Ishmael harm our land, don’t you worry, Trump takes a stand”, its English lyrics say.

    The song climaxes with the chorus “Super Trump is Jerusalem’s prince”.

    “From the city of Zion, for our Lord, he fights like a lion”, the song concludes, before the boys start singing in Hebrew.

    The creation - attributed to a Jerusalem Boys Choir, according to its opening title, left commenters speechless.

    ​Some confessed that they felt compelled by the catchy song to press play.

    ​However, there were those suspecting that it was all a stunt and suggested that the video was a parody.

    ​Some proposed a more historical perspective.

    ​Others just had fun, joking about the release.

    ​After Washington recognised Jerusalem as the Israeli capital in 2018, it also acknowledged the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as Israeli land in March 2019. Tel Aviv, which considers the Golan Heights its territory, welcomed the move and praised Donald Trump for signing the executive order. It even vowed to build a village in the Golan Heights and name it after the US president.

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    Earlier, in response to moving the embassy to Jerusalem, a local football club called Beitar Jerusalem announced its intent to rename itself Beitar Trump Jerusalem to celebrate the US president, while Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat promised to name a square after the incumbent POTUS.


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