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    Winter in Crimea

    'Russia Does Not Return Its Territories' - Moscow on WH Statement on Crimea

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    Russia does not return its territories, Russian Foreign Ministry spokewoman Maria Zakharova said commenting on the White House statement that US President Trump is expecting Moscow to return Crimea to Kiev.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russia does not intend to return Crimea, a Black Sea peninsula that voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia in early 2014, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Wednesday.

    "We do not return our territories. Crimea is Russian territory," Zakharova said at a weekly briefing, reaffirming Moscow's longstanding position that the issue is permanently closed.

    On February 14, the White House spokesman said that US President Donald Trump expects Russia to "return Crimea" to Ukraine.

    "President Trump has made it very clear that he expects the Russian government to deescalate violence in the Ukraine and return Crimea," White House spokesman Sean Spicer said at a daily news briefing. "At the same time, he fully expects to and wants to get along with Russia."

    Crimea rejoined Russia after a 2014 referendum, when almost 97 percent of the region's population voted for the reunification. Sevastopol, which has a federal city status, supported the move by 95.6 percent of votes.

    During the election campaign Trump claimed he would "consider" recognizing Crimea as part of Russia following the referendum in the peninsula, adding that the Crimeans wanted to live in Russia.

    Donald Trump has repeatedly advocated establishing a political dialogue with Moscow, particularly in regards to the fight against terrorism, and expressed readiness to build positive relations with Russia. Moscow has long been promoting the idea of fruitful cooperation with Washington.

    After the leaders' phone talks on January 28, the Kremlin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the presidents had noted the importance of respect in relations.

    Commenting on the claim that US President Trump is expecting Moscow to return Crimea to Kiev, a Russian lawmaker said that the peninsula is an integral part of Russia and cannot be "subject of bargaining" between Russia and the United States.

    "The issue of Crimea return is absolutely clear — it is part of Russia and it cannot be subject of bargaining between Russia and the United States, no matter what is at stake," Viktor Ozerov, chairman of the defense committee in the Russian upper house of parliament, told Sputnik on Tuesday.

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    • Сomment
    • avatar
      Very good statement of Russia / Putin !!!
      It seams after Mr. Flynn is forced out of office President Trump start to blink and blink again hope full this sickness will soon disappear !!!
    • Gary F.
      I think some countries who very loudly demand others respecting borders and indeed build, enforce and create them more themselves at the same time, paradoxically expand themselves to be some kind of global entities. those self-proclaimed global states, as part of the 'deep system' think they have acquired the superior mandate from abstract things like the invisible hand, knowledge management, even raising from moral and some kind of universal truth they have found in relation to human mind. yet, perhaps more humble stance would be to accept the multipolarity and diversity of the world. only if we learn to respect diversity and let things change and develop, only then, perhaps, is something called lasting peace possible. Stuck into their old conceptions or fresh psychic innovations, these universalists may make the cardinal mistake of trying to eat the sun.
    • avatar
      Trump knows that this is a strategy of deflection to cover up the issue that those borders in Eastern part of Ukraine are not ratified and belonged to Russia.
      By sidestepping that issue completely by demanding Crimea back they are ignoring any rights Russia may have to Eastern Ukrainian land as such.

      Which of course would stop NATO collusion and aggression in its tracks, there is also the idea that the US will launch a character assassination attempt on Putin soon to demand massive compensation for loss of Crimea and of course the MH17 saga.

      Again if the US had to acknowledge the land dispute as even Ban Moon declared in the UN that those borders remain non verified or ratified then such action as they have planned to fund a failing Ukraine will fall flat on its face.
    • avatar
      In other words its another giant bluff with the main joker being McCain.
    • avatar
      Erik Trete
      It is clear then, that the US administration is ignorant of the relevant history. Russia would no more give up Crimea as the US would return Texas, or California to Mexico or Florida to Spain.
    • avatar
      Return North America to First Nations ... 320 million US to reservations perhaps ??
    • avatar
      How about the terrorist American government starts first.
      Puerto Rico, Guam, wake island, Samoa, Hawaii, Guantanamo bay.
      Then for a kicker how about you remove your filthy military bases that you've dotted all over the globe.
      Don't worry. When your broke they'll crumble on there own, just like every other great nation that once had a desire to dominate the world. It always leads to ruin.
    • avatar
      how stupid is the american government?
    • From Holland
      When I heard about this I was almost immediately convinced Sean Spicer got lost in translation somewhere. But dear mr. Trump, it is just plain stupid to even think Russia would 'give back' what is legally theirs to begin with. And if the previous POTUS didn't start the war in Ukraine things would still be as they were back then. And that was pretty good, save and peacefull.
      So truthfully, the US drove Crimea back to Russia, Russia asked the people of Crimea if they wish to be a part of Russia again, almost everybody said YES, and so Russia claimed it's own territory back. It was on loan in the first place.
      If mr. Trump wants a good and prosperous relation with mr Putin the only thing he needs to do is respect Russia.
      And take it from anyone and me; If Russia wants something, it will get it.
      Ask any German.
    • avatar
      It's happened again. Trump is a doll that others use to speak through. More of the same world daytime drama series.
    • Neochrome
      Trump will find out soon enough that Iran, China, Russia etc. work differently from bankruptcy courts that represent bulk of his "negotiating" experience.
    • avatar
      There! Trump said it. So now the hawks can sit down.

      Next step is find new business with Russia. This aint about Trump being a puppet nor him change his stance.

      This is Trump barging back home with hawks. He even sacrified one of his advisors. Trump will start his agenda once nobody can say Trump is radical
    • avatar
      The next stage is to claim compensation which was delayed after Russia intervened in Syria is now back on the Soros backed neocon agenda.
      US is stuck with propping up Ukraine as the people are on the verge of starvation and entering the stage of a 3rd world country.
      The compensation scam is to financially cripple Russia and pay for Ukraine up keep something the Soviet Union did for decades.
      Of course it wont be successful and is designed to lead to a more drastic and complete sanction strategy as so far the objective to cripple Russia has backfired badly.
    • avatar
      Zakharova missed the perfect opportunity to say that Russia cannot deescalate the violence as its not involved it can only chose to escalate that violence if it is forced to do so to protect its people then heaven help you.
    • avatar
      The US is built on genocide; it is the last country to talk about returning lands because they are the biggest thief. And Russia has the by far the biggest legitimate claim for Crimea; the Ukraine has none; it was given to them in 1954 without the consent of Russians. FU, the US, the new barbarians.
    • Dar...
      What are rental prices like in Crimea? It seems like it's the safest place to be on the planet right now.

      Might get a bit toasty in the neighbourhood though if the NATO Nazi's don't leave very soon.

      Trump better learn fast that Russia isn't some weak New York property developer he can bully into giving up assets to Trump Ltd. If he wants to play games, come and play then, but come heavy, and expect to go home in a bag.
    • The Night Windin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, This sounds suspiciously similar to Trump's position on the One-China Policy just a few weeks ago. In the end, he'll recognize Crimea as a Russian state.
    • avatar
      another clueless clown in Washington to add to the already impressive american collection of useless presidents...
    • avatar
      chrrevin reply toGlamoureus(Show commentHide comment)
      Glamoureus, then they will say again Trump is radical... I dont think so mate, its just more of the same; those who rule America put schoolchildren like Trump to entertain the masses
    • Dar...
      Americans are living in the past. They still think they can use global issues for domestic political purposes. Wrong!

      19 trillion in debt. Navy with no planes, airforce with overhyped fat-duck stealth dud, primary ally with no working hunter killer subs and broken missiles, weak armour outdated armour, and a Chief of Staff that can't control his staff. Some threat.

      Wake up America, you're finished, go home and shut up until you've got something sensible to say.

      The EU made a better job of 'Making Germany Great Again' than the Donald looks capable of doing for America now.

      Russia please annex Europe now, ...all of it.
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