23:33 GMT +330 March 2017
    A girl with Russian national flags painted on her cheeks takes part in celebrations marking the one-year anniversary of Crimea voting to leave Ukraine, in central Simferopol March 16, 2015.

    Trump: Crimean Citizens Want to Be With Russia, Not With Ukraine

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    Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said Crimeans want to be with Russia rather than Ukraine.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — US Republican Party Presidential candidate Donald Trump said Sunday that the people of Crimea prefer to be with Russia.

    "The people of Crimea, from what I've heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were [Ukraine]," Trump told ABC News in an interview.

    The tycoon said he was "going to take a look at" the option of recognizing Crimea as part of Russia.

    Russia's historical southern region of Crimea rejoined Russia after a 2014 referendum. Almost 97 percent of the region's population voted for reunification in a referendum. Sevastopol, which has a federal city status, supported the move by 95.6 percent of votes.


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    • letm4851
      Le's Go, TRUMP!!!! The time has come to forge a real Economic and Military Alliance with Russia.If the EAGLES(USA and Russia) come together we can Defeat Terrorism withing this Generation(2000/2028) You,like Putin,were nobody in Politics: And he change Russia for the Better! So, yes I believe that you will change America for the Better!! Go ahead without a fear for your critics!
    • avatar
      I know SKUM is thick .... but Crimea is part of the Russian Federation

      Does not Trumpo read the news !
    • avatar
      ViTranin reply toletm4851(Show commentHide comment)
      letm4851, US America have Declared WAR on the Russian Federation ... .. Russian Federation are in an Alliance with China !!

      As to Russian Federation in an alliance with US america ... More like WAR will be coming to US america Very very soon ... !
    • avatar
      stevenrobertchurchillin reply toViTran(Show commentHide comment)
      ViTran, No, the us neocons with clinton in tow have, I think all that will change if trump is president.
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      ViTranin reply tostevenrobertchurchill(Show commentHide comment)
      stevenrobertchurchill, No .... The F-16 that shot down the Russian Su-24 in Syrian Air Space Was directed to Intercept via US American AWACS ...

      Turkey (not even ErdyGoon ) has the authority to use live weapons / fire on an aircraft in Syrian Air Space ... that Authorization came from Head of NAto ... that be US american Gov !

      add congress Pass laws over the last few years = Declaration of WAR

      But then we know US americans are happy with WAR ... Why else do US Americans Citizens Volunteer to go to WAR in Somalia, Nigeria, Libya, Pakistan, Mali, The Congo, Cameroon, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia to mention just a few !

      So surely US Americans cannot be surprized when War will come back to US america ?
    • avatar
      Trump is right. But ge should never say such things. He wants to be elected in the US no in Russia.
    • avatar
      stevenrobertchurchillin reply toViTran(Show commentHide comment)
      ViTran, 100% agree, but ime optimistic trump will put an end to this dangerous madness, now the turks themselves have been stabbed in back, by the usa, with this coup, so now its gone full circle, on top of that, the sanctions against turkey have done great harm, I think the turks now know what side their bread is buttered.
    • avatar
      chrrevin reply tokooka(Show commentHide comment)
      kooka, He will be elected precisely BECAUSE he says those things that make perfect sense.
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      ViTranin reply tostevenrobertchurchill(Show commentHide comment)
      stevenrobertchurchill, It is possible that Turkey will see the benefit of the Chinese Silk road and flip East ... thus Turkish Bases will become SCO bases along with bases in Iran, Syria and even Afghanistan ... a huge Asian SCO Block !
      Tho I suspect Hitlery will be the new POTUS ,... did she not run before, and was told that she would follow Obongo .. ?
      Yes .. Sanctions did harm Turkey ... that is what you get for helping out US america ... the same can be seen with EU / Europe .. tho the damage there will be permanent ... as if if illegal Sanctions are removed ... the hole vacated (voluntarily vacated) by EU / Europe has been filled by Latin and by Russian Federation itself !
      Besides .. think some of EU / Europe has embraced GMO foods ... that is banned in the Russian Federation ... but accepted in Kiev Ukraine !
    • avatar
      stevenrobertchurchillin reply toViTran(Show commentHide comment)
      ViTran, Thats what i always said the eu is reaching a point of no return, literally, I pray your wrong about clinton, there,s still a lot that has,nt hit the fan yet, check out" clinton cash" official movie premiere...
    • No Namein reply tokooka(Show commentHide comment)
      Don't worry he said that because ISRAEL gave him OK to say it ;-)
      The today-situation is a PAT and Bibi wants some MOVE, Aleppo falls back in the hands of Assad... Bibi has to REORIENTATE HIS priorities, to same something.
      Don't know why but something tells me that the Israelis told Erdogan about the US-led putsch.
      Israel coomes with such "presents" by friendship-parties: 1st time was PKK-Boss OCALAN, catched by the Mos sad in Africa and given to Turkey... Now RECONCILIATION after the GAZA-incident... and 2nd present =saving the guy you re-conciliate with ;-)..
      I don't know, I just have so, a presumption..
    • No Name
      Pretty Russian girl in the picture. Good for heeling the eyes, after 2-3 toxic pictures with Hillary ;-)...
    • Robert
      Geezus, does the world really have to be dependent on what Washington thinks?
    • avatar
      At the very least this man doesn't automatically repeat the drum beat.
    • avatar
      Someone better stop the Washington madness before half the world's population is vaporized.
    • Mishao
      Such a beautiful young Crimean woman whom i hope can have a grandchild on her knee during the celebration of her 85th year. Beyond this, i hope it is within an environment of peace and prosperity.
    • avatar
      ViTranin reply tostevenrobertchurchill(Show commentHide comment)
      stevenrobertchurchill, I agree ... Trumpo is the lesser of the two evils ... but I would not be surprized to see Hitlery elected by a "landslide" ... we all know the candidates / results are manipulated ... the "circus act" is to keep 320 Million US american Sheepie and Hundreds of Millions Sheepie in the West "occupied" !
      When I say lesser of two evil ... you recall 8 years ago a "colored person that few had heard of " talked of change of no more wars and peace, peace and more peace .... and we know how that turned out .... so with Trumpo everything needs to be taken with Salt !
      Besides ... if Trumpo is elected Million of US americans will want instant changes / instant results and if those are not delivered, add some Soros stirring and you will have Civil War !
      EU - burnt all those bridges ... and China is buying up all those failing agriculture complexes for peanuts; employing just Chinese ... sending 75% of produce to China, 25% to EU ... ...In time EU will have a shortage and higher prices !!
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