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    Justice is long overdue when it comes to The Clinton Foundation and ex-FBI chief James Comey's handling of the Clinton emailgate case, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel has told Sputnik. According to Ortel, Donald Trump's vocal disappointment with the lack of action on the part of the Justice Department may facilitate the process.

    "President Trump still has a massive following and a strong base; one certainly hopes that his apparent personal interest in bringing the Clintons (and others) to justice for their evident crimes will make positive differences", says Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist who has been looking into the Clinton Foundation's alleged fraud for the last few years.

    On December 7, Donald Trump lambasted Special Counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI chief James Comey and his associates, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the DNC in general in a series of tweets promising a major counter-report in response to the so-called Trump-Russia probe.

    "Robert Mueller and Leakin' Lyin' James Comey are Best Friends, just one of many Mueller Conflicts of Interest. And by the way, wasn't the woman in charge of prosecuting Jerome Corsi (who I do not know) in charge of 'legal' at the corrupt Clinton Foundation? A total Witch Hunt…" the US president tweeted.

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    Will Huber Turn a Blind Eye to Whistleblowers' Evidence?

    Meanwhile, US Attorney John W. Huber is due to testify about his investigation into the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton's email probe before the US Congress next week. The hearing, initially scheduled for December 5 has been postponed to December 13.

    To add to the controversy, two whistleblowers have stepped out of the shade offering evidence against the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton.

    It still remains unclear whether Huber will turn the spotlight on the sensitive data offered by whistleblowers (one of whom was raided by 16 FBI agents on November 19, 2018) and private investigators with regard to the Clintons charity's operations and the alleged "pay-to-play" scheme.

    "On the one hand, Huber was an Obama nominee, so some question whether he ever intended to explore a real investigation, as [former Attorney General of the United States Jeff] Sessions asked him to do earlier this year", Ortel responded.

    On the other hand, "in America, government lawyers are supposed to ignore partisan impulses and simply follow the law where the evidence takes them", he said. "Soon we shall learn exactly what sort of lawyers Huber and his colleagues may be".

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    Why It's Good to be Robert Mueller's Friend

    On December 7, ex-FBI director James Comey delivered a testimony on his handling of the Clinton email case during the 2016 presidential campaign.

    Commenting on the hearing, Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog, told Fox News that the former FBI chief "is not worried about being prosecuted for any misconduct because he did not take the Fifth [amendment] and we also learned that the FBI and the Justice Department are still hampering the investigation by ordering him not to answer key questions…"

    "Now we are seeing what happens if you're one of the friends of [Robert] Mueller, you get protected by this", Fitton remarked.

    ​However, Ortel hopes that "Comey [will be] forced to explain under oath what he knows concerning decisions to allow Hillary Clinton to conduct all​ of her government business as Secretary of State on private servers and unsecure electronic devices and then to retain this information long after she departed, on February 1, 2013."

    "Who authorized the arrangements? Who at the FBI initiated the inquiry that ultimately became a full-fledged Investigation by July 10, 2015? And, why did the FBI under Mueller and then under Comey refuse to follow the massive amount of evidence in the public domain that suggests the Clinton charities likely were being used as slush funds to finance personal expenses and political campaigns?" the Wall Street analyst asked.

    He noted that "Comey has a poor record, judging the evidence cited above (FBI Vault on the Clinton Foundation) and the evidence seen here concerning Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified information."

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    How FBI, IRS Overlooked 6000-Page Evidence

    In his December 6 op-ed, US media executive and investigative journalist John Solomon quoted a 6,000-page document assembled by a private firm called MDA Analytics LLC, which "alleged the Clinton Foundation engaged in illegal activities and may be liable for millions of dollars in delinquent taxes and penalties." Among the other pieces of evidence, the document contains an interview with Andrew Kessel, the charity's longtime chief financial officer.

    However, the problem with MDA Analytics's scrupulous research is that although it was sent almost a year ago to the FBI and IRS, the federal agencies did not lift a finger to open a probe.

    "Sadly, I believe the IRS and FBI, at senior levels, may have been compromised by a strange system that has evolved in the US (and in other nations) where two career couples (such as the Clintons and others) are able to 'monetize' the valuable information that flows through government offices and the potential to award valuable contracts or to punish offenses, to become rich and even more powerful in the process," Ortel said, commenting on the situation.

    According to the US-based analyst, "the affliction is bi-partisan, and that makes it all the more insidious: Republicans have dirt on rivals and Democrats, and Democrats have dirt on rivals and Republicans."

    "So, when one finds a particularly grievous set of offenses as is seen in the known public record, dirty compromises are made to hold back and then to try protecting all offenders, rather than launching needed prosecutions. For Washington, DC, insiders, this corrupt​ approach has made sense for decades," the Wall Street analyst pointed out.

    However, with luck and President Trump's support, "the mammoth quantity of evidence, and the apparent fact that DC insiders may have tried to stymie required investigations may finally add impetus to calls to 'drain the swamp' and then 'lock them all up'," he said, adding: "Justice is long overdue, particularly to prove that no one is 'too big to jail'."

    The views and opinions expressed by the contributors do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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