17:01 GMT19 February 2020
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    New Delhi (Sputnik): Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan became a target of fun for the Twitterati after a Pakistani journalist shared a video of him talking about an injection shot healing him in such a way that he started to see Hoors (angels).

    Social media users are curious to know what kind of injection Pakistan Prime Minister Khan took to make him see Hoors  (angels).

    Netizens started asking the question after they came across a video clip in which he talks of once suffering a back injury but just one injection made him feel as if nothing had happene.

    In the 40-second video, Khan can be heard saying: “I was in pain, my bones had broken. So Dr Asif gave me some injection, I don’t know which injection but it healed me. Everything changed, the world changed, nurses started looking like angels to me. I thought I don’t have any problem anymore.”

    Khan was lampooned mercilessly on social media.

    ​“After the effect of the injection was gone, the problem began again. I requested him to give me the injection again. I even threatened him to give me the injection again but he didn’t,” Khan said in the video.

    The twitterati continued to mock Khan. Some are saying he must have been given cocaine while others are saying he must have seen 72 hoors from heaven.


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