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    Great Redacting War Coming? 'Savaged' PewDiePie Fires Back at His Video Editors

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    PewDiePie has seemingly made his peace with the fact that Indian music label and movie studio T-Series has become the first YouTube channel to pass 100 million subscribers, having left the Swedish vlogger far behind after months of an intense neck-and-neck race.

    Felix Kjellberg is doing a great job by providing his 96-million-strong YouTube subscribers with some decent content, but apparently he’s not the only integral cog in the PewDiePie machine: when it comes to video editing, the vlogger turns to these two guys – Muhammed Osman (known as Sive Morten or Brad Two) and “BradWOTO” (known as Brad 1).

    So, the Swede’s editors have uploaded a video about his regular show, “LWIAY”, in which he reviews his followers’ submissions on Reddit, and jokingly took a few jibes at Pewds.

    Brad 1 and Brad 2 playfully explained why Felix sometimes doesn’t react to some memes or “doesn’t care” about his looks, regardless of frame, colour correction, and other editing stuff.

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    Of course, it didn’t take PewDiePie long to strike back with his own video, titled “My Response to my Editors”, which he edited himself and hilariously wondered if he could now be called “Brad 3”.

    Pewds appeared to have partly agreed with the two Brads’ judgements and had a good laugh about all his blunders, even assuming that might have had the wrong settings for OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) during one of his videos.

    “All memes aside, I’m actually proud of my Brads. It’s all jokes. We’re all just making silly jokes with each other… and I’m the butt of the joke”, he concluded.

    Pewds week has apparently been rife with “feuds”: he has just chastised American lifestyle vlogger Trisha Paytas over her rows with fellow bloggers, who have blasted her for her appearance and antics.

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    The Swede recently suffered a somewhat crushing defeat in the Great Subscribers War, after Indian music label and movie studio T-Series outperformed him in subscription numbers, having crossed the 100 million milestone first.


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