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    Fury Over German DIY's 'Insulting' Ad Showing Asian Woman Sniffing Dirty Laundry

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    Reseller Hornbach celebrated spring with an ad that shows an Asian woman buying sweaty underwear of Caucasian-looking men to smell and enjoy it. Although the video has prompted an avalanche of criticism, as some insist it was racist and demand apologies, the company fights back saying it pictures “decreasing quality of life in cities.”

    The hashtag #Ich_wurde_geHORNBACHt, which can be translated as “I was HORNBACHed,” is spreading on social media as users are sharing their disgust at a German DIY chain’s recent advertisement, they’ve slam as “racist,” “sexist” and “insulting” to Asian women. The video with a slogan “That’s how spring smells” opens with shots of Caucasian-looking men, working hard and sweating in the garden. They take off their clothes and hand it to men resembling lab assistants. 

    The things, including underwear, are packed into small bags on what looks like an assembly line. After a cut, a viewer sees a vending machine with these packed undies in an urban setting and an Asian-looking woman, who buys one bag and smells what is inside with visible enjoyment.

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    After the video was published, numerous comments came in from Asian women, who felt disgusted and insulted by the commercial.

    ​Some expressed their anger and disgust with gifs.

    ​Many accused Hornbach of simply being racist and promoting stereotypes about Asian women.

    ​Some decided to respond with reverse racism, claiming white people smell disgusting.

    ​Besides this, an online petition has been set up demanding a public apology from Hornbach and the removal of the video. As of Thursday afternoon, the petition has gained about 1,000 signatures.

    The German firm has defended the ad and refuted any allegations that their message was racist in a series of tweets. According to the company, it was about the “decreasing quality of life in cities”.

    ​The explanation did not satisfy users, who also accused Hornbach of promoting insults towards Asian women.


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