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    Pictures of the US president have consistently been turning up in Google search results for the word “idiot” since at least the summer of 2018. Google’s CEO was summoned to the US Congress to explain to Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren why this happens.

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained at a congressional hearing how Google searches work and why pictures of Trump appear in search results for the word "idiot". According to the executive, the results of any search are determined by hundreds of factors, such as popularity, freshness and relevance, which are based on data that Google collects from billions of webpages daily.

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    Pichai added that the results are based on an algorithm and that it would be impossible for human employees at Google to moderate and manually determine the results of searches.

    Still, even if Democrat Zoe Lofgren considered Pichai's explanation to be sufficient, many netizens were left unconvinced. They noted that some tech companies had already revealed that they are trying to promote certain moral values and have exhibited bias.

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    Some social media users directly suggested that in the case of Trump, such search results are ideologically driven.

    Although some twiterrians disagreed with such claims, arguing instead that anyone more or less familiar with how online searches work knows that they are based on a particular algorithm and not manually controlled.

    Many wondered why Lofgren was even interested in asking Google why its search results consider the president to be an "idiot".

    Some noted sarcastically that Google was simply showing the "truth" in the search results.

    One netizen claimed that Trump is often called an "idiot", not only on social media.

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    Several twitterians were amused by the news of the Google CEO's response, predicting that now there would be even more photos of Trump in web searches for the word "idiot", as news articles on it would inundate the internet.

    Some users jokingly suggested that Google is only bringing up Trump in the "idiot" search results because it was "avoiding" calling him something worse.


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