07:18 GMT22 October 2020
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    A-list rap artist Kanye West, who describes himself as a “free thinker,” has recently been drawing public attention for his controversial political and social views rather than his songs.

    West, also known as Yeezy, has taken to Twitter to explain the reasoning behind his eccentric remarks on African Americans’ “choice” to be enslaved during a TMZ live show – he said that he meant “mental imprisonment” by “slavery,” and encouraged people to have open discussions, saying “they can no longer stop our voice.”

    The rap icon has also accused the media of “attacking” him for laying out new ideas and thinking freely, and it seems that now it’s “Ye and The People vs The Media” – his thoughts were immediately picked up by several Twitter users, who suggested that TMZ only showed the piece of the interview that would boost their statistics.

    Many said that Kanye was expressing a different idea rather than what was being presented by media:

    Meanwhile, others perceived his words differently, arguing that claiming that “400 years of slavery sounds like a choice” is unacceptable:

    Kanye West is on a Twitter rampage ahead of the release of his much-anticipated new album, expressing his support for US President Donald Trump and proclaiming himself to be a “free thinker.” In November 2016, Yeezy canceled 21 tour dates after a nervous breakdown, allegedly triggered by the anniversary of his mother’s death – sources close to Kanye told Page Six that they were still “very worried” for his mental health.


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