08:45 GMT28 January 2021
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    US congressional leaders have been whisked to safety at an undisclosed US military base after pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol Building on Wedesday, and the National Guard has been mobilized to restore order in the capital city.

    Amid the unprecedented storming of the US Capitol by supporters of US President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said she is drafting articles of impeachment against Trump aiming to remove him from office.

    ​“Donald J. Trump should be impeached by the House of Representatives & removed from office by the United States Senate,” Omar tweeted Wednesday evening. “We can’t allow him to remain in office, it’s a matter of preserving our Republic and we need to fulfill our oath.”

    Several other lawmakers sounded off in support of the move, including Reps. Ayanna Pressley (D-NY) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), both of whom are also members of an informal grouping of progressive women of color dubbed “the Squad.”

    ​“This is on Donald Trump, period,” Tlaib tweeted. “He called folks to DC and gave them marching orders. He needs to be impeached and removed immediately.”

    Separately, Representative-elect Cori Bush (D-MO) announced she would be introducing a resolution calling for the expulsion from Congress of Republican lawmakers who expressed support for Trump and the protests.

    ​“I believe the Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election must face consequences,” Bush wrote, “They have broken their sacred Oath of Office.”

    Earlier on Wednesday, Trump spoke at a “Stop the Steal” rally he had called outside the White House, urging thousands of his followers not to permit US President-elect Joe Biden to take office. Trump has claimed the November 3, 2020, election results were fraudulent, and Congress was due on Wednesday to certify the results of the vote, which previously went through several recounts in states where the vote totals were close but were eventually certified by election officials.

    However, their session was cut short after hundreds of Trump’s supporters bashed their way through police barricades and the doors of the Capitol, making their way into the Senate and House chambers. Windows were smashed, several officers were injured, and at least one person has been shot, though it’s unclear by whom. As Sputnik has reported, it seems that in some cases, the protesters may have been allowed to enter the facility by police officers, although in other cases riot control devices were deployed to halt them.

    Earlier this week, Enrique Tarrio, leader of the pro-Trump group Proud Boys, was arrested in DC for his alleged destruction of property outside several Black churches in DC during another pro-Trump protest last month. When he was arrested near the US Capitol, he was found in possession of two high-capacity assault rifle magazines. Tarrio has been released, but banned from the city until his next court appearance in June.

    Trump has since called on protesters to stay peaceful and to leave the Capitol.

    “Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order,” Trump tweeted. “Respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue.”

    DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered a 6 p.m. curfew in the capital, and the city’s National Guard units have been activated to restore order.

    Trump was previously impeached in December 2019, although he was exonerated in the early 2020 trial


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