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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel listens as Ivanka Trump speaks during a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, Friday, March 17, 2017

    When Ivanka Met Angela: White House Seating Plan Triggers Twitterati Meltdown

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    Some observers criticized the seating arrangement of a German-US business summit at the White House, which placed Ivanka Trump next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Washington on Friday, where she met President Donald Trump for the first time.

    Before a much-talked about joint news conference, the leaders held a private meeting and a roundtable discussion with German and US business leaders. 

    Merkel had invited the CEO's of German companies Siemens and BMW to the meeting in order to impress on Trump the contribution they make to the US economy.

    ​In addition to the German business leaders, the President's daughter Ivanka Trump was also in attendance at the meeting. 

    Ivanka, who was seated next to the German Chancellor, has her own jewelry and fashion business. However, some observers questioned whether her business credentials were sufficient to earn her a place at the meeting.

    Many observers took to social networks to surmise that Chancellor Merkel was asking herself the same question.

    ​​During the roundtable discussion, Joe Kaeser of Siemens and Harald Krueger of BMW sought to impress on Trump the contribution their firms make to the German economy.

    Presenting an "America first" economic policy, Trump has singled out German carmakers and threatened to impose a 35 percent border tax on German vehicles imported to the US market.

    However, the US President, who has promised to reinvigorate US industry and provide more jobs, said he was impressed by what he heard about the vocational training offered by German firms.

    "Germany has been a model for highly successful apprenticeship programs. As a result the youth unemployment rate is much lower than other countries," he said.

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      This constant and petty attack strategy on Trump is going to backfire. It is sickening. In general, people do not respond well to muckraking tactics. Ivanka was not there as a business person for her own interests. For Socialists, the progressives must be familiar with typical seating strategies. Seating is assigned in an effort to encourage conversation with the person next to you, and to communicate openly, in general.

      I don't really mind the sedition of Democrats. It is cementing my loyalty to Trump and confirming to me how important it is to resist the Marxists with all that I have. This is a struggle that must be won because the Marxists hate Christians, whites and heterosexuals and want to torment and kill us, despite all of the smiles and promises that they aren't really as mean as they act.
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      It just proves that if you can rent a goose neck mic, you can sit anywhere you dam well please. "Way to go, Ivanka, in proving the relevancy of a Merkel." Everyone knows that she was only Obama's lap dog anyway."
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      'The key relation btw #Germany & #USA is a serious matter. It shall not be family business. I disagree with #Ivanka #Trump presence. #Merkel'

      All the more reason, Sigfried Muresan. That's the trouble with you, Germans. You don't really 'dig' the corruption that is normal to the West. Michael Lewis, the Wall Street maven alluded to it in his book, Kangaroo.

      You are a shriven people after those two world wars, for which you were not ultimately responsible anyway , while we, whose monied folk were deliriously pro-fascist, are still posturing as the good guys in the white hats (only Hopalong Cassidy was missing, presumably in action) who came out as the victors (the Russians of course were only bit-players.

      So, we have a saying in the UK, 'It's not what you know, but who you know.' Angie must have had a crash-course in Anglo-American corruption.

      However odd and immoral it may sound, in politics, a meritocracy is not necessarily an improvement on the 'entitled', old school set-ip. They're all power folk. In business, however, a degree of lawful corruption at least in dealings with Anglo-America, might be simply the more practical and effective way to go, the way the world is today. So, perhaps the saw that all politics is local makes sense here in terms of the 'big-business' dimension, as well. Not that I favour Angie's compliant attitude towards Anglo-America.
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      If for no other reason, Ivanka makes the photos better. What do you prefer Merkel's sour face or a smiling Ivanka?
    • Drain the swamp
      Ivanka 2024 Make America Greater Again !!
    • Zoanthropy
      Merkel the European Disease.
    • avatar
      Ivanka is a good buffer, would you want to sit next to "Grab em by the Pussy" Trump....I think not.
      Lets face it, Trump or Drumpf knows lots about germany when granpa Trump was booted out of Germany for refusing to put in his time in the military so he came to the US....Trump like so many IS the son of an imagrant....the people he wants to keep out!
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      If Obama had his daughter sit in on an international meeting focusing on business and trade, the Twits would be gushing all over about it.

      Don't see too many objecting to the hiring and "hand-offs" of positions to the spawn of the Elites. Specifically, look at the "roots" of every President going back as far as you will. Family Ties, Crony Buds in university, apprenticeships, firms, government "service," 3 letter organizations. Reality is a B----.
    • RedBanner
      I don't know how they normally do in the US, when delegations from another country meet with their American counterparts, never really noticed where the different delegations sit.

      But from pictures and videos of other countries similar meetings (Russia, for instance) it would seem that one delegation usually sits on one side of the table, and the host delegation sits on the other side of the table. I don't remember seeing people from one side mixing (sitting on the other delegation side of the table) with people on the opposite side of the table.

      So I guess this might be a first, hence some surprise from many commenting on this particular case.
      Not because people are all part of an imaginary "global Marxist conspiracy"...
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      Get used to it Angela, time to retire don't you think?
      Waiting for your input Nam?
    • Elias84
      said this before :

      in October of 2024 Ivanka Trump will turn 43, in November of 2024 she will be sworn in as the first female president of the united states also making her the youngest ever president beating JFK by 6 month, oh and a Republican.

      interesting how the hit-job has started so early.
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      Lickie Weeks
      [Merkel: "what on earth are you doing here?"]

      Ivanka is the REAL President of the US and makes all the decisions.
      Her daddy is just a figure-head, whom she coaxed to run on her behalf.
      Don't you people even watch the news, anymore?
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      beauty and the beast comes to mind. :)
    • avatar
      marcanhaltin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, You meant "beauty and the least", right?
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      michaelin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, that could work too! :)
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      stop making something from nothing.
      so they were next to one another. it was a luncheon. Angela should have appreciated a woman - finally!
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      It will be interesting to see if progressives benefit from the sleazy strategy of personal attacks in 2018. I don't think they will do well .

      They don't have any leaders now except their shills in the media. Is the DNC going to start nominating their media hacks? Old has-beens like Clinton, Warren, Schumer, Pelosi, etc,., refuse to allow anyone else to step in and they are killing the Democratic Party. The DNC strategy is to attack and hate, with zero constructive policy suggestions. Zero innovation of any kind. That's not much of a political strategy.
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      Germany, still occupied, was totally smashed last century by the US/UK/USSR + 50 others.
      She was smashed only because she had the audacity to go it alone, and by making it an outstanding success, she signed her death warrant. All they needed was a manufactured trigger.
      Germany owes the US nothing. The US owes Germany big time
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