06:44 GMT15 July 2020
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    A video of an eccentric passenger, protesting after his flight from Islamabad airport was delayed, has gone viral in Pakistan. The man is seen burning his clothes, fiercely arguing and pushing an airport staffer. The fact that the protester turned out to be a high-ranking official from one of the country’s regions has caused public uproar.

    The Pakistani Supreme Court has summoned Fida Hussain, the Tourism Minister from the region of Gilgit-Baltistan, over allegations that he misbehaved in the capital’s airport, the local outlet Dawn reports.

    "As per media reports, the incident took place over a flight delay due to bad weather and the minister pushed the employee in charge so hard that he stumbled," the court statement reads, as cited by the website.

    A viral video of the incident in Islamabad’s airport, allegedly featuring the official, has triggered an outcry among netizens. Everything happened reportedly after a Gilgit-bound flight of the national carrier first got delayed because of some technical issues, and then was cancelled due to bad weather. This triggered an uproar among passengers as the footage from the airport reveals, but one passenger got more heated up than the rest.

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    The man, identified as Hussain, set his possessions ablaze and even literally kicked away a staffer, who approached him with a fire extinguisher. He also argued with a security staffer and cried "Go bring handcuffs."

    Another clip, uploaded on Facebook, shows him shouting at an official "The weather is bad you say. The weather is bad for one flight and not the other?" The troublesome passenger also insisted that the manager should bring his superior. After a hostile exchange, when the air marshal was about to leave, the man pushed him so hard, that the staffer stumbled.

    The incident prompted a public outcry among netizens, who slammed the minister, leaving angry comments on his Facebook profile.

    “Pathetic man. He should be put behind bars. The extremely unprofessional attitude shown by ASF,” one user posted.

    Another lambasted his behaviour as “absolutely disgraceful”, stating that a “Person who cannot respect others," should "have no right to represent them too. He should resign and a public apology is demanded. He is not above the law or better than any other human being.”

    However, no apologies or comment on the incident have been seen on the official’s social media so far.


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