08:26 GMT25 February 2021
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    Russia and Iran have also slammed the attack by the Western states on Syria, which had been conducted before OPCW experts were set to start probing the alleged chemical incident in Douma as they arrived in the Arab Republic on Friday.

    The Syrian Foreign Ministry has denounced joint US, British and French strike on the country as a "brutal, barbaric aggression," saying that the attack "aims at hindering the mission's work and preempting its results."

    The Western attack won't have any impact on the Syrian army's fight against militants and restore control of the entire country, Damascus has emphasized.

    "This aggression will only lead to inflaming tensions in the world" and threatens international security," the statement reads.

    The stance has been echoed by the Syrian General Staff, which said that the army would continue to fight against terroristm despite the trilaterak aggression, adding that such attacks would only strenghthen the government forces' resolve.

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    According to the state-run SANA news agency citing Damascus, the Western missile strikes were aimed at blocking a probe by the OPCW international chemical watchdog into the alleged gas attack in Douma, Eastern Ghouta.

    After multiple calls by Damascus and Moscow, OPCW experts arrived in Syria on Friday in order to probe the alleged Douma chemical attack on the ground and were supposed to take samples on the site.

    When commenting on the massive missile attack carried out by US warships and aviation, alongside British and French jets, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the "strike has been launched at the capital of a sovereign state that has been fighting for survival for years amid terrorist aggression." At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that most of the missile had been repelled by the Soviet-made Syrian air defenses.

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    Responding to Western states' allegations, accusing Damascus of an alleged chemical attack in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that it had evidence that the incident had been staged by Western-backed NGOs, including the infamous White Helmets, which has repeatedly been caught faking its "rescue operations" in Syria.

    After the US threatened with a missile attack targeting the Syrian government over the alleged chemical attack, the country's authorities slammed the move, saying that the "provocation" was being used in order to justify military aggression against Damascus.


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