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    Child abuse

    Victims Before Victimhood

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    Jon Gaunt

    Let’s be absolutely clear the UK does have a major problem with British Pakistani men raping and abusing white girls.

    Now I can say this with no fear of losing my job. However, it was very different for Labour Front bencher and Equalities spokeswoman Sarah Champion when she said exactly the same thing in a column in the Sun.

    Arch anti-Semite (Yes, I am being sarcastic!) Jeremy Corbyn gave her a rollicking and dismissed her from her Cabinet job.

    What is it with Comrade Corbyn does she have a problem with the truth?

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    What she said and what I said above is not in any way racist and there are too many in this country who are frightened to speak the blunt truth, including most of the Labour party and large sections of our Muslim community.

    I am sorry stating the obvious based on statistics that the overwhelming majority of the rape gang members are from that background should not be a reason for dismissal or for accusations of racism or Islamophobia.

    Yes, we all know that the majority of abuse happens in the home and therefore it is white men in the majority who are the offenders, no sh*t Sherlock! Sarah made that very point in her Sun column. However, these diversionary tactics serve no one, especially the young white girl victims, and in fact this kind of warped argument only serves in helping these savages justify their industrial scale rape and abuse.

    These monsters are criminals and deserve no pussy footing around and trading on politically correct eggshells, they do have one thing by and large that unites them and that is their Muslim faith and their Pakistani heritage.

    Unless we recognise this and examine the causes of the problem how can we ever hope to change it?

    That is why I welcome the Sajid Javid's letter to Sarah Champion where he states that he wants to set up research into these gangs and this crime. He says that he wants to "establish the particular characteristics and contexts associated with this type of offending" because he believes this would have a "critical bearing on the effective targeting of prevention activity".

    Now the cynic in me says, "eh Sajid rearrange these words; stable, horse, door bolted" but at least we now have a Home Secretary, of Muslim and Pakistani heritage, who is not afraid to address the problem and that is progress.

    However, this must not be turned into an exercise of kicking the ball into the long grass as we all know, as witnessed every time we watch the news these gangs are still operating and as in Telford it has been going on for over 40 years.

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    There is clearly a very dangerous moral cancer at the heart of this community which needs savage and drastic surgery to remove it.

    That by the way does not mean that all Pakistani Muslims livening in the UK are rapists but I am sure that all Muslims, who we are told so often put family at the heart of their existence want this cancer removed too, No?

    The other reason why Sajid needs to be nimble on his toes is because it has been revealed that Sarah is new having 24-hour police protection as she has received death threats.

    I would normally brush this off as the work of the green pen mob or their modern equivalent, the internet social media troll or keyboard warrior but I am afraid in Sarah's case it is much more sinister as I believe it comes back to the door of Jeremy Corbyn.

    But first some statistics, there are, according to the 2011 census, 7,600 Residents in Rotherham who are of Pakistani origin, so they represent less than 4 percent of the total population of 257,000. However most of the men who were responsible for the sexual abuse of 1400 whites' girls in the Town were of Pakistani origin.

    Now to any sane rational person that statistic cannot be ignored. But, of course it has been. First by the coppers, social workers and the ruling Labour party, both MPs and councillors in Rotherham, who blamed the abused girls, writing them off as slags, whores or from broken homes as if it was there fault. Then the racial and or religious element was ignored by the whole of the MSM and the political class who have been too damn afraid or PC to use the I word, the M word or the P word to classify these criminals.

    This misguided double think has led to more mistrust and distrust by the non-Muslim population of the whole Muslim population than anything else that has happened over the last twenty years.

    It is this PC attitude and the feeling in the Establishment Elite that the majority non-Muslim population can't be trusted not to kick off if they are told the truth that is actually fuelling the ever-widening gap and mistrust in our Dis United Kingdom.

    It is the same with Islamist terrorism we do not want to be told to not look back in anger when little girls are blown up at a pop concert. We actually want to be told as soon as possible the name of the person who committed the crime and the cause or religion whose name they did it in.

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    Now comes news that Corbyn's Labour party in Rotherham want to deselect Sarah and replace her with a Muslim candidate at the next election.

    This desire has been fuelled by a report by a racial justice charity, Just Yorkshire, which condemned Sarah Champions article in the Sun.

    The report said that it had "dismayed an entire community" and that an "overwhelming number of respondents considered the comments to be racist". It went on to say Sarah was, "deliberately attacking a whole community and race". And here we go, her words "lent legitimacy to abuse and racism". Finally, the report stated that the respondents to the survey felt, "disrespected and hurt".

    Pretty damning eh?

    Until you delve deeper and discover that they only asked 165 people for their views in an online survey!

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    That's correct, 165 people out of a total Pakistani community of seven and a half thousand and a total population of over a quarter of a million.

    To be frank it is laughable but this rush to victimhood by some Muslims is getting right on my proverbial and the use of clearly ridiculous and non-scientific polling makes me even angrier and not just me as I sense many in the UK feel the same.

    These people, by the way, are not knuckle dragging racists.

    They are just normal Brits of all colours, religion and backgrounds who just want to be treated the same under the Law and by our Government but increasingly feel this is not the case in the UK in 2018.

    This belief needs addressing by all Political Parties immediately as I believe we are all sitting on a powder keg at the moment.

    Corbyn could do his bit by immediately putting Sarah Champion back in the shadow cabinet, unequivocally backing Sajid Javid's call for research and by pressing for immediate action on these gangs without pussy footing around.

    However, as we all know that is a massive ask for Jewish loving Jeremy as a cynic again would suggest that labour has and always will rely on the block Muslim vote in their northern hinterlands.

    However, I am afraid Jezza, just like getting tough on the anti-Semites in your party it is vital that you put the country and the rape of young girls before your own electoral desires.

    As with booting out the anti-Semites Jeremy I will not be holding my breath.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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