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    • Boris Johnson appears on BBC TV's debate with candidates vying to replace British PM Theresa May, in London, Britain June 18, 2019
      Last update: 20:07 23.06.2019
      20:07 23.06.2019

      Don’t Be a Lifelong Hypocrite Boris – Call an Immediate General Election

      by Tommy Sheridan

      I’m surely not the only one shouting at the telly every time some mealy mouthed presenter informs me that 160,000 oddities are soon to select the UK’s next Prime Minister simply because they are members of a party that could only muster less than 10% of the votes at the UK wide Euro election last month?

    • March and rally for Scotland's independence in Edinburgh (File)
      Last update: 14:24 21.06.2019
      14:24 21.06.2019

      We Can Still Rise Now and Be A Nation Again – Bannockburn Spirit Lives On

      by Tommy Sheridan

      This Saturday, 22nd June, thousands of ordinary Scots will assemble and march to Bannockburn Heritage Centre in central Scotland to pay their respects to, remember and honour the patriots who fought and died for Scotland’s freedom 705 years ago in the historic Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

    • Boris Johnson appears on BBC TV's debate with candidates vying to replace British PM Theresa May, in London, Britain June 18, 2019
      Last update: 13:45 20.06.2019
      13:45 20.06.2019

      BBC Boris Bias!

      by Jon Gaunt

      Words do have consequences. However, the lack of one particular word should also have massive consequences for the BBC. That word is “SORRY”.

    • National security adviser John Bolton, left, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, right, attend a news conference between President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the Rose Garden at the White House
      Last update: 00:46 20.06.2019
      00:46 20.06.2019

      War Scripted By Washington

      by Finian Cunningham

      The drama of attacks on oil and tanker assets in the Middle East can’t seem to get any more tense. The danger of war breaking out between the US and Iran is reaching a crescendo. However, if this goes down, it is a war scripted by Washington.

    • Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, (C) and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (R) attend on day one of the Royal Ascot horse racing meet, in Ascot, west of London, on June 18, 2019.
      Last update: 20:49 18.06.2019
      20:49 18.06.2019

      The Sputnik Intelligent Punter's Guide to Royal Ascot

      by Neil Clark

      For good reason, it's been called 'The Olympics of Flat racing'. Five days of the very top class action featuring the world's best horses. With strength in depth in all of the thirty races, Royal Ascot, which starts on Tuesday, can be a veritable minefield for punters but bearing in mind certain key factors can help tilt the odds in our favour.

    • Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage leaves a polling station after voting in the European elections, in Biggin Hill, Britain, May 23, 2019
      Last update: 14:51 18.06.2019
      14:51 18.06.2019

      Farage Has Boris by the Balls!

      by Jon Gaunt

      The Tory Leadership contest has clearly illustrated the terrible state of British Politics and the absolute lack of any real talent or conviction within the Palaces of Westminster. God help us if this is the best we can do.

    • A picture obtained by AFP from Iranian State TV IRIB on June 13, 2019 reportedly shows smoke billowing from a tanker said to have been attacked off the coast of Oman, at un undisclosed location
      Last update: 13:21 18.06.2019
      13:21 18.06.2019

      Jeremy Corbyn is Right to Be Cautious Over Iran Tanker Attack Claims

      by Neil Clark

      UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has come under fierce neocon attack over a tweet he published saying that ‘without credible evidence about the tankers attacks, the government’s rhetoric will only increase the threat of war’.

      Attack on Tankers in Gulf of Oman
    • A US soldier stands guard at the USS Vicksburg cruiser ship docked at Constanta harbour in Constanta, Romania, on March 13, 2015.
      Last update: 13:22 15.06.2019
      13:22 15.06.2019

      Oil Tanker Attacks in the Gulf Have US Fingerprints All Over Them

      by Tommy Sheridan

      It was the Spanish philosopher, poet and novelist, George Santayana (1863-1952), who warned us all: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

    • Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage gestures on an open topped bus while on the European Election campaign trail in Sunderland, England, Saturday, May 11, 2019
      Last update: 15:04 13.06.2019
      15:04 13.06.2019

      Shut Up Nigel. It’s a Joke!

      by Jon Gaunt

      Nigel Farage is wrong. Nigel Farage is acting like a snowflake. Nigel Farage should “calm down dear.”

    • a British flag is blown by the wind near to Big Ben's clock tower in front of the UK Houses of Parliament in central London
      Last update: 16:21 12.06.2019
      16:21 12.06.2019

      None of The Tawdry Tory Ten Deserve to Be Prime Minister

      by Tommy Sheridan

      Pantomime season has arrived early this year. Ten wannabes have thrown their considerable egos into the ring to try and win the approval of a privileged group of predominantly male, white upper class twits and millionaires commonly known as the Conservative Parliamentary Group of MPs.

    • BBC HQ Broadcasting House, London
      Last update: 16:52 11.06.2019
      16:52 11.06.2019

      BBC CAN Pay WON'T Pay!

      by Jon Gaunt

      I don’t care if Michael Gove snorted coke. Who gives a toss that Andrea Leadsom smoked a joint at University? That Mick Jagger lookalike, Rory was on opium and even whether Boris can keep it in his trousers or not. I am more concerned about real news like the BBC means testing and cutting 3.5 MILLION free TV licences for the over 75’s.

    • Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK opposition Labour Party
      Last update: 13:43 09.06.2019
      13:43 09.06.2019

      Peterborough Result Reinforces Reality of Corbyn Threat

      by Tommy Sheridan

      The simile sick as a dog has been around for a very long time. Apparently it was first recorded in 1705. It is commonly applied to someone who is ill, especially from a stomach malady. On Friday morning it was a simile apt and appropriate for newsrooms and editorial offices across the UK.

    • US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), during US President Donald Trump's news conference at the NATO summit of heads of state and government, Brussels
      Last update: 00:16 08.06.2019
      00:16 08.06.2019

      Pompeo Blabs Venezuela Plot

      by Finian Cunningham

      US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just spilled the beans on Washington’s regime-change maneuver in Venezuela. The US is not supporting a popular pro-democracy movement, as the official media narrative goes.

      Political Crisis in Venezuela
    • Jeremy Corbyn at anti-Trump rally
      Last update: 22:04 07.06.2019
      22:04 07.06.2019

      Forget the Knockers: Peterborough Was a Stunning Win for Corbyn's Labour Party

      by Neil Clark

      The Inside the Tent 'pundits' called the 2016 EU Referendum wrong. They got the US Presidential election of the same year wrong. They got the UK 2017 General Election wrong- predicting a Labour wipe-out, and now they have got the Peterborough by-election wrong too. Aren't they marvellous?

    • a British flag is blown by the wind near to Big Ben's clock tower in front of the UK Houses of Parliament in central London
      Last update: 16:10 07.06.2019
      16:10 07.06.2019

      UK Politics at Breaking Point

      by Jon Gaunt

      Harold Wilson famously said that a week is a long time in politics. And the past seven days have proved this without a doubt, as British politics is at breaking point.

    • Dancers in period costume perform during an event to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day in Portsmouth, England Wednesday, June 5, 2019
      Last update: 18:42 06.06.2019
      18:42 06.06.2019

      During D-Day Commemorations Never Forget What the Soviets Gave

      by Tommy Sheridan

      On the 75 anniversary of the D-Day landings on the Normandy beaches in 1944 it is right and proper to remember the soldiers who landed in France willing to give their very lives to liberate Europe from the malignant forces of fascism which had brutally invaded, occupied, imprisoned and murdered millions of citizens across Europe from 1938 onwards.

    • Britain's Queen Elizabeth and U.S. President Donald Trump arrive at the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace in London, Britain June 3, 2019
      Last update: 12:08 05.06.2019
      12:08 05.06.2019

      US-UK Affair on the Rocks

      by Finian Cunningham

      Never has a visiting US president caused so much protest and division among the British public. For over 70 years, American and British leaders have flattered each other about a “special relationship” between the two states.

    • U.S. President Donald Trump arrives to Downing Street, as part of Trump's state visit in London, Britain, June 4, 2019
      Last update: 20:19 04.06.2019
      20:19 04.06.2019

      Trump Won't 'Drain the Swamp' – He Represents the Swamp

      by Tommy Sheridan

      Donald Trump talks incessantly about “draining the swamp” in reference to political corruption and lies in America.

      Donald Trump's State Visit to the UK
    • Britain's Queen Elizabeth II greets U.S. President Donald Trump as he arrives for the Ceremonial Welcome at Buckingham Palace, in London, Britain June 3, 2019
      Last update: 15:46 03.06.2019
      15:46 03.06.2019

      Trump Trumps Our Leaders!

      by Jon Gaunt

      Donald Trump is a 20th Century Fascist and we shouldn’t be rolling out the red carpet for him today with a State visit. No, not the views of some spotty sixth former or even of professional lefty ranter little Owen Jones. These are the views of the elected Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan!

      Donald Trump's State Visit to the UK
    • UK Conservative Party placards
      Last update: 23:40 31.05.2019
      23:40 31.05.2019

      Who Cares Who Leads Doomed Tories?

      by Jon Gaunt

      Forget about the return of Love Island the real action over the next few weeks is going to be on the “no love lost Island” of the Tory leadership competition.