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    • Eurasia
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      15:39 25.02.2017

      Eurasia Integration: A Three-Speed Affair

      by Pepe Escobar

      Europe, relatively integrated, lives today in a de facto two-speed reality. Eurasia integration, a work in progress and with vastly more reach, is for the moment a three-speed process, as seen through the positioning of three Central Asian “stans”.

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    • Moscow sights
      Last update: 17:04 22.02.2017
      17:04 22.02.2017

      Western Russophobia in Psychotic Phase

      by Finian Cunningham

      Western irrational fear of Russia – Russophobia – is no longer a random prejudice. It has become endemic pathological thinking among Western states.

    • President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participate in a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House
      Last update: 14:00 16.02.2017
      14:00 16.02.2017

      Insanity of NATO 2.0 for MidEast

      by Finian Cunningham

      As US President Donald Trump hosts Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House this week on the agenda is the formation of a “NATO-style” alliance for the Middle East, according to reports.

    • Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (File)
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      11:56 15.02.2017

      The Swamp Strikes Back

      by Pepe Escobar

      The tawdry Michael Flynn soap opera boils down to the CIA hemorrhaging leaks to the company town newspaper, leading to the desired endgame: a resounding victory for hardcore neocon/neoliberalcon US Deep State factions in one particular battle. But the war is not over; in fact it’s just beginning.

    • On Friday Russia marks the 97th anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution that started the Soviet era
      Last update: 20:20 10.02.2017
      20:20 10.02.2017

      February Revolution of 1917: Good Intentions, Tragic Fates?

      by Dmitry Babich

      Nicholas Daniloff, 82, the founder of the School of Journalism at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusets, and a former Moscow correspondent for the magazine US News & World Report, is one of very few Americans who have a personal connection to the February Revolution in Russia.

      Flashback to 1917: The Stories of the Russian Revolution
    • Member of the Specialized Criminal Prosecution Rajeh Zayed (L) responds to a call during a visit by human rights activists to a community hall that was struck by an air strike during a funeral on October 8, in Sanaa, Yemen, October 16, 2016
      Last update: 19:34 10.02.2017
      19:34 10.02.2017

      UN's $2Bln Yemen Appeal? Send the Bill to Washington, London and Riyadh

      by Finian Cunningham

      The United Nations this week launched an emergency appeal to raise $2 billion for humanitarian aid to Yemen – the Arabian Peninsula country where war has been raging for nearly two years.

    • White House chief strategist Steve Bannon listens as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with county sheriffs in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington
      Last update: 16:45 09.02.2017
      16:45 09.02.2017

      Will Andrew Jackson Trump Embody the Bannon Doctrine?

      by Pepe Escobar

      Amidst the deep recesses of Trumpology – the new discipline crammed with “experts” trying to decode the new American presidency – it has become fashionable to deride Chief White House strategist Steve Bannon as a Jurassic Park-style sociopathic swamp creature, a “quasi-fascist” comparable to Islamofascists.

    • A man on stilts dressed in a ceremonial guardsman costume poses for photographs for tourists as he hands out flyers and collects money for charity on the southern end of Westminster Bridge backdropped by the Houses of Parliament in London, Wednesday, February 8, 2017.
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      15:56 09.02.2017

      Brexit: The 'Hard' or 'Soft' Option and Does It Really Matter?

      by Neil Clark

      "Which do you choose, a hard or soft option?" It's doubtful that when The Pet Shop Boys wrote that lyric over 30 years ago, they could have envisaged the words having political significance in 2017 - ironically enough, the centenary of the year in which Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov aka Lenin, made the journey "from Lake Geneva to the Finland Station."

    • Ukraine's President Poroshenko
      Last update: 20:13 07.02.2017
      20:13 07.02.2017

      Poroshenko's Last Chance Saloon

      by Finian Cunningham

      Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko is playing a desperate poker game in which he is gambling his political future with an all-out war in Europe.

    • A journalist writes a material as she watches a live telecast of the U.S. presidential election standing at portraits of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Union Jack pub in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016
      Last update: 18:14 04.02.2017
      18:14 04.02.2017

      Trump or Putin? EU Loses Plot on Biggest Threat

      by Finian Cunningham

      If ever an image captured the dysfunctional nature of the European Union it was the assembled leaders of the 28 member states photographed at an ancient fortress on the Maltese island this week.

    • World
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      15:09 02.02.2017

      How the Liberalization of the Left Led to the Rise of the Far-Right

      by Neil Clark

      The 2008 financial crash, brought about largely by the greed and recklessness of very wealthy bankers, ought have been a great opportunity for the political left. But instead, as popular opposition to elite-friendly globalization grew, it was the right, and the far-right in particular, which gained ground in countries across the Western hemisphere.

    • Statue of Liberty
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      19:09 01.02.2017

      America is Tired

      by Alexander Mercouris

      The major takeaway from the US Presidential election, and from the events which have shaped the first two weeks of Donald Trump’s Presidency - both his actions and the reactions of his opponents - is that America is tired.

    • Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Grand Junction, Colorado, US October 18, 2016.
      Last update: 23:53 31.01.2017
      23:53 31.01.2017

      Are Saudi Jihadis Entitled to a "Safe Zone"?

      by Pepe Escobar

      Straight after the “extreme vetting” blitzkrieg – which, technically, is not a “Muslim ban” - President Trump called the lucidity-impaired King Salman of Saudi Arabia and “requested, and the king agreed to support” (in the words of the White House), safe zones in Syria and Yemen.

    • China's DF-41 ICBM
      Last update: 12:50 27.01.2017
      12:50 27.01.2017

      Say Hello to China's ICBMs

      by Pepe Escobar

      China's alleged deployment of a DF-41 strategic ballistic missile brigade to Heilongjiang province, bordering Russia, triggered a fascinating spectacle; how to spin – or not to spin - what necessarily represents a milestone in Russia-China's strategic partnership.

    • Villages in north-eastern Syria liberated from ISIL
      Last update: 18:39 26.01.2017
      18:39 26.01.2017

      Note to President Trump: Torture and Syrian 'Safe Zones' are Wrong

      by Alexander Mercouris

      US President Donald Trump continues the blizzard of activity with which he has begun his Presidency with pronouncements that the practice known as 'waterboarding' works, and that he wants to see 'safe zones' established for refugees within Syria.

    • Vladimir Putin and Francois Fillon at joint news conference, Moscow (file)
      Last update: 15:50 26.01.2017
      15:50 26.01.2017

      France Says 'No' to Russophobia

      by Dmitry Babich

      George Soros's worst nightmare is about to become a reality in a key European country – France.

    • Newly inaugurated U.S. President Donald Trump salutes as he presides over a military parade during Trump's swearing ceremony in Washington, U.S., January 20, 2017
      Last update: 19:37 22.01.2017
      19:37 22.01.2017

      Russia, Beware of Trump U-Turns

      by Finian Cunningham

      Russia has cautiously welcomed the US presidency of Donald Trump, but still Moscow is wisely keeping a wait-and-see position on whether it can work with the new White House occupant to improve international relations.

    • Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May visits the Wellbeing Centre which provides support to people recovering from mental health needs, in Aldershot, Hampshire, January 9, 2017.
      Last update: 15:42 20.01.2017
      15:42 20.01.2017

      Theresa May's Brexit Vision: Will It Work?

      by Neil Clark

      As you might have expected, Theresa May's Brexit speech, in which she ruled out Britain's continued membership of the EU's single market, has sharply divided opinion.

    • The day breaks behind the White House in Washington,DC
      Last update: 15:03 19.01.2017
      15:03 19.01.2017

      Here's How the Trump Presidency Will Play Out

      by Pepe Escobar

      The Trump era starts now – with geopolitics and geoeconomics set for a series of imminent, unpredictable cliffhangers.

    • U.S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks during a press conference in Trump Tower, Manhattan, New York, U.S., January 11, 2017
      Last update: 21:03 17.01.2017
      21:03 17.01.2017

      Trump’s Cat Among European Pigeons

      by Finian Cunningham

      Incoming US President Donald Trump threw a cat among the European pigeons this week after he said that the EU was heading for breakup and that he didn’t care much if that were to happen.