16:45 GMT +325 April 2019
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    • Nigel Farage and Donald Trump
      Last update: 21:37 23.04.2019
      21:37 23.04.2019

      Is Farage Our Trump?

      by Jon Gaunt

      I know that it is Easter but as far as resurrections go Nigel Farage has performed an absolute miracle in making his political comeback and he now dominates British Politics.

    • A view of St. Sebastian's Church damaged in blast in Negombo, north of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Sunday, April 21, 2019.
      Last update: 22:49 22.04.2019
      22:49 22.04.2019

      Sri Lanka's Easter Attacks Highlight the Ongoing Persecution of Christians

      by Neil Clark

      The horrific Easter Day attacks in Sri Lanka, which targeted three packed churches and five hotels and which at time of writing have claimed the lives of at least 290 people, represent yet another blood-stained chapter in the on-going persecution of Christians which is taking place all over the world.

      Multiple Deadly Explosions Hit Sri Lanka on Catholic Easter
    • Edinburgh, Scotland
      Last update: 17:08 21.04.2019
      17:08 21.04.2019

      My Independent Scotland is Part of Europe but Not the EU

      by Tommy Sheridan

      Political activism over a period of almost 40 years has taught me to cherish consistency and integrity but reject absolutism. Don't ever hoist anyone so high in your mind that they are beyond criticism or reproach. Supporting individuals and political parties is normal and healthy but never on a blind loyalty, blank cheque or 100% basis.

    • Climate change activists attend the Extinction Rebellion protest at Oxford Circus in London, Britain April 18, 2019.
      Last update: 20:28 18.04.2019
      20:28 18.04.2019

      Save the Planet But Spare Me the Lecture

      by Jon Gaunt

      I don’t know about Global Warming but I do wish that an ice cap would melt overnight and wash these scruffy middle-class eco-warrior tosspots off the streets of London.

    • a British flag is blown by the wind near to Big Ben's clock tower in front of the UK Houses of Parliament in central London
      Last update: 12:38 17.04.2019
      12:38 17.04.2019

      It's Not Personal but the Tories Are 'Lower Than Vermin' – Never Vote Tory

      by Tommy Sheridan

      Detailed analysis of the effect of Tory austerity policies on the lives of ordinary folk across the dis-United Kingdom were produced last week and reminded me of one of the best statements in one of the best films I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

    • Protesters rally against delay of the Brexit process in London, the United Kingdom on 29 March, 2019
      Last update: 13:47 15.04.2019
      13:47 15.04.2019

      Lammy, Are We All Nazis?

      by Jon Gaunt

      It was good to see that the Labour MP David Lammy was practising what his Glorious Leader Corbyn called 'a gentler and kinder form of politics' this weekend when he effectively described Boris, Jacob Rees Mogg and the European Research Group (ERG) as Nazis.

    • A supporter of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange talks to the media, after Assange was arrested by British police, outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Britain, April 11, 2019
      Last update: 12:29 14.04.2019
      12:29 14.04.2019
    • David Steel (now Lord Steel) looks at the Queen as she gives an address at the Scottish Parliament in 2002
      Last update: 22:39 13.04.2019
      22:39 13.04.2019

      MP Property Scam May Not Be Illegal But It Is Immoral

      by Tommy Sheridan

      During his time as the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament from 1999 to 2003 I often clashed with wee David Steel, the former UK Liberal leader.

    • Brexit
      Last update: 20:20 11.04.2019
      20:20 11.04.2019

      Let's Be Honest: Barring a Revolution, Brexit is Unlikely to Happen

      by Neil Clark

      So now it's the 31st of October. Does anyone, whether they're a Brexiteer or Remainer, seriously believe that Britain will have exited the EU by the latest 'deadline' agreed by Europe?

    • A poster featuring a Brexit vote ballot
      Last update: 19:56 11.04.2019
      19:56 11.04.2019

      UK War of Independence Starts NOW

      by Jon Gaunt

      Is it just me or is someone in the EU taking the proverbial out of Theresa May and the UK by offering this Zombie and her Cabinet of the walking dead an extension until Halloween?

    • Protesters rally in Washington, DC, supporting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
      Last update: 22:34 08.04.2019
      22:34 08.04.2019

      Venezuela vs America – Support the Legal Government Not the Illegal Rogue Nation

      by Tommy Sheridan

      You are mugged in the street by a gang of powerful and well organised thugs who rob you of your money and personal possessions. You are knocked to the ground and subjected to violent blows to your body and head that almost render you unconscious. You notice other citizens observe the assault but they appear too frightened to intervene.

    • Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May takes part in a general election broadcast, in London, Monday May 29, 2017. 
      Last update: 22:15 08.04.2019
      22:15 08.04.2019

      May - More Deluded Than Comical Ali?

      by Jon Gaunt

      Did you watch Theresa May’s cosy comfy chat with the nation yesterday? Coming over as a cross between Donald Trump and Joyce Grenfell she attempted to communicate with us, the masses, over the heads of the Main Stream Media.

    • The Palace of Westminster, comprising the House of Commons and the House of Lords, wchich together make up the Houses of Parliament, are pictured on the banks of the River Thames alongside Westminster Bridge in central London on March 29, 2017
      Last update: 14:22 05.04.2019
      14:22 05.04.2019

      House of Crooks?

      by Jon Gaunt

      I am all for conviction Politicians but dead against Politicians with criminal convictions voting on our country's future. I am outraged that the criminal MP, Fiona Onasanya effectively had the casting vote in the Commons this week to block any chance of a "no deal" Brexit.

    • Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party, launches the party's election manifesto at Bradford University, May 16, 2017.
      Last update: 20:30 04.04.2019
      20:30 04.04.2019

      Shoot Corbyn Video is Appalling – Dishonourable Discharges Must Follow

      by Tommy Sheridan

      Often viewing the major social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter requires a high degree of scepticism and caution as posts, pictures and stories are so easily manufactured with modern manipulation apps that you could be duped into believing that Elvis is still alive and well doing Karaoke in Tenerife.

    • Tiger Roll ridden by jockey Davy Russell (2R) jumps the water jump heading to victory in the Grand National horse race on the final day of the Grand National Festival at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, northern England on April 14, 2018
      Last update: 18:50 03.04.2019
      18:50 03.04.2019

      The Sputnik Intelligent Punter's Guide to the 2019 Grand National

      by Neil Clark

      AND THEY'RE OFF! Saturday sees the 2019 renewal of the most famous - and exciting-jumps race in the world: the Aintree Grand National. Forty horses will go to post in the 4m two and a half furlongs race, worth a mouth-watering £561K to the winner. Start time is 5:15 p.m.

    • Puppets of Conservative Party leader Theresa May and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn are seen during a protest against the BBC's broadcast restrictions on the Captain Ska song Liar Liar outside Broadcasting House in London, Britain June 2, 2017.
      Last update: 14:10 03.04.2019
      14:10 03.04.2019

      May, Corbyn and Jon Snow Despise Us

      by Jon Gaunt

      Jon Snow’s comment about there being so many white people on the Brexit march was clear racism which he should make a full apology for.

    • Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1991
      Last update: 16:13 01.04.2019
      16:13 01.04.2019

      Thirty Years Ago Thatcher Foisted Her Poll Tax on Scotland - We Fought Her and Won

      by Tommy Sheridan

      The 30th anniversary of Mrs Thatcher’s hated poll tax is upon us. On April 1st 1989 the policy which was officially called the Community Charge but forever more is referred to as the Poll Tax was introduced in Scotland ahead of a roll out in England and Wales on 1st April 1990.

    • Protesters rally against delay of the Brexit process in London, the United Kingdom on 29 March, 2019
      Last update: 20:07 29.03.2019
      20:07 29.03.2019

      The Day Democracy Died in the UK

      by Jon Gaunt

      Serial failure Theresa May must now call the removal firm and start packing the tea chests as she is no longer fit to be the leader of our country. There is no way that this political limpet can cling on any longer. Her deal is dead and so is her political career. Go now, woman for God's sake!

    • President George W. Bush (C) names Democratic former senator Chuck Robb (L) and former judge Laurence Silberman (R) as co-chairs of an independent commission to examine pre-war intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. February 6, 2004, Washington, DC.
      Last update: 13:43 29.03.2019
      13:43 29.03.2019

      Go West! British Navy Сhief Сonfirms Iraq War WMDs Сharade

      by Neil Clark

      Sixteen years on from the start of the illegal US-led invasion of Iraq, further evidence has emerged that the war was planned long before the attack took place and that the stated reason for it, ie 'Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction' was bogus.

    • Memorabilia is on sale at a stand at the Scottish National Party (SNP) Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. (File)
      Last update: 19:43 28.03.2019
      19:43 28.03.2019

      SNP Must Stop Trying to Save Britain and Instead Resolve to Dissolve Britain

      by Tommy Sheridan

      I am surely not the only advocate of independence for Scotland who has now reached frustration overload in the continuing shenanigans over Brexit.