04:14 GMT29 February 2020
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    • An activist holds a banner on climate change as protestors stage a sit in at a major road at Trafalgar Square in London, UK
      Last update: 14:12 GMT 28.02.2020
      14:12 GMT 28.02.2020

      Coronavirus is the Real Threat Not Climate Change


      Whilst we have a global outbreak od Coronavirus, spoilt school kids led by the 'pigtailed puppet' Greta Thunberg are demonstrating and striking in Bristol today.

    • Free Julian Assange
      Last update: 12:53 GMT 28.02.2020
      12:53 GMT 28.02.2020

      Assange Rips the Matrix


      The persecution of Julian Assange is one of those breakthrough moments when suddenly people realise that almost everything they have been told to believe is not true.

    • Last update: 17:12 GMT 26.02.2020
      17:12 GMT 26.02.2020

      Hosni Mubarak, the US's Dispensable Egyptian Ally


      The death of the former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak serves as a reminder that the US will ruthlessly discard old allies if they no longer serve the Empire’s geopolitical interests.

    • A female patient in a hospital
      Last update: 13:40 GMT 26.02.2020
      13:40 GMT 26.02.2020

      Virus Dread Stalking Britain


      The shambolic state of Britain's National Health Service puts the country at severe risk to a Coronavirus pandemic. With record numbers of patients being treated on trolleys in hospital corridors due to shortage of beds in wards, the inability to contain the deadly virus has a grim outlook.

    • Last update: 21:30 GMT 25.02.2020
      21:30 GMT 25.02.2020

      Boris Get Your Finger Out Now!


      Matt Hancock says that he is worried about Coronavirus and he bloody well should be. His sticking plaster reaction on Tuesday to advise Brits returning from Italy to self-isolate is too little and way too blooming late.

    • Glasgow Celtic fans (File photo).
      Last update: 04:08 GMT 25.02.2020
      04:08 GMT 25.02.2020

      Glasgow Celtic Were Rocked One Year Ago – Today #InLennyWeTrust


      Exactly 12 months ago Glasgow Celtic’s manager Brendan Rodgers informed a packed news conference in Glasgow that he was “fully concentrated” on Celtic amid speculation linking him with the then managerial vacancy at Leicester City Football Club.

    • Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., arrives to speak to supporters at a primary night election rally in Manchester, N.H., Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020.
      Last update: 17:59 GMT 24.02.2020
      17:59 GMT 24.02.2020

      Sanders Suckered on Russia


      It’s bad enough that US intel and the Democrat establishment are playing the hoax “Russia meddling” card. But then Bernie Sanders reinforced the canard by uncritically accepting it as fact instead of dismissing it for the nonsense it is.

    • FILE PHOTO: Soccer Football - Premier League - Manchester City v Burnley - Etihad Stadium, Manchester, Britain - October 20, 2018.
      Last update: 13:34 GMT 22.02.2020
      13:34 GMT 22.02.2020

      Mind the Gap! Football’s Wealth Divide Problem Goes Deeper Than Man City and FFP Breaches


      Man City have received a two-year ban from European competition for breaching Financial Fair Play rules, but there’s far bigger issues which need to be addressed over wealth disparities which are making the game too predictable.

    • Climate change
      Last update: 04:19 GMT 22.02.2020
      04:19 GMT 22.02.2020

      I am a Climate Extinction Cynic, Are You?


      Can we all please stop panicking and wake up, smell the coffee, and realise we are NOT living in a climate change emergency.

    • U.S. President Donald Trump arrives to the NASCAR Daytona 500 in Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S., February 16, 2020.
      Last update: 14:14 GMT 21.02.2020
      14:14 GMT 21.02.2020

      Trump Right to Purge Intel


      It now seems that Donald Trump’s surprise appointment of Richard Grenell as the new acting Director of Intelligence is motivated by a purge against Russophobes in the Deep State.

    • JADC rally Chatham House
      Last update: 18:34 GMT 20.02.2020
      18:34 GMT 20.02.2020

      Julian Assange Should Be Honoured and Thanked – Not Extradited to US


      Julian Assange is our collective conscience, our cause of speaking truth to power. Since the establishment of WikiLeaks in 2006 Julian Assange has performed an essential role in exposing the lies and dark crimes of the rich and powerful that normally operate above the law and beyond reproach.

    • Swedish krona
      Last update: 16:37 GMT 19.02.2020
      16:37 GMT 19.02.2020

      Is Sweden’s Drive Towards a ’Cashless Society’ Something to Emulate?


      Sweden is in many ways one of the most advanced countries in the world, but is its drive to become a cashless society a model others should be following?

    • Last update: 16:17 GMT 18.02.2020
      16:17 GMT 18.02.2020

      Axe the BBC Tax!


      The Queen has spoken. The BBC licence fee has had its day.

    • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
      Last update: 11:27 GMT 18.02.2020
      11:27 GMT 18.02.2020

      Erdogan’s Treacherous Bluff


      Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is like the proverbial thief who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Instead of slinking off in shame, he goes into a fit of rage as if he’s the one who is the injured party.

    • Lord Norman Fowler, the new Lord Speaker, left, speaks in the House of Lords chamber during his first sitting, in Parliament, London, Monday, Sept. 5, 2016
      Last update: 14:20 GMT 17.02.2020
      14:20 GMT 17.02.2020

      Political Parasites Paid £323 a Day – Unemployed Paid Less a Month


      If you are not appalled by the news that an unelected, unaccountable and unproductive lackey in the House of Lords is now entitled to a DAILY Allowance greater than the MONTHLY pay to a Universal Credit claimant then you are not listening, brain dead, heartless or a combination of all three afflictions.

    • In this file photo taken on December 08, 2019 Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid (L) passes a headset to Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson (R) so that he can speak to a supporter as they man the phones at the Conservative Campaign Headquarters Call Centre in central London on December 8, 2019.
      Last update: 14:33 GMT 14.02.2020
      14:33 GMT 14.02.2020

      We Voted for Boris NOT Javid


      Of course, the sacking of Sajid Javid is a power grab by Boris and Number 10 BUT what is wrong with that?

    • Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives at Downing Street in London, Britain February 13, 2020.
      Last update: 23:08 GMT 13.02.2020
      23:08 GMT 13.02.2020

      Thatcher Had Her ‘Vegetables’ – Johnson Has His ‘Poodles’


      To understand the crux of Thursday’s much vaunted Cabinet re-shuffle by Boris the Dictator it is necessary to recall one of the finest satirical sketches in political caricature history.

    • Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reacts as she delivers a speech, on Brexit day, in Edinburgh, Scotland, Britain January 31, 2020.
      Last update: 19:52 GMT 12.02.2020
      19:52 GMT 12.02.2020

      April 6th Is an Historic Day in Scotland – First Minister Must Call IndyRef2


      Scores of Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends have messaged me over the last twelve days seeking my response to the much trailed keynote speech delivered by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Friday 31st January in Edinburgh concerning the next step in the Scottish independence campaign.

    • Wormwood Scrubs Prison in west London
      Last update: 15:47 GMT 12.02.2020
      15:47 GMT 12.02.2020

      Deport All Foreign Criminals


      What planet is David Lammy living on? Why is he comparing the deportation of CONVICTED drug dealers, rapists, violent criminals and armed robbers to the disgusting way that Theresa May’s government treated the wholly innocent victims of the Windrush scandal?

    • President Donald Trump gestures as he arrives back to the White House, Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, in Washington, from a trip in Charlotte, N.C.
      Last update: 16:02 GMT 10.02.2020
      16:02 GMT 10.02.2020

      We the People vs. US Elites


      The double-debacle of President Trump’s impeachment and the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate race shows the limit of an American article of faith: that its democracy is founded on the principle of “we the people”.