06:24 GMT23 April 2021
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    Donald Trump's recent verbal bombshell has not only offended entire countries; it’s also had the effect of engaging journalists worldwide in an unspoken competition for the wittiest possible translation of Trump's "s***hole" into their mother tongue.

    Persian language media are no exception. BBC Persian, for instance, expressed the idea behind using the word "cesspool" (چاله مستراح). Radio Farda also employed the synonym "cesspool" or "privy" (چاه مستراح).

    Dwelle called the countries in question "stinking and dreggy" (کشور های گنداب). The Islamic Republic News Agency, or Irna, has referred to them as "cloaca" (چاه كثافت), while Iran’s Tasnim news agency opted for "toilet hole" (چاه توالت).

    Iran's Mehr News outlet chose to leave the notion untranslated and put three dots instead.

    Sputnik earlier compiled a collection of most bizarre translations of the American president's "shithole" renderings featured in international headlines.

    Taiwan’s Central News Agency went for "countries where birds don’t lay eggs," and Japan’s Sankei broadcaster referred to Haiti and a string of African countries Trump allegedly meant as "countries like toilets." Separately, another Japanese broadcaster, NHK, opted for "filthy countries" not to sound too offensive. The most politically correct options were generally suggested by Chinese media, which used language as simple as "bad countries" and Dutch Volkskrant daily newspaper, which translated Trump’s explosive remark into "backward countries."

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    If there has to be a winner, then we want to award the garland to our colleagues in Flemish media who went above and beyond the call of duty – rendering the expression as "testicle countries."

    Earlier, the protests and debate over Trump’s embarrassing statement ranged from strings of outspoken comments on social media to as far as light projections featuring 'shit' images and derogatory messages on the walls of an elite Trump hotel in central Washington, just a stone’s throw from the White House itself.


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