21:47 GMT21 October 2020
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    The European Space Agency has posted a detailed new video tour of the International Space Station (ISS).

     The size of a football field, the ISS is, according to the video, “The biggest structure ever built in space,” at least by humanity. Orbiting the Earth at about 28,000 kilometers per hour (roughly 17,150 mph), the space station hosts six astronauts on a rotating basis. The ISS is a collaboration with Japan, the US, Canada, Russia and Europe, first begun in 1998. 

    Included in the structure of the entire orbital platform, Europe’s Columbus laboratory houses research in biology, human physiology, radiation and fluid physics studies. Canada’s robotic arm manipulates large payloads and is, according to the video,"Instrumental in the building of the station." America’s Destiny is the largest of the research laboratory units, connecting with labs Unity and Tranquility. Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft is the off-world taxi of choice, and can deliver up to 3 astronauts to the station, launched on top of the popular RD-180 Russian rocket booster. Japan’s laboratory, Kibo, provides extra monitoring and safety facilities.

    See the full video below.



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