04:50 GMT23 June 2021
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    To join the army, recruits have to show high skills, discipline... and spiritual energy. Well, now we can see that the stars on the American flag are not just there to represent states, but to also guide people based on their Zodiac sign.

    The US Army has baffled netizens again, right on the heels of the infamous "woke" recruitment video, with an Instagram story that suggests different specialities for various Zodiac signs.

    "Wondering what your zodiac sign says about the kind of soldier you could be in the army? You'll just have to click through our Instagram story to find the answer because our lips are sealed over here", the post said, presenting several slides listing the assignments best-matched for "spiritual" recruits.
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    Unfortunately, many comments to the post show very little amusement, as people obviously believe that astrology is not the best way for soldiers to choose their career path.

    "So I think it's confirmed that a 13-year-old girl is running the US Army's page", one commentator said, summing up the disappointment.

    Defence One editor Kevin Baron was among the first critics of the post, slamming the US Army and attaching a link to an article about the success of pseudoscience from the satirical website The Onion.

    Last month, the US Army was blasted over a series of animated recruitment ads dubbed "The Calling", seeking to appeal to women and minorities in line with the Biden administration's policy to promote "equality".

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