21:27 GMT08 August 2020
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    Had the Internet processed the statement made by hip-hop artist Kanye West on his presidential bid, a realization came to some netizens that, if he does make it to the White House, his wife Kim Kardashian, a model, reality-star and influencer, would become the nation's first lady.

    Twitterati rolled out opinions on Kim Kardashian-West becoming the first lady of Kanye West, who has recently announced his intention to run for the Oval Office - without, however, directly specifying the year.

    The imagined FLOTUS has divided users, as some seem to have never been happier, and others "completely giving up on 2020" because of the possibility of Kardashian-West being in the White House. 

    Some seemed more disturbed with Kardashian-West as first lady than with Kanye West as president and commander in chief. Despite it sounding like a crazy alternate reality, Twitter offered its version of the world where the United States is run by a famous influencer couple. 

    First of all, there would be Kardashian-West's selfie from the Oval Office (and maybe not just one), users suggested.

    ​But then, others questioned, wouldn't she regret her new position because of inability to do advertising?

    ​Some noted that Kardashian-West would have more ways to do what she likes.

    ​Some thought of a presidential episode of the Kardashian family's reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians".

    ​Several users recalled Kardashian-West's biography and, well, saw the irony we could only see in 2020.

    ​Some saw the whole concept as very disturbing, which also falls in line with how 2020 continues to roll.

    ​Some vowed to move if a world in which the West family holds the Oval Office becomes real.


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