09:04 GMT26 November 2020
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    Locals startled by the unfamiliar appearance of the sea monster were not able to identify what it is, but believe it may have come from deep in the Pacific Ocean.

    A bizarre sea creature was discovered on the beach of Destiladeras in Punta Mita, in the western Mexican state of Jalisco. Locals who found the animal initially thought that it was a dolphin before noticing its strange physical appearance.

    The creature had a dolphin-like head, sharp teeth and a long snake-like tail, but lacked both eyes and fins. Fishermen told local media that the mysterious animal may have come from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, where no light penetrates and eyes are not needed.

    According to local media, none of the fishermen had ever seen the creature and have no idea how it could have washed up from the depths. Some assumed that the creature’s home may be the Puerto Vallarta marine area, which is thousands of meters deep very close to the shore.

    Local media outlets reported that the animal was found dead over the weekend on a beach located 20 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta, in Jalisco, supporting the suggestions of fishermen regarding the possible source of the rare creature.


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