05:05 GMT02 December 2020
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    The Swedish teen’s September speech at the UN Climate Action Summit, in which she accused world leaders of robbing her of her childhood, has caused some strong reactions from both her fans and opponents, with many jokes later emerging to mimic the climate activist’s address.

    English broadcaster and Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan just could not help but to weigh in on the controversy surrounding Greta Thunberg’s passionate address to the United Nations, where the young environmentalist slammed world leaders for stealing her “dreams” and “childhood” with the widely cited “how dare you?” remark.

    In a pic shared on the broadcaster ITV’s Instagram account, Morgan and his 9-year-old daughter Elise were captured looking all serious, apparently trying to impersonate Thunberg’s famous steadfast gaze directed towards US President Donald Trump. Morgan captioned the post with his daughter’s apparent quote, joking that she was also blaming him for “stealing” her childhood.

    “I’m going to do my Greta Thunberg face, Dada... because you’ve stolen my childhood too!” the post read, accompanied by the hashtag #howDAREshe.
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     “Piers how dare you HOW DARE YOU”, one of the messages under the post read, accompanied by smiley faces, which was a common reaction to Morgan’s joke.

    This is not the first time the British journalist has commented on Greta Thunberg’s environmentalist campaign - and his reactions were not always positive. Morgan previously branded the Swede a “hypocrite” for being a McDonald’s visitor despite her anti-climate change efforts. Nonetheless, he recently congratulated Thunberg for being chosen TIME’s Person of the Year, but noted that his view of the environmentalist was still “mixed”.

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