16:04 GMT13 July 2020
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    Pornhub's social media manager Aria Nathaniel adds significantly to the world’s most popular porn site, boasting at least six million followers on Instagram and 1.25 million more on Twitter.

    In an interview with the website Mashable, Pornhub's SMM Aria Nathaniel, the social voice and face of the world’s largest adult content provider, specifically focused on the details of her “big job”, which helps Pornhub stay relevant.

    First and foremost, Nathaniel noted that she always tries to keep abreast of the latest trends and news in order to create new posts on social networks.

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    “I try to latch on to mainstream trends and breaking news stories to boost engagement. If people are talking about something nonstop, I want to insert myself into that discussion. It’s me 24/7, 365”, she said.

    Nathaniel added that in particular, she is keeping herself “in the know” on such things as sports, politics, entertainment and video games.

    She admitted that she was happy with the fact that as far as Pornhub is concerned, it made it possible to get away from that mundane SMM work that's typical of the social networks of other companies, something that she said made Pornhub more “approachable”.

    “People are able to see me being silly on social media and are less inclined to think of us as strictly an adult entertainment platform. I like giving Pornhub a personality that many people can relate to”, Nathaniel said.

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    She praised Internet users for being “rather kind” to her in terms of harassing comments, saying that she evades trolls by being careful about what she picks to post about, and avoiding controversial political topics.

    Nathaniel also acknowledged that she has repeatedly been asked about why she hadn’t 'done porn', which she said she takes as compliment.  She added in this vein that she rarely even visits porn sets.

    “Because I’m the brand ambassador it’s pretty rare [that] I’d wind up on the production set unless it was for a marketing campaign. We do very little production ourselves, actually, which usually surprises most people”, Nathaniel noted.

    She emphasised that working in the adult entertainment business did not have an impact on her attitude toward sex.

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    “People always expect me to be super horny or super desensitised to sex from working here, but I don’t feel a shift in anything at all. If anything, I’m just more informed,” Nathaniel said, adding that working at Pornhub is “like being in sex ed class 24/7, and I mean that in the best way possible”.

    She concluded by saying that she was amazed at people realising she not a bot and “actually a real human” and that  she is proud of the fact that she had never got over herself for the sake of attracting people’s attention.

    “Pornhub Aria is who I am as a person. I haven’t changed to conform to people’s preferences or anything. I’m super authentic and take pride in that,” she said.


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