14:22 GMT03 December 2020
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    Social media has been buzzing about the unconventional White House reception for the college football champions, where Donald Trump decided to treat them to fast food due to the government shutdown. However, some pointed the spotlight at another catering option that the president casually mentioned, alleging it to be inappropriate and sexist.

    CNN host Erin Burnett and analyst Joan Walsh have lambasted the US president for his comment about the First Lady making “little quick salads” for the White House reception for the Clemson Tigers during a catering emergency while the kitchen staff is furloughed.

    “It’s incredibly sexist. He shouldn’t talk about the first lady in that way. We aren’t all here to make salads for men”, Walsh said.

    Burnett, hosting a panel at CNN known for its feud with Donald Trump over their reporting on him, pointed out that “sometimes what people say when they’re being funny exposes exactly who they are and what they think”.

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    “Not that there’s any question, but this is pretty clear”, she added, apparently hinting at past purportedly sexist scandals involving Trump, while another participant of the discussion, conservative commentator Scott Jennings, defended the president, saying that his vis-à-vis “might be over-reading this one”.

    This discussion prompted heated online debate. Some even detected sexism in the comments.

    ​There were also those who encouraged fellow users to confront Jennings, calling the whole situation over-reading.

    ​Others questioned the merit of the accusation.

    ​Trump paid for the party out of his own pocket, as the White House catering staff, who usually caters such events with thought-out menus and delicacies, has been furloughed without pay, like many federal workers across the country, due to the ongoing partial governmental shutdown. A known fan of fast food, the US president treated the guests – college football champions the Clemson Tigers — to burgers, fries and pizza from McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King and Domino's.


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