11:33 GMT25 September 2020
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    Ottawa's $12.6 billion US in tariffs on US goods, introduced in response to Washington's duties on Canadian steel and aluminum, stepped into effect on July 1, when Canadians celebrate their nation's 151st anniversary.

    The Canadian government's official list of goods targeted for retaliation range from tomato sauce and toilet paper to mayonnaise and motorboats, all of which will be hit with a 10% import tariff beginning Sunday. Other items, including an array of US steel products, will be hit with a 25% tax.

    Canadians, already peeved over the US tariffs and President Trump's characterization of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as "weak" and "dishonest," held nothing back in attacking the president on Canada's national holiday.

    Others, promoting the #BoycottUSA campaign to buy Canadian products, used the holiday to remind their compatriots about the campaign, with some suggesting it should be taken a step further.

    Canadians also didn't buy President Trump's official Canada Day message, which spoke of the two countries' "close bonds" and "partnership on the global stage." Users stressed that they didn't want the president's wishes.

    Canada's Foreign Affairs Ministry warned Washington that the US has no justification for further retaliation to Ottawa's tariffs, saying that Canada is allowed to take reciprocal countermeasures under North American Free Trade Agreement rules.


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