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    The famous model was posing topless on a rock on the beach in Aruba for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition when a wave that initially looked small surprised both her and the camera crew.

    When Kate Upton was signing up for being photographed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, she probably wasn’t counting on actually swimming without a bikini top. Well the sea decided otherwise — when the famous model was posing topless on a rock for one of the shots, small wave crawled behind her, gradually gaining strength before ultimately knocking Kate off her feet and right into the water.

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    The whole incident, which took place in October 2017, recently resurfaced in Sports Illustrated’s official Instagram account.

    The photoshoot team rushed to her, to check if she was all right, but fortunately the model wasn’t hurt.

    "The next coming wave didn’t look that large from my point of view but it must have hit the rock just right […] The skirt with all the tulle, whenever it’s wet is very heavy and dragged me down," commented she on the video.

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    Some Instagram users noted the odd predicament Kate found herself in: when one of the crew tried to help her get off the rock by extending his hand, she had to throw decorum to the wind (and waves) by revealing her breasts.

    “Imagine being this guy. “Just give me your hand, who cares if I see your tits, hahaha”, commented joshlewis1.

    Others noted that with her body composition she shouldn't be afraid of water. Most of the users just expressed their concern for the well-being of the model.


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