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    Ye Olde Switcheroo: Former Mother Gives New Birth as Father

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    This makes the Wisconsin resident the first person to give birth as a man, following a previous pregnancy as a woman.

    According to the Mirror, Kaci Sullivan successfully delivered a baby, conceived with his partner Steven.

    The transgender man reportedly took a break from undergoing male hormone treatment for the purposes of the pregnancy.

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    Sullivan, who was assigned the female gender at birth, already had one child, 5 year old Grayson, from his previous marriage, which he entered before the transition.

    The 30 year-old business student said that he married at 19, but then slipped into depression and heavy drinking before rediscovering himself as a man.

    Sullivan, who runs TransLiberation Art Coalition, stated that the pregnancy "didn't make [him] feel any less masculine", noting that he does not "see pregnancy as inherently feminine" and does not "subscribe to make-believe gender roles."

    Speaking about the online abuse, the father said that he does not "engage or respond" to the haters.

    "They will try and find our safe space and violate it with their opinions, but they are jerks. I don't waste my time or energy by giving them anything in return."

    Sullivan said that he is committed to raising his child "gender-neutral" before he or she can make the decision him or herself.

    "I wish people realized that they're not asking me about the baby's gender identity," Kaci said.

    "There is no way anyone could know that. They're asking me what my baby's genitals look like. This is a creepy question when we break it down."


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