21:26 GMT24 February 2021
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    Psychologist, author and niece of the ex-president of the Unites States, Mary Trump, had long been known as an ardent critic of her uncle, whom she earlier blasted as "psychologically incapable" of running the country.

    Former president Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, has claimed she wants to change her last name in order to disassociate herself from her uncle, while also weighing in on rumors of a rift between Melania Trump and the ex-POTUS, writes The Telegraph.

    The author of a scathing memoir about the ex-POTUS slammed Donald Trump, who was earlier impeached a second time by the House of Representatives, as having inflicted “incalculable damage" on the country.

    "I am prepared to change my name if need be," said the 55-year-old clinical psychologist.

    Interviewed on a Zoom call from her New York apartment, the author of the memoir, "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man", which was released in July 2020, was quoted by the outlet as saying she was the only Trump ‘willing to tell the world about the kind of man he is”.
    She added that President Biden's Inauguration Day was “a day for me to break out the champagne”.

    The estranged relative of the former president also addressed speculations that Melania Trump was unhappy in her marriage and is allegedly seeking a divorce.

    Rumours of the couple parting ways began to spread after Donald Trump and his spouse arrived in Palm Beach, Florida, after the term of the 45th president of the United States ended on 20 January 2021 with Democrat Joe Biden’s inauguration.

    ​The ex-FLOTUS, dressed in a Kardashian-style flowing Gucci kaftan appeared to have a stony look on her face as she strode past her husband, dismissing his attempt to pose with her for the photographers.

    The video clip had gone viral, with some suggesting a divorce might not be long in coming.

    The daughter of the late Fred Trump Jr., older brother of Donald Trump, said that while the former first lady might not divorce him, she was of the opinion that the ex-president is not wired to understand “affection or intimacy”.

    “I don't believe he understands affection or intimacy,” she said, when questioned whether she thought Donald Trump loved his wife.

    During the last days of Donald Trump’s stint at the White House the former first lady "slept in separate rooms" according to sources cited by CNN, with the Slovenian-American former model and businesswoman described as "not sad to be leaving" and anxious to just "go home".

    Melania Trump addressed some of the rumours in a candid interview in October 2018 with ABC News’ Tom Llamas, opening up on a variety of topics including her marriage and husband’s alleged infidelity.

    The-then FLOTUS insisted she loves Donald Trump and has “much more important things to think about” than claims he cheated on her with a porn star. Interviewed while touring Africa, she said people were just spreading rumours about their marriage.

    “I know people like to speculate and media like to speculate about our marriage and circulate the gossip … and, unfortunately, we live in this kind of world today,” she replied.

    Asked if she loves her husband, Melania Trump said: “Yes, we are fine. Yes.”

    As for the speculations of a Trump divorce, netizens reacted to the tarmac incident as showing how Melania Trump was ‘done with her fake role’.

    ​Some comments on Twitter speculated that the financial issue might make her opt to at least postpone a divorce.


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