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    U. S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter (File)

    Carter: US Shouldn't 'Limit' Itself in Response to Alleged Russian Hacking

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    US Secretary Defense Ash Carter said the US shouldn't "limit" itself in its response to Russia's alleged hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

    Speaking to NBC's "Meet the Press," Carter didn't explicitly call the hack an "act of war," as Senator John McCain has, but said, "Whatever you call it, it's an aggressive act against our very democracy, and that's why I think all Americans need to regard it very seriously."

    As to what should be done in response, Carter seemingly left all options on the table, even saying the response shouldn't be "purely military."

    "I think we should not limit ourselves, when cyber is the means used to commit aggression against us, to a cyber response," he said. "I don't think it should be a military or purely military response."

    But there must be a response, he stressed.

    President Barack Obama has already thrown 35 Russian diplomats out of the country and shut down two country retreats, characterized by some as "spy compounds" and others as "vacation houses."

    "I think the steps that have been taken so far probably represent a beginning and not the end," Carter said. There should be more and probably will be more, he said. And with no "limits," who knows what they may be?

    Carter also praised the work of the US intelligence community in identifying Russia as the DNC culprit, despite skepticism. LINKS. He called the report that finally assigned blame for the leaked emails "painstaking" and "careful," characterizations that have been repeatedly challenged in the press

    Carter was gloomy in his assessment of US-Russia relations, likening them to the strain of the height of the Cold War 35 years ago, when he first began working at the Pentagon. "At that time we had serious problems with Moscow, as we do now," he said. However, he said, the US has always sought common ground with Russia and ways to work together even in (cold) wartime. 

    The current difficult in doing that is because Russia, rather than pursuing its own prosperity and development as a nation, is spending time and treasure merely antagonizing the US, according to Carter. To what end, he did not say.

    "What's become difficult in recent years is that Russia under Putin has tended to define its interests as being ones of frustrating the United States rather than pursuing its own interests," Carter asserted.  


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      interesting image; the blindness of the neocon.
    • Hermesin reply tojlamenzo(Show commentHide comment)
      I think you underestimate the depths they will stoop to not to have Trump as a president.
      All the signs show they will never give up and do anything to stop that.
    • Hermesin reply toedover3(Show commentHide comment)
      I think with Trump in power his future may not be all that rosy.
    • avatar
      ""What's become difficult in recent years is that Russia under Putin has tended to define its interests as being ones of frustrating the United States rather than pursuing its own interests," Carter asserted.'

      Carter, unknown to me, is constantly forcing himself into public view, not for himself necessarily, but surely for a third person or party. He does not represent Obama very well, as that person is clueless and wants to remain out of view where strategy and formulation of one is needed. I am reminded that George W acted the same way when Rumsfeld would just take over an interview, a press conference or something that needed an intelligent response off the teleprompter.

      That being said, I have to question the mental order of a Carter. This man has always bothered me when he talks in 'politicalese'. I can never figure out his point of reference. I don't see Carter telling Obama what he is going to do, because he is the mouthpiece of the Pentagon, not the President. Still, there is something strange about this man when he talks.

      It is said that one of the variants of the histrionic personality, is that the person has a style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail. Nothing says that about Carter as clearly as did this interview. We all should be thankful, too, that ANOTHER histrionic personality will not be in the WH for the next four years.
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      Does he want a thermo-nuclear war?

      How many regime change/colour revolutions has the US been involved in?

      What actual evidence does he have that emphatically states that Russia made Hilary place her SOS files on her personal servers, and shared them between friends? What did they find on her friend, Huma Abedin's husbands Yahoo Account?

      Was it Russia that forced Podesta to hand over his security details and passwords, when he was phished?
    • avatar
      I don't underestimate them one bit...they killed JFK, RFK, MLK, MX and many others...I've lived through a despicable history of betrayal and hypocrisy relative to the stated ideals of what a functioning democracy is supposed to be.
    • nuclearstarr
      Since when do US generals make political policy? Truman fired MacArthur for his disagreement on what the US should do in Korea. Trump needs to get rid of Carter immediately. Obama didn't have the balls to do so when Carter refused to go along with the cease fire that Kerry had negotiated by ordering an attack on the Syrian Armed Forces at Diez Ezzor. Trump needs to make it perfectly clear to the Pentagon that the Executive Branch is in charge.
    • avatar
      What a loser.
      I could care less what happens to America, for all the evil it has done it should reap what it's sown.
    • avatar
      terryjohnodgersin reply torajivalgoo(Show commentHide comment)
      rajivalgoo, he would have a point if what he stated was true.
    • Hermesin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      of course he doesn't want nuclear war. Not with USA involved anyway.
      He is just making a lot of noise to support the case that Trump's election was illegal under the constition. If that doesn't work they can plant some microphones in the democratic headquarters and have henry kissinger call the washington post
      and if that doesn't work there is always the kennedy method for getting rid of presidents.
      They never expected him to be the presidential candidate and they didn't in their wildest dreams ever think he would be president. But he is and now he has the power to expose them and they will lose control over USA policy.
      They will not allow that.
    • avatar
      terryjohnodgersin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, he is more the fascist than what you describe him as. There is nothing Conservative about those labelled neocons.
    • avatar
      marcanhaltin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, There are a lot of frustrated out-of-work generals at the Pentagon that did not go to military colleges/universities for nothing, that want to play Patton, Rommel and whoever, as they have a theory about war that is going 'unused.' There is no other justification that they, and Carter, want something bigger than the over 200 'hot spots' that the US is involved in, at the present. There are certain things that God hates, and "feet that are swift in running to mischief" is one of them. So is a "haughty look" which Carter seems to endorse every time he can. It means, that he will not lower his eyes for anyone.
    • avatar
      “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

      ― Adolf Hitler
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terry, I was being diplomatic, otherwise I would have dipped into the DSM and ICD for psychiatric assessments. :)
    • avatar
      Ah, more inspiring words from the mentally defficient and challenged government of the good ole US....but the day will come when the US will have to be held accountable.
    • avatar
      As Mike Rivero would say, here you go Ashton, here's your rifle and helmet and your day-glow orange suit. We will call Mr. Putin that you are on the way. Take care now. Ashton you are a drunken bum.Why don't you pin another medal on Obumer's chest if you can stand up that is.
    • avatar
      12 days. Let us make it 12 days until this neocon (Ashton) is gone from the stage.
    • avatar
      Donnyin reply toMagenta61(Show commentHide comment)
      Magenta61, He does sniff his nose a lot. You can hear it every time he is talking. Maybe it is more than only alcohol.
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      angry american
      Ash Carter is a complete pos like Obama. both are Soros hand puppets. what the USA and NATO have done to the Mid-East is CRIMINAL. they literally murdered millions for Israel AFTER the Mossad, the CIA and BushCo rigged the Trade Towers with explosives. Thankfully, Putin stopped their war fun in Syria. Now the terrorist jews can't do a huge land-grab in Syria. What a shame.....
    • The Night Wind
      Carter has so crippled the US Military that when he tried deploying 'elite special forces' in Syria they had to be rescued by the Turkish Army. Iraqi forces won't let US troops anywhere near Mosul because they keep getting shot by civilian snipers who hate them as much as they hate ISIS.
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