06:53 GMT22 June 2021
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    The Obama administration claims that its plans to send "advisers" into Syria do not constitute "boots on the ground." But that line doesn’t appear to be fooling anyone, as Twitter erupts in protest of yet another American war abroad.

    In the days following Washington’s announcement that it would launch airstrikes in Syria, social media users rallied against the idea. A number of Congressional leaders were inundated with phone calls and emails, emphatically arguing against deepening America’s military entanglements.

    Now, in the wake of the White House’s decision to send between 30 and 50 "advisers" into the conflict, activists are calling for similar mass demonstration online.

    "Such a deployment would also be the foot in the door for future troop increases justified on the basis of 'force protection,'" Dan Sanchez writes for Antimedia.

    "Tell Washington they must not and cannot send American sons into the Syrian cauldron. And while you’re at it, tell them to stop feeding that cauldron’s flames with money and guns for Islamist insurgents."

    The response has already been immense.

    The immediate outrage can largely be contributed to the fact that Western citizens are no longer buying the lies of their political leadership.

    "Although President Obama is trying to deny that there are boots on the ground, it is very clear, and I don’t think anybody in the United States is [fooled] that this is exactly what it is," Chris Doyle, Director of the Council for Arab-British Understanding, told Radio Sputnik.

    As the Doyle points out, the Obama administration’s plan is less about immediate military strategy, and more about sending a message.

    "50 troops is not going to bring about the imminent defeat of [IS]. It’s simply sending a message out that the US is still serious about this, and that is also is prepared to intervene in Syria," Doyle says."

    "I think that it’s a fair bet that, frankly, this was to demonstrate the United States was still willing to project force in Syria if it so chooses," he added.


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