12:21 GMT23 October 2020
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    As the clientele of off-line entertainment entities is in severe decline as more and more are bound to their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic, these turbulent few weeks of social distancing have been a total blessing for digital content providers, including ones that cater to basic instincts in a bid to ease everyday concerns.

    As offices and top-visited public places shut across the world to prevent the spread of COVID-19, self-isolated citizens are increasingly turning to such top entertainment providers as Pornhub.

    According to data released by the website X-rated on the latest viewing and search trends, traffic was up 6.4 percent in the US on Tuesday compared with a February average while three weeks earlier, around 24 February, viewings were down by nearly 1 percent.

    In Canada, traffic increased even further - by 7.2 percent, the company wrote on its website, adding that although isolation efforts began later in North America than in Europe, their charts show that “many visitors from the United States quickly adjusted to their new at-home life by March 17th", logging into the adult video platform in large numbers.

    The company also specified that late-night hourly traffic to the X-rated content also saw a huge increase compared to an average day.

    “Traffic was a massive 40.3 percent above average at 3 a.m., before dropping -11.9 percent at 7 a.m. That was followed by a 26.8 percent increase mid-afternoon", they added.

    The company noted that viewers had been increasingly including the word “coronavirus” in their searches, with Washington D.C. residents being 33 percent more likely to do so. The other states that are apparently more interested in coronavirus-related Pornhub content are New York, where 24 percent are more likely to search the term, 22 percent in Washington state, and 18 percent more in West Virginia.

    “Folks from North Dakota are the least likely to search by -43 percent when compared to the rest of the country", Pornhub statisticians concluded.

    Meanwhile, there has been an even more drastic uptick in total Pornhub viewings across quarantined European countries, where the company altruistically offered free access to its content.

    For instance, in Italy, the daily average skyrocketed on 12 March after Pornhub offered free Premium service to the whole country, which has been hit the hardest in Europe by the raging novel virus. Beginning 16 March, the same offer was made to France and Spain: traffic from France was up 38.2% on 17 March and 61.3% in Spain as millions eagerly made use of their free Pornhub Premium service.

    As per worldometers.info, the total number of coronavirus infections have climbed to above 245,850 around the world, with the death toll currently at 10,047, primarily in Italy (3,405). Overall 88,441 people are registered to have recovered.

    The spread of the virus has been officially given pandemic status, with many countries around the world introducing quarantine or self-isolation measures to curb and prevent the swift spread of COVID-19.


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