16:14 GMT18 April 2021
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    Dashcam video footage of an object streaking across the sky above Croatia in spectacular fashion and subsequently exploding has since gone viral on social media

    A meteor was seen flashing across the sky above Croatia at 10:31 a.m. local time on Friday, followed by what witnesses claim was a loud clap of thunder.

    Caught on Dashcam video, the bright object is clearly visible as it streaks across the heavens only to explode when entering the atmosphere.

    The video clip went viral after it was posted on Facebook by a user.

    Subsequently, numerous users have gone online to post their footage and photos of the event.

    According to the Geological Survey, the meteor supposedly exploded at a very high altitude somewhere between Istria and Novo Mesto, with some sources speculating the meteor remains have fallen on the border between Slovenia and Croatia.

    The Croatian Astronomical Union wrote on its Facebook page that the disintegration of the bright object, visible from a large geographic area covering Istria, Dalmatia, and Zagreb, must have occurred at an altitude of at least 30 kilometers above sea level.

    The blast lasted for several seconds, with windows reportedly shaking in some places. No material damage was reported.

    More accurate location of the explosion, wrote the Union, requires seismological station data from Croatia and Slovenia, as well as additional security camera footage.

    The Astronomical Union wrote that while it was possible that fragments of the meteorite had fallen to earth, the exact location is unknown, and without expert analysis, all discovered "potential meteorites" have no value.

    The Facebook post urged witnesses to the event or those having access to security camera footage to send in original photos and videos.



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