14:50 GMT02 March 2021
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    Former Al-Qaeda member Mounir al-Motassadeq, convicted of preparing the 2001 terrorist attacks, is to be released after 15 years in a German prison and sent home to Morocco. According to German media he will be taken there on board of a chartered plane in a special operation, as local security services fear that US intelligence may intercept him.

    Forty-four-year-old Mounir el-Motassadeq, imprisoned in Germany for taking part in organizing terror attacks on the US on September 11, 2001, is to be secretly deported to his homeland of Morocco after October 15, the Bild news outlet reported.

    The exact date of the release is being kept secret, however. According to the newspaper, citing German authorities, he will be transported across the Mediterranean on a chartered flight. The tabloid claims that all these precautions are being taken to prevent the US Central Intelligence Agency from intercepting the man, who was the only one imprisoned for the terrorist attack, which left nearly 3,000 people dead, to interrogate him.

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    El-Motassadeq, who studied in Hamburg in 2001, was a member of the local Al-Qaeda* cell, which prepared one of the pilots, who perpetrated the attacks and was dubbed its "minister of finance." In 2004 he was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

    Earlier, information emerged that the plotter was to be released earlier than expected and repatriated to Morocco. He will also not be allowed to re-enter Germany until April 3, 2064.

    *Daesh (IS/ISIS/ISIl/Islamic State), Al-Qaeda and Taliban — terrorist groups banned in Russia


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