20:53 GMT +324 March 2017
    An Israeli F-15 E fighter jet (File)

    Israeli Jets Attacked by Missiles From Syrian Territory Military

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    Middle East
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    Israeli Air Force planes were targeted from the ground after they attacked several targets on the territory of Syria, a spokesperson of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) told Sputnik on Friday.

    TEL AVIV (Sputnik) – Overnight on Thursday, local media reported that the sounds of explosions and sirens were heard in the Jordan Valley area.

    "I can say that the sirens were the result of the incident," an Israel Defense Forces spokesperson told Sputnik, referring to the launch of missiles at Israeli planes that carried out attacks on targets in Syria.

    The incident did not result in any damages or casualties on the Israeli side.

    Last month, it was reported that Israeli military aircraft conducted an airstrike on the Syrian government forces stationed in the western countryside of Damascus near the Lebanese border.

    US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles conduct airstrikes in Syria and Iraq
    © REUTERS/ U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Matthew Bruch/Handout
    Prior to that, Israel bombed a military airport near Damacus. A Syrian official told Sputnik that it was done "to encourage and support terrorists". Damascus vowed repercussions.

    The civil war in Syria has been lasting for around six years with government troops fighting against numerous opposition factions and terror organizations such as al-Nusra Front and Daesh, outlawed in Russia.

    The nationwide Syrian ceasefire regime was introduced on December 30, 2016. Terrorist organizations are not part of the ceasefire.


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      What is RUSSIA DOING?

      ALLOWING Israel to ATTACK AT WILL the terrorist fighting force. Russia should get real TOUGH and threaten Israel NOT to fly inside Syria nor ATTACK. This is ALL RUSSIA'S FAULT!!

      Is vast time Russia stop playing the DISTRACTED, and DO what is suppose to DO.
      This will destabilize the region further, Plus Israel is playing a CARD to keep GOLAN, And even take more lands.
      Syria have NOTHING to fight with a modern army. Or ISRAEL would be COWERING attacking unarmed Palestine and GAZA.
    • avatar
      That's your warning, Israel. Start WWIII if you want it that bad, but it is best to stay on YOUR side of the Syria/Israel border.
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      Hopefully, next time the missiles will hit the Israeli planes.
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      What a shame no zionist were killed nor Americans' tax funded military jets were destroyed!
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      Did they miss? and if they did I bet the undies will be thrown away!
    • ewt2020
      The Israeli airforce should take the hint that next time it may be a Russian missile and this will not miss.
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      Israel the master lap dog from the Usa terror state in the mid East will provoke Syria !!!
      Next time Syria should sent Russia missile on this terror state !!!
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      My Q is: what will the Israelis do if Syrian ground troops were equipped with s-400?
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      What the devil doing
    • Hermesin reply totobi.gelando(Show commentHide comment)
      It's the other way around. It's USA that's the lap dog.
    • Hermes
      Just like the last two attacks by the jews there is no report on casualties on the Syrian/Russian side. I wonder what kind of missiles were used but I bet my bottom dollar that they were quite harmless and not capable of hitting anything.
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      Erik Trete
      Syria must regain control of its airspace and Russia should help it do so.
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