12:22 GMT +329 March 2017
    Damascus explosion

    Israeli Airstrikes Target Military Airport in Damascus - Syrian State TV

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    A Mezzah military air facility was struck by several explosions near the Syrian capital of Damascus. Israeli rockets took aim at an ammunitions hub, producing an enormous explosion, according to Syrian state TV.

    "Rockets strike at Mezzeh Military airport in Damascus minutes ago," Hadi al-Bahra, former president of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces said on Twitter in the early hours of Friday, posting pictures of the explosions. The blasts were reportedly caused by heavy bombing conducted by Israel, local activists and journalists reported on Twitter.

    The airport is a major strategic asset used by Syrian elites, military officials and troops as a transit complex.

    ​The Syrian government also used the airport as a military outpost to launch artillery shells at former rebel-held areas in the suburbs of Damascus.

    ​The death toll from the attacks has yet to be determined, according to a journalist on the ground. The airstrikes "may have taken out Syrian commanders," according to Georgetown Center for Security Studies' John Arterbury. 

    Syrian state TV says that the Israeli military conducted the airstrike. The Israeli military declined comment.

    Earlier in the day, a suicide bomber killed seven people and left many more wounded.

    Following the attacks, a Syrian Army spokesman warned that Israel would face repercussions of the "flagrant" attack on the Mezzah military airport. A spokesman was also quoted on Syrian state TV saying that the projectiles originated near Lake Tiberias in northern Israel just after midnight.

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    • Hermesin reply todc801(Show commentHide comment)
      There is lot of Russian personel on the ground in Syria and if it turns out their own country won't defend them agains israeli airstrikes president Putin is a goner.
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      dc801in reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, i doubt Putin would allow that and Israel isn't crazy enough to target Russian forces it would be a declaration of war. My guess is Israel was targeting Hezbollah. They've seemed to do that here and there
    • Hermesin reply tokarlof1(Show commentHide comment)
      and when was the last time either Russia or Syria retaliated after Israel bombed Syria? And please don't call them zionists. Call them jews because that's their name. Don't obscure things by inventing names for groups that in practice do not exist and cannot be defined as an entity..
    • avatar
      Probably targeted ammo/rockets etc left behind in Aleppo to make sure Hezbollah dont get hands on there stuff! pure speculation mind you? rockets were tracked from Northern Israel so not air attack? Israel seems to have rockets that can run around buildings and evade defensive screens? why would Israel just target one coordinate if leaders involved attempted assassination or revenge for Russian strike on Israeli command centre in Aleppo? umm I think Israel should calm down Russia still owes them big time for nasty deed and may decide to act.

      Pretty gutless by Israel as calculation that Russia wont compromise new presidency?
      Anyway not entirely unexpected I would have thought as Israel and friends determined peace talks fail in Syria,wants them kept occupied and flame to spread they are desperate alright.
    • Hermesin reply todc801(Show commentHide comment)
      hezbollah is an ally of Assad in Syria and also an ally of Russia. Are you saying that Russia let's the jews freely bomb their allies in Syria.
      That would mean that Russia and Israel conspire to kill off hezbollah members. That wouldn't go down well with their allies I think.
      But you are just assuming something. The article says they were targetting Syrian forces.

      ....The airport is a major strategic asset used by Syrian elites, military officials and troops as a transit complex.....

      So it's very likely there is Russian personel on the ground there.
    • Hermesin reply toAndrew J(Show commentHide comment)
      Andrew J,
      May I remind you that christianity was invented by jews and that christians worship the jewish wargod jawheh who they were told is a god of love.
      Christians should return to their old prechristian beliefs and kill the jew in themselves.
    • avatar
      More PROOF that the Zionist Jews (in amerika and Israel) created ISIS to destroy Syria for the benefit of the Zionists, Jewish neocons, MI Complex, the pentagram and an oil pipeline through Syria from Qatar. The Israelis want to provoke Russia it seems---someone needs to punish the Israelis for this. Iran. Libya and Syria were all WARS FOR ISRAEL.
    • Hermesin reply toTornado_Doom(Show commentHide comment)
      as long as Russia is willing to eat jewish sht it will pile up in huge quantities. Just look at Ukrain.
    • avatar
      Hermes ....your cynicism is not matched by Russia trying to solve inflamed issues by avoiding a wider conflict that could flare into WW3, with 100's of millions of lives lost!
      One cynical act does not constitute a war or your pessimism.

      Are you saying you would have unleashed a massive retaliation against Israel....really!!?
      and you expect Putin to be as crazy minded as you are being right now? comon keep your posts rational!
    • avatar
      Complete Russian fault. Instead of warning NOT TO Attack , all Russia does is talk 24/7.
      This is exactly sent to engage in war with Syria to topple the government.
      Hopefully, Russia will engage and return Golan to Syria in retaliation. And maybe KICK this hooligan squatters OFF occupied lands. Trump could start a nuclear war. And Sanctions against Israel for proliferation of nuclear weapons.
      Maybe that teach them a lesson, that they never imagined.
      The BULLY will BULLY until you go and knock them from their feet.

      Of course TRUMP is 100% GUILTY , giving support to squatters assaulting lands and doing GENOCIDE.,Russia asked what means PUT UP OR SHUT UP.
      The talks DRAGGED on no end to park NATO at Russia steepes, surround Russia, and use arms controls to manage Russia.
      A lot of IDIOTS POLITICIANS that instead of Work all they do all day is thinking about West,
    • avatar
      A sad mistake by Israel.
      There will be an even sadder reply.
    • Hermesin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      Are you affraid of american and israeli bluf.
      Are you willing to have your countrymen killed.
      If you are a pushover who is affraid of american reaction they will conquer you.
      USA is more affraid of nuclear war then Russia and if Russia bombs tel aviv there is nothing USA can do about it if they don't want the country they stole from the indians destroyed. The whole strategy of detente is worthless if you are affraid to live up to your promises. If Russia is not prepared to fight a nuclear war with USA they may just as well pack it in now because USA and allies will keep pushing them untill they have nothing left to defend.
    • avatar
      So many comments and still noone with a clue! I dont understand this either but it seems this is another case of cruise missiles launched from planes in Israeli airspace and thus no plane shot down. I think there are Pantsirs deployed in the area but maybe the missiles are hard to target? Further, we know that Israel has bombed Syria before but there have been more claims of this than actual incidents. For example, a while back a similar story turned out to be mortars fired by terrorists.
    • Hermes
      Sputnik has already removed the item from the current headlines and we will never know about casualties and if there were Russians among them. It has already been covered up.
      What a humiliation.
      Russia and Syria will be sorry for not retaliating because the next one that will start bombing damascus is the so called us coalition who are just waiting what the response will be.
    • avatar
      Just as in the same way the Israeli command center hit was covered up, Hermes with a new administration coming online live in 10 days with the distinct possibility of settling a peace agreement with Israel why would Russia puff out its chest and become a redneck? Russia could clear out every worthwhile target in 10 minutes and all there Zion shields would be useless but why would they do that and kill 100,000-300,000 military personnel because Israel hit a warehouse full of there confiscated munitions?
      Again I say your argument is somewhat irrational and irresponsible thank goodness your not leaning over the the big red button.
    • Hermesin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      like I said before. The next ones that will be bombing damascus will be US coaliton planes. You can just wait for it. The jews just presented a testcase to show that there will not be a serious reply. So there is nothing to stop them.
    • avatar
      Israel is obviously not pleased the Assad has virtually cleared the greater Damascus area of thugs and terrorists. There red necks would have been expected to do something irrational which will be followed by calls from Assad and Putin with some clear guidelines on what will happen next if they dont pull there heads out of there arses.

      As for a bombing attack on Damascus thats a far cry from firing missiles from Israel ?? flying over Damascus is quite the foolish act with 100 - 300 million dollar planes falling out of the skies!

      Sure in desperation they may try there luck but then again if that was the case they would just fire missiles but like I said they will have already been informed in what will happen next if they dont pull there heads out of there arses whilst there still got one?
    • Hermesin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      why would there be any planes falling out of the sky?
      Do you think Russia will target them?
      Won't that lead to the global nuclear war you so fear?
      You aren't making much sense to me.
      Why would russia react to coalition attacks when they don't react to israeli bombardments?
      If Russia is so affraid of nuclear war as you say they are not going to defend damascus from coalition planes are they?
    • avatar
      karlof1in reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, They are Zionists, pure and simple, and will be continued to be labeled as such. Actual Jews who know that only Yawyeh can grant them Israel battle Zionists daily.
    • avatar
      Denis the Menacein reply todc801(Show commentHide comment)
      dc801, ywears ago,Israel bombed the UN post there, killing nine Canadian servicemen .The Canadian government did nothing!!
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