12:19 GMT +329 March 2017
    Sunrise on Damascus Siria

    Damascus Vows 'Repercussions' Following Israeli Attack on Syrian Airbase (VIDEO)

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    In the early hours of Friday morning, the Syrian Army reported that Israel had carried out missile strikes targeting the Mezzeh military airport southwest of the Syrian capital of Damascus. Syrian military command has since warned Tel Aviv that it may take retaliatory measures.

    Several explosions rocked the area near the base in the municipality of Mezzeh, about eight kilometers southwest of Damascus. Later, the Syrian army confirmed that the precision missiles were launched in from the vicinity of the Sea of Galilee (also known as Lake Tiberias) in northern Israel, about 90 km southwest of Damascus, near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

    Following the explosions, a fire broke out in the vicinity of the airport. The Syrian side has yet to report on any possible casualties or of the destruction caused by the attacks.

    Syrian Army Command responded to the attacks by stressing that Israel's actions are playing into the hands of the armed militants with whom Damascus is fighting. A military source speaking to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said that the Israeli attack had provided direct support for the terrorists, and meant "to raise their morale."

    The military also warned of possible "repercussions" to the "flagrant attack."

    As usual, Israel Defense Forces have refused to comment on the attack.

    The military airport was allegedly struck by a similar Israeli attack early last month, when several ground-to-ground missiles were fired from occupied Golan Heights area.

    In spite of the attack, Syrian Army Command stressed to SANA that it would continue its war on terrorism "until eliminating and cutting off the arms supporting it."

    The Mezzeh military airport is an important transit facility for Syrian forces engaged in a war against terrorist insurgents. The airport has also been used to launch artillery strikes against terrorist-held areas of the Damascus suburbs, many of which have since been liberated.


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    • avatar
      Now you know where the 'command post' on the destruction of Syria has always originated from. They will not go away, either, no matter who is in the WH.
    • arpito
      what i would like to know what those S-300 systems were doing around Damascus, sleeping? or just not capable....
    • avatar
      Jetsin reply toarpito(Show commentHide comment)
      You must have read my mind ......
    • avatar
      This proves Israel is in bed with terrorists.
      No mercy !
    • Hermes
      .......The Syrian side has yet to report on any possible casualties........
      and neither has Russia but I guess lots of Russians are very eager to know if Russians were hurt.
      Meanwhile Syria vows to retaliate but it knows it's only frustrating itself because no repercusions ever follow israeli attacks.
      Saying you are going to retaliate and then doing nothing is seriously going to effect the morale of your army so they probably will come with something like boycotting israeli oranges. I seriously doubt Syria or Russia will do anything drastic enough to discourage any further attacks by Israel or their friends. I also think that we have to be informed about the human cost of this act of terror by the israelis. As I said, a cover up will do severe damage to the moral of the army and the Syrian and Russian people.
    • avatar
      Syria must send a complaint to the UNSC to condemn Israel for this attack in a UN member. Here is where the UN is for, not to condemn Russia for getting off of the terrorist in Aleppo. There are too many servants that prefer to go along with the policies of the USA, just to defend their inflated salaries in the UN. It is a provocation, to give fuel to the new USA administration to exert its pro Israel policies. Trump will be cornered in a situation where, he has to follow with the policies of the USA establishment. A new USA president is like changing the train driver by a new one driver. He cannot take the train out of its iron rails.
    • avatar
      This Israeli attack on Syria executed by GG missiles instead usual air attack which should demonstrate Israel air supremacy as well as unpunished violation of Syrian sovereignty are obviously over. Israel is aware of S-300 which are in Syrian hands and S-400 which are still in Russian hands and Russia might use them in case that Russian military advisory personnel would be considered in danger.

      Israel cannot risk to send jets to do their usual dirty terrorist work as they would be inevitably sent to ground and pilots if survived would be captured. That would dent their image and reputation and would even further serve as clear proof that west has no adequate answer to Russian military technology.

      Nowadays Israel has a reputation as invincible military force, best trained and with most sophisticated weapons systems. That image is allowing them increased export of their military technology as many buyers think that is combat proven and therefore reliable.

      Such shooting down would not only shatter illusion of their superiority and would cast thick and dark shadow over their military technology as well. That would have adverse effect on their exports and on other hand it would show how undoubtedly Russian military technology rules the battle fields.

      I do not know if Syria has Russian heavy flamethrower which would do perfect job in scorching ground but it is not for a middle range of 90 - 100 km but just over 20 km range. Russia should give Syria high precision supersonic cruise missiles Kalibr 3M-54E: 220 km
      3M-54E1/3M-14E: 300 km which would be more than satisfactory for Syria to take out largest Israeli military airport.
    • Jammy
      Well last week Russia tuned off the S400's and allowed U.S B52 to bomb Syria but RT kept it out of the new for six days and this is at least the 3rd time the missiles were turned off by Russia so that Israel could bomb Syria.

      Foget the "Playing chess" argument and waiting for the next US Trump puppet to take power because after that it will be the excuse that we are wating for dinner before taking any action.

      1. Putin is a coward
      2. Putin is taking bribes from bankers in Israel
      3. Both Russia and the USA are playing us a 1984 play script

      I go for option three myself
    • avatar
      There is little Syria can do to stop Israel attacks. Russia will not allow it because it will not suit Russian policy in the Middle East.
      The problem with relying on any major power, US or Russian, for military help, is sooner or later that power becomes the decision maker.
      We only have to consider the Turkey, US/Daesh continuous attacks on Syria, with no response other than ignored protest, to understand the leash that constrains Syria.
    • Jammyin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, Yes Russia must hold Syria back from defending itself against the banker and Russia is an expert at holding back and this is why Russians now have NATO forces or over it's borders.

      Smart bears need to remove teeth, grind claws down and act like teddy bears in the wild to survive but then you say "No more NICE BEAR"

      Russia would be acting within the law to protect Syrian airspace but it's acting like a coward and thats not going to work my freind
    • Jammyin reply toamalgam(Show commentHide comment)
      amalgam, Then stuff "Russian policy in the Middle East" because it's no better than the USA under the control of the bankers policy towards the middle east and it may aswell go home and let Syria become part of the Israel exspantion plan.

      Before Putin Russia did not have NATO all over it's borders and trying to steel the Ukraine so acting like a coward is just not working if you ask me and Russia needs a man of steel in charge at times like this
    • American Socialist
      WTF? what happened to Russia's Air Defense? supposedly, they have Syria covered with S300, and S400?
    • avatar
      American Socialist, you are quite right. What exactly is this much vaunted missile system capable of?
      Perhaps it isn't capable of targeting incoming missiles, perhaps the coverage isn't as claimed, or perhaps not being tried and tested in war, there is some reticense in using it in case of failure.
      All in all, I think it is a case of not antagonising Israel because Russia doesn't have the capabilility in Syria to deal with another front.
      Who knows, it's as complex as ever.
    • avatar
      Putin is the two heads devil. He brought in too many devils into syria while pretended to assist Syria and brought in the pretended state of the arts missiles interceptors into Syria just to trick Assad so that tge devil can hit most important targets of the Syria nation. Shame to pitin
    • avatar
      gbiyanjuin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      You mean that it's a rouge nation? No respect for international law, and no respect for human life?
    • avatar
      gbiyanjuin reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)
      Agreed, no mercy at all!
    • avatar
      gbiyanjuin reply tolandauroj(Show commentHide comment)
      UN? That's a joke
    • avatar
      gbiyanjuin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      Correct! Russia should arm and train the Syrians with everything that they need to make state of israel regret any adventurism agains Syria
    • avatar
      gbiyanjuin reply toamalgam(Show commentHide comment)
      That is why North Korea will not hand their defence and security to China or Russia. This demonstrates the higher wisdom of Koreans (the North Koreans, I mean)
    • avatar
      armorin reply togbiyanju(Show commentHide comment)
      gbiyanju, you mean 'rogue' ?
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